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  • Cloud And Cloud Of Cloud

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    Hadeel Alrubayyi Professor: Garuba Operating System Nov. 21, 2014 Cloud Computing Introduction: “Cloud” is an expression that people have recently been interesting in and wondering about. Many people actually have been using “Cloud” without understanding the real meaning of Cloud. They just know that Cloud is a storage where they can store their files and data safely without the need of having a huge capacity hard drive or memory in their computers. Furthermore, they believe that their files and

  • Cloud Of Cloud And Cloud Computing

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    Cloud Based Services Introduction Cloud computing is an Internet-based type of computing through shared computer processing resources. Data is availed through the device on demand. In cloud computing provision of resources is achieved through an Internet connection. Resources shared include servers, storage, services and applications. History of Cloud Computing The term cloud computing was first coined in 1996. However, the idea of sharing computing resources was conceived in the early 1970’s. Cloud

  • The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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    “The Cloud” is a catchy phrase suggesting a convenient way to access files from anywhere. Unlike the puff balls floating overhead, the cloud is a physical infrastructure housed in massive warehouses all over the world. Air watch gives some names of developers who contributed to its creation. Well know names such as John McCarthy, J.C.R. Licklider, and Amazon (Mohamed, 2000). Cloud computing is ultimately transforming today’s computing landscape. Cloud has enabled enterprises to expand its infrastructure

  • The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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    of Literature Cloud Computing Definition The topic of the cloud computing industry and security is broad with far reaching intricacies. Therefore, to narrow the subject, the definition of cloud computing as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (NIST Special Publication 800-145, 2011) will be used as the foundation for this study. The NIST adopted the (Mell & Grance, 2010) cloud computing definition in 2011. (Mell & Grance, (2010)) defined cloud computing as a

  • The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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    Cloud computing refers to the technology in which the entire range of the services such as application, infrastructure and the platform are accessed with the help of the internet. The access to these services are provided by the major contributors such as Google, Apple ,, Amazon and Microsoft and the access to these services were entirely out of reach if these major providers would not have contributed in it to a large extent. The entire range of the services provided by the cloud

  • The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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    The Future is in the “Clouds” The world has recently adopted a new approach to computing – cloud computing. It is a particularly new model of computing, where databases are stored and operated somewhere in a cloud. Mell and Grance (2011) define cloud computing as “a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction” (p.

  • The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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    Introduction Cloud computing is a topic of which much is assumed. The average person recognizes the term “cloud computing” as having to do with their storage from their iPad or iPhone on the online storage area which syncs their Apple devices to their computer. This common cloud is called the iCloud. That is where common knowledge ends about this topic. However, upon further exploration, a deeper understanding is gained with greater explanation, and it is realized that cloud computing is something

  • The Cloud Of Cloud Services

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    Today, the cloud computing Service business sector is genuinely soaked, offering organisations and customers an extensive variety of services to pick between. So, choosing the right cloud services to trust with your essential applications, sensitive information, and to build successful system will be hard. Mostly small organisations and new organisations can think that it’s nearly difficult to make up minds for Cloud technology as many don 't know how to pick the right Cloud Service supplier. Here

  • The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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    Cloud computing, as defined by wikipedia, creates a virtual computer, which is anonymous and is networked to a series of servers across the globe, known as the “cloud”. The “cloud” harnesses underutilized processing power of all computers in a network, to create supercomputing power . By connecting networks of large groups of servers, that run low cost consumer PC technology, a shared IT infrastructure (the “cloud”) is created. Thus rather than storing applications, databases, emails and file services

  • The Cloud Of Cloud Technology

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    Simply put, cloud technology means sharing resources, information, and software over a network such as the internet as opposed to using a personal computer, server, or other computer hard drive. It is delivered as a service rather than a product like traditional computing. The different services are called Software as a Service or “SaaS, Infrastructure as a Service “LaaS”, Computing as a Service “CaaS”, and Platform as a Service “PaaS”. Many people believe that moving to the cloud is the future of