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  • The History of Surfing

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    Today surfing is a multi-billion dollar industry. It has been taken up on every continent on Earth. There have been waves surfed that were created by the breaking of an arctic glacier. China has built an indoor wave pool a thousand miles from the closest ocean that perfectly simulates a real breaking wave. People are finding ways to surf by any means necessary. Anyone that has ever picked up a board and paddled into a break owes that experience not only to the ancient pioneers that created the

  • Essay Surfing

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    When you think of surfing what comes to mind? Is it “yo dude,'; or the beauty of a majestic wave breaking on the shore with the sun setting on the horizon? Surfers today receive very little respect for the sport, sometimes referred to as an art, that they participate in. Despite what most people think, the surfers are a rare breed let alone the soul surfer. However if you believe that surfers are just a bunch of beer drinking, marijuana smoking, partygoers then you have something coming

  • history of surfing Essay

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    how the Polynesians actually discovered surfing, but we can all conjecture. Assuming that these ancient people were familiar with paddling in the ocean, they surely understood that while paddling with a swell, one could feel the next wave building behind them. As the wave begins to peak, it pulls you down, and then draws you up, then allowing one to fall along the face of the wave, skipping forward across the surface. It seems to be the best guess that surfing started much like that, a fisherman catches

  • Essay on History of Surfing

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    History of Surfing Surfing, act of riding on waves as they break over a shallow shoreline surface, such as a reef, sand bar, or some other submerged surface. People can surf with just their body, this is called body surfing, or by lying, kneeling, or standing on a surfboard. Equipment Used - The Surfboard Modern surfboards are constructed of a plastic foam core that can be shaped by hand or machine, then covered with a shell of fiberglass and resin. Personal boards can vary in dimensions

  • Surfing Persuasive Speech

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    Next year you take a big step into your future. It’s college time dude, you should be a little nervous but at the end of the day you're going to be fine, just look at your past. Let's put your past in the perspective of surfing a wave, since you like surfing so much. When you're surfing a wave there is a line or in other terms a way through the different sections of the breaking wave. Every time you surf a wave you are looking for this way through this wave so you can ride it as long as possible and

  • An Overview of Surfing: Past to Present Essay

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    Surfing is the act of someone paddling out into the ocean, catching a wave on a surfboard, standing up, and riding the length of that giant whitecap. Some people say it is the best feeling anyone can experience and always has been. The recreation of surfing has been around ever since the mid-eighteenth century. Now, it is not only a hobby for some people, but an extreme professional sport. Originating in Hawaii during the mid-eighteen hundreds, surfing has remained a way of life for most Hawaiians

  • Kite Surfing Research Paper

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    Kite surfing is the latest in extreme sports that has become a huge phenomenon all over the world and is certainly not for the fainthearted. The surfer will be propelled on the surface of the water by the wind that is powering the kite. This extreme sport can be difficult to master; however, it continues to grow in popularity.The concept of using a kite to enhance the overall speed of the surfer is exhilarating, and although is considered to be new, people have been kite surfing for centuries. Throughout

  • Descriptive Essay About Surfing

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    Bethany Hamilton once said, “Surfing for me is more than my lifestyle; it’s my passion, my love, and it’s part of me.” At the age of nine, I had already mastered the small things in life such as how to ride a bike, tie my shoelaces, and so on, but surfing is the type of thing that just makes one feel invincible once accomplished. When I was nine years old, I was given the opportunity to surf for the first time in Maui, Hawaii where I overcame my fear of trying new things. I woke up to the sound

  • Surfing Through Musical History : Music

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    Runge FYS 141 December 7, 2016 Surfing through Musical History Music is a beautiful thing. Music has a way of expressing emotions that cannot be described by words themselves. It has a way of influencing people and a society as a whole. Without music the world would be silent. The surfing world is no exception. The society of surfing has been affected by music over centuries. Music plays a major influential part in the history of surfing. The history of music in surfing actually evolves in waves. To

  • The Evolution Of Women 's Surfing

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    Evolution of Women 's Surfing Madison Ronnow Since the beginning of time, women have felt as if they are inadequate to hold positions of power in competition with men. As a entity women have joined together in an effort to push through barriers put up by society. Motivated by their aspirations to be of equal status as men, women have accomplished many great things. In the book Mavericks by Matt Warshaw, there is a section where he talks about how women were not prevalent in surfing and were told that