Substance Abuse Essay

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  • Substance And Substance Abuse Among Inmates

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    Substance Abuse among Inmates Substance abuse can be a big problem in our criminal justice system when dealing with the number of inmates who go back to their illegal activity after being released from custody. In specific, inmates who are drug users/ abusers are to be expected to go back to drugs once they get out. Without treatment they do not have the tools, knowledge, or resources to stay clean on the outside when released. The biggest hazard for an ex-inmate in the community is getting back

  • Substance Abuse And The Active Substance Abuser

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    misadventures of the active substance abuser. Unfortunately, many people in this situation may feel alone and lost when it comes to the pathway to recovery. Not only for the addict or alcoholic, but a course of action that can give back some semblance of control and peace to the spouse. Sadly, the odds are never in favor for either of the two parties involved; however, people determined to salvage their connection with a loved one may yet be able to do so. Substance abuse of a loved one can be a near

  • Substance Use Disorder And Substance Abuse

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    Substance use disorder is defined as being a pattern of maladaptive behaviors and reactions brought about by repeated use of a substance, sometimes also including tolerance for the substance and withdrawal reactions. (pg. 294). The individual I will be talking about for the project is someone that came to crave a particular substance and rely on it every day. Their choice to devote so much of their time to their substance caused issues between their family and friends. Both family and friends started

  • The Problem Of Substance Abuse

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    use various assessment tools to determine potential disorders that may be the root to a problem. Though at times a client may seek counseling with a known substance abuse issue there are more cases where a client is oblivious to the potential contribution that substance abuse has on the problem that help is sought for. Understood that substance dependency is nondiscriminatory to age, gender, race or creed, a therapist approaches the matter with the client knowing that a problem is recognized and there

  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse

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    Opiate abuse in the United States is an epidemic. It is argued whether addiction is being handled correctly, and if the amount of resources for combating addiction should be increased. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “The number of past-year heroin users in the United States nearly doubled between 2005 and 2012, from 380,000 to 670,000” (2014). This nation-wide increase of heroin abusers leads to another issue: how to treat them. One method of treatment is giving them another medication

  • Substance Abuse And Mental Illness

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    mentally ill and substance abuse. Substance abuse is often seen in adolescents and adults, whether they are mentally ill or not. Mental illness and substance abuse is more commonly known as a dual diagnosis. Often times, the treatment for this particular diagnosis is harder to treat than if each condition were treated on its own. Early treatment of dually diagnosed disorders may be a prevention strategy to end future problematic behaviors. The combination of substance abuse and mental illness

  • The Substance Abuse Social Worker

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    The Substance Abuse Social Worker Social workers have long worked with people who abuse substances, beginning in the 1800’s with sobriety houses and inebriate asylums, to settlement houses in the profession’s beginnings to developing self-help, consumer-driven programs, designing inpatient detoxification programs, and to applying youth-oriented prevention and education programs. As an addictions counselor, the social worker is a part of a specialized profession that began with the wounded healer

  • Models in the Substance Abuse Field

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    The term substance refers to all psycho active substances –“any substances when taken by a living organism may modify its mood perception, cognition deportment or motor function,” (DSM-IV, 4th edition) whether it is legal or illegal. Substance abuse refers to the utilization of a drug or other substances for non-medical purposes with the aim of engendering a mind-altering effect in the utilizer (MOH, 2005). It involves the utilization of illegal substances such as cannabis, misuse of licit drugs

  • NFL Substance Abuse Report

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    There are many different views on whether or not the National Football League (NFL) is right with their substance abuse policy as well as their performing enhancing drugs policy. Both of these policies were agreed upon by the NFL and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) in 2014. The NFL's current policy on substance abuse includes improper use of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and illegal drugs. The agreement prohibits the use, possession, and distribution of drugs

  • Informative Essay On Substance Abuse

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    Having proper addiction treatment is crucial to someone who is suffering from any form of addiction involving alcohol or drugs. Most addicts do not seek substance abuse treatment because they either think that they don't need it, or they are too ashamed to admit that they need drug rehab or any other types of treatment. There are also those who are unaware that there are treatments for them. And for that kind of people, I will talk about the main 3 types of addiction treatment. 1. Outpatient Programs