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  • Theodore Roosevelt : President Roosevelt

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    President Theodore Roosevelt By Ryan Baglietto Table of Contents: 1. Presidential Facts 2. Theodore Roosevelt’s Childhood 3. Education 4. Personal Life 5. Accomplishments 6. What do I think of President Roosevelt: 7. Presidential Picture 8. Bibliography 1. Presidential Facts: My president’s name is Theodore Roosevelt. His nickname is Teddy. Did you know the Teddy Bear was named after him? President Roosevelt was in office from September 14, 1901 until March 4, 1909

  • Theodore Roosevelt And The Roosevelt Center

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    Theodore Roosevelt during his life would spend time in North Dakota to hunt buffalo and settled in a ranch there for some years as he found a renowned interest in the area he called his “second home”. In 2005, Dickinson State University (DSU) began to explore the legacy of the 26th President as a tribute to his historical legacy and admiration to the territory that the university resides today. As a result the Theodore Roosevelt Center was founded in 2007 at the university. In essence the Theodore

  • Theodore Roosevelt Personality

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    Theodore Roosevelt The most important man of his time. Theodore Roosevelt was thrown into the presidency unexpectedly and ended up being one of the greatest. He is one of the most honest, tough, and smartest men to ever become president. Without him during that time, modern America would not be the same. Theodore Roosevelt was born to wealthy parents on October 27, 1858 in New York City. His father Theodore was a glass importer and philanthropist, his mom Martha was a house wife and later, his

  • Theodore Roosevelt . Introduction To The Life Of Theodore

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    THEODORE ROOSEVELT Introduction to the Life of Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt was born October 27, 1858 in New York City to Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and Martha Bulloch. Theodore was also known as Teedie or Teddy. Due to his continuing battle with health issues, which started at birth, Roosevelt was homeschooled along with his siblings. The family house also had a gymnasium where he lifted weights and boxed to help him gain strength. Despite what appeared to be a sickly and weak child, Roosevelt

  • Theodore. Roosevelt : The Great White Fleet By Theodore Roosevelt

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    During Theodore Roosevelt’s (TR) presidency, he commissioned that a fleet was to voyage around the world to show how effective and how strong the United States Navy was, and show how the United States Navy could circumnavigate the globe. People in America supported this idea and treated the sailors with royalty. They would buy them gifts and pay for them to go to places like the bar or a movie and even pay for their dinner at a restaurants.The Great White Fleet was a marvel to the world considering

  • Theodore Roosevelt Personality

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    Mister Theodore Roosevelt, a man of reputation and influence, dominion and power, superiority and supremacy. No man embodied Manifest Destiny so exactly: winning a war, becoming a hero and taking our country’s powers to international borders. From Governor of New York, the Presidential Seat, and beyond, Mister Theodore Roosevelt changed from an average American to the President of the United States of America, and finally to a status of legendary inspiration. His actions paved a path for aspirants

  • The Achievements Of Theodore Roosevelt

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    important people in American history is Theodore Roosevelt. He is considered to be one of the most efficient and successful presidents to ever hold office. The achievements that he accomplished during his life will most likely never be equaled. He went from being a husband and father to being a soldier to becoming president of the United States. Along with contributing to his time period, his legacy continued and went on to influence other great presidents. Roosevelt also helped society in general and

  • Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

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    Isaac Ramirez Mrs. Christian 6th period November 17, 2014 Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” ("TheodoreRoosevelt." Xplore Inc, 2014. 17 November2014. ) The reason why this quote relates to what he did is he did not stop and quit , although the catastrophes . He still managed to keep going and it is saying that its easier to at least

  • Theodore Roosevelt Contributions

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    Theodore Roosevelt spent his life trying to preserve the natural land and resources of the United States, while promoting other countries to do so too. While president, he expanded the power of the government to preserve land and create National Parks in order to promote a healthy use of the land and allow all people in America to enjoy what the outdoors have to offer. Theodore Roosevelt believed that the land was being over-exploited by companies and land grabbers, therefore, he wanted to protect

  • The Legacy Of Theodore Roosevelt

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    background. Theodore roosevelt, I can honestly say was one of the the most influential and active presidents we 've ever been graced to have. Being the voice of the people, aided our country in environmental concerns, Excelling in foreign policies and winning the nobel peace prize. He had an incredibly fulfilling and prosperous life. Theodore Roosevelt was one of most dynamic Presidents in all of American history. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was born on October 27, 1858, in New York City, to Theodore Roosevelt