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    In the pantheon of great American sports, there is one that stands out. It has been called the great American pastime. Yes, that great sport known as tennis. Tennis requires a mastery of many skills to be able to play competitively, but the primary skill needed to win in tennis is the serve. The serve is the primary offensive weapon used I tennis, because it is the only time when a player gets to put a ball into play. The player controls the speed, the placement, and the spin of the ball. With proper

  • tennis paper

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         There are several different aspects of playing and improving your tennis game. Different strokes, rules, boundaries and many other aspects make up the game of tennis. Over the next few pages, I will do my best to explain the forehand and backhand stroke, the serve and volley, the rules of tennis, and without a doubt the grandslam.      The forehand stroke is the most popular in tennis. Stand facing the net, knees slightly bent, weight evenly distributed and forward

  • Tennis : My Passion In My Life Of Tennis

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    Tennis, an engaging interest I have had since middle school, is not something in which I have always had a passion. Playing the sport was not a priority until I was infected with the mono virus in the summer of fifth grade, causing me to miss basketball and football tryouts. Basketball, by far, was my favorite sport up until then. However, due to the illness, I could not physically exert myself whatsoever. Most of my days consisted of television and becoming very much out of shape. Needless to say

  • Informative Speech On Tennis

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    ever played tennis for your high school team or even just for fun? b. Credibility Statement: I have always loved tennis and I played all throughout high school. I also did a tremendous amount of research on this topic. c. Need Statement: Many of us are going into the PT/OT career field and if we have a better understanding of tennis, maybe it can help us when dealing with patient’s injuries. d. Purpose Statement: The purpose of my speech is to inform my audience about the history of tennis and about

  • My Dream Of Tennis: My Life Of Tennis

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    the age of four I had a dream that one day I would play tennis at place called Wimbledon. I remember so clearly waking up that morning and going to my mom to ask her where Wimbledon was. From a young age tennis was my most passionate sport. Tennis was to be the thing that would challenge me far beyond anything I could ever have imagined because I learnt that “Sometimes you have to surrender before you can win.” According to my first tennis teacher, Irene, I had great potential. At the age of eight

  • Process Essay Tennis

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    tennis is a sport that you can play for your whole life. In this essay it will explain how to play tennis, starting with the very basics: From how to pick out your first tennis racquet, to understanding the objective of the game, to knowing the grip names, their purpose, and the best one for you; to learning the basic tennis strokes, and the scoring. These skills will teach you how to be successful and enjoy the game of tennis. First, before you can start learning how to play you will need to choose

  • Descriptive Essay On Tennis

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    Droplets of sweat began to run down my face as I approached the top of the line. I felt sick with apprehension, the closest I have ever been to playing tennis was Wii sports. As a freshman, I was required to play tennis during my PE class. I stood next to my best friend, Nyla, who was barely breaking a sweat. She was good at nearly everything so I knew she would do well. Soon it was my turn to return the ball over the net, I twirled the racquet back and forth between my sweaty hands but I just couldn’t

  • The Game Of Tennis Tournament

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    Literature Review Introduction The game of tennis has a unique aspect, because it can be played on different surfaces such as: clay, hard and grass. In order to be at the top of the rankings, tennis players need to perform well on all of those surfaces. One of the reasons is because four main tennis tournaments, which are called Grand Slams, are played on four different surfaces (Girard, Micallef, & Millet, 2010). Those tournaments do provide the most ranking points and even has the biggest prize

  • How The Rules Of Tennis

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    to learn the rules of tennis. Tennis started out around 1000 A.D . The game aroused more popularity around 1625 in England . The game has changed so much after 1625. It is completely different today. The ball is bouncier, and the racquets have changed also. The rules of tennis can be complicated to learn at first. There are three basic steps to the rules. Understanding the score, when a ball is in or out, and the differences between singles and doubles. The score of tennis can be difficult to remember

  • Descriptive Essay Tennis

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    ball floated very slowly through the air. I then loaded up and got ready to hit an overhead shot. At the end of summer I had decided to try tennis for the first time. I had decided not to play soccer. I had played soccer since I was like 3. My mom had said many times “Maybe you should try out tennis because you are not playing soccer?”. I knew that I liked tennis but I had never really played it before. So on a Friday in the middle of July my mom