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    Assignment 3 – A manuscript – Tesco Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. First of all I would like to thank you for having me here today. It’s great to see so many beautiful upcoming business people attending at this conference. My name is Nadia Veis and I’m a PR assistant at Tesco, the world’s 3rd largest retailer after Wal-Mart and Carrefour. I’ve been a representative for the company for about four years now. I’ve been looking forward to give this speech to you guys here at the London School of Economics

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    years, Tesco will be in need of a new marketing plan that will allow them to enter other markets. Tesco attempted to penetrate the US market with its own shops and failed leading to a loss of $1.3 billion. Penetrating other markets may be better only if joint ventures are achieved, a prime example of that is the joint venture with Tata (IB times, 2014a). Even though Tesco are using more money than any other retailer with their marketing budget, Tesco’s marketing is deemed unsuccessful. Tesco have failed

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    The two organizations that I have chosen are Tesco and P&G Company. Marketing is a systematic method to the sale of goods, adopted by any business that not-for-profit with a specific message. Marketing is the sector that are used by marketers so that to satisfy customer needs in ability to generate profits in the company in order to meet the business objective. Background of Tesco Tesco was founded in East London it was in 1919 by jack Cohen. Tesco is a retailing industry has operated around 12

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    local & offshore local competitors such as Asda, Carrefour, Aeon Jusco, Mydin, Giant and many more. Tesco PLC Joint Venture - Tesco (Malaysia) As a part of international business globalization strategy, Tesco PLC ventured in to Malaysia with the availability of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). It joint ventured with Sime Darby, a major Malaysia based multinational cooperation with a sharing of 70% (Tesco PLC) and 30% (Sime Darby) respectively in the year 2001. In its course of expansion to Malaysian

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    The terminal value for Tesco is “We make what matters better, together”. Being in the retail industry Tesco wants to make “what matters” for customers better. Customers are at the heart of everything that Tesco does and making the customers feel happy and ensure they earn their lifetime loyalty are priorities for the organization. The value reflects the way the organization thinks and behaves as a business. The instrumental values that Tesco follows are mentioned below along with a brief note

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    Tesco also sell non-food products such as electronic goods and clothing. The company group has recorded their revenues of £42,641 million during the year of 2007, and raise 8.1% over 2006. They also made a profit £2,648 million during the financial year

  • Tesco Case

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    Wrigley, Neil; Lowe, Michelle and Cudworth, Katherine The Internationalisation of Tesco - new frontiers, new problems Wrigley, Neil; Lowe, Michelle and Cudworth, Katherine, (2014) "The Internationalisation of Tesco - new frontiers, new problems", Johnson, Gerry; Whittington, Richard; Scholes, Kevan; Angwin, Duncan and Regner, Patrick, Exploring Strategy: Text and cases, 657-661, Longman Scientific & Technical © Staff and students of the University of Worcester are reminded that copyright subsists

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    1. Background Tesco Public Limited Company is a British multinational grocery business. It is a general stock retailer and the headquarter is located in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Tesco is the biggest retailer in British furthermore the third biggest retailer on the planet behind Wal-Mart (The biggest retailer of USA), and Carrefour (Second biggest retailer of France). With the fruitful of its long haul procedure for development, Tesco has 7,817 shops far and wide with 517,802 workers crosswise

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    to that a high rate of unemployment causes a drop in effective demand for goods, that demand requiring for the production of goods. While these economic factors are largely outside the control of Tesco, they have an undeniable impact on the company business performance and its marketing decisions. Tesco operates in a global world and is now located in several countries, and this international business is still growing, but it remains dependent on the UK market. This excessive concentration on a single

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    Tesco is the leader store in food retail trade in Great Britain and it is ranked the third biggest shop in the worldwide. It opened firstly in London and in the middle of the nineties, Tesco become a common place for all families in the UK. Few years after it brings a new idea to the store which is introducing different areas such as Tesco metro that meet the needs of local customers, gas station and it was the first station in UK, Tesco express, Tesco direct, Tesco bank, Tesco Clubcard which a card