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  • A Teacher Interview : Interview As A Teacher

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    Teacher Interview While attending South Elementary School in Marshall, Illinois, I have learned a lot about the daily life of working within a school from interviewing two different teachers. I have never realized how much work goes into being a teacher no matter the grade being taught. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to participate within this program and getting to talk to these teachers. It has made me realize even more that I have chosen the right career path for myself. While interviewing

  • Interview A Teacher : An Interview With A Teacher

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    For this assignment we had to interview a teacher. The teacher I chose was Mrs. Gilbert. She is a special education counselor and algebra teacher. She has been a huge influence on my life. I can not wait to share the things I have learned from her in this interview. First question was what made you a teacher? She started to explain that in Sophomore year of high school she was signed up as a peer helper tutor which means she help special needs children with their homework. According to Mrs. Gilbert

  • Interview As A Teacher Interview

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    I interviewed a childcare teacher engaged in the Early Childhood Development. She graduated from East Tennessee State University. She has been intrigued by children her entire life, she has volunteered with children with disabilities and worked with children since age 16. You can say that teaching has been a dream job of hers. Going through the interview I went through a series of questions as follows. What are positive and negative parts about being a teacher? What disciplinary styles work the best

  • Interview As A Teacher Interview

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    elementary school grades teacher and is licensed to teach grade levels K-6. She currently resides in Texas and has taken some time off from teaching to be with her family. Before taking the time off, Ashlyn worked in two different schools, one of which was in Georgia and the other in Kansas. In Georgia, she taught Kindergarten and in Kansas she taught grade 1. I chose to interview Ashlyn because I had met her several years ago through another friend and I found out she was a teacher at that time. Even

  • Interview : My Interview To Interview A Teacher

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    On Tuesday October 3rd my fellow classmates and I had another opportunity to interview a teacher. However, this time the interview went a little different than the first one.The teacher who we interviewed not only has taught students for many years but he has also been able to see other areas besides teaching. This has led him to appreciate the teaching profession a lot more. Mr Gibson, whose parents were farmers grew up in the Bronx of New York. He is a licensed lawyer who worked in the field for

  • Hiring Effective Teachers Based On An Interview

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    Hiring effective teachers based on an interview continues to be a major challenge for principals in schools across the country (Staiger & Rockoff, 2010; Vanderslice, 2010). Determining who the best teachers are out of a large pool of teaching applicants is difficult, and if principals cannot identify effective teachers during an interview, the risk of having an ineffective teacher in the classroom increases (Staiger & Rockoff, 2010). Determining interview criteria and questions is very important

  • Teacher Interview : Responsibility Of The Teacher Essay

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    Teacher Interview: Responsibility of the Teacher Background information: K.N, age 33, undergrad degree in psychology. Teach children with autism. Completed graduate school at Nova South Eastern University. Majored in varian exceptionality. Began teaching at William H. Turner Tech in the year 2002. In 2006, K.N began teaching at Charles D. Wyche Elementary School. K.N is currently teaching 4th graders with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Furthermore, K.N has taught for approximately 15 years. K.N’s

  • Interview As A Teacher Interview Of Special Education

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    Teacher Interview of Special Education Introduction In this interview, I got to see a view of a special education teacher Katie Winkel. This interview went undoubtedly well and she was clear on all of the questions I asked her. On some questions, we went deeper because I certainly wanted to know further about what she said in the question. We did get off track, but the other questions I asked her was related to the answer she gave me. I actually developed to learn about extra broad ideas out of the

  • Description Of A Interview As A Teacher

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    interviewing my mentor and field experience teacher who is a high school teacher. During my interview, I found out some background information about her. She has worked at Seventy-First High for about 10 years. She has also previously worked in elementary and middle schools but enjoys teaching at high schools. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is 40 years old and has been teaching for the past 16 years. She is an English teacher as well as the school's speech and debate

  • Interviewing A Professional Interview As A Interview With A Teacher

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    professional interview- I was exposed to many aspects of teaching such as class management, any obstacles I may face, and stresses I may have to deal with as a teacher. I chose to interview my former, Grade 12 Biology teacher during his break in the science office at my former high-school (my former Grade 12 chemistry teacher was also present in the room). He provided me with a lot of information on my program, his views on teaching, and what he has learned from his experience as a teacher. He has been