Thesis on Nfl Concussion Essay

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  • Outline And Outline Of Nfl Concussions

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    Date: 10/18/15 INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Topic: concussions General Purpose: understand NFL concussions Specific Purpose: concussions are a serious problem in the NFL Central Idea: concussions can be bad if not treated correctly Speech Title: NFL protocol I. Introduction (introduces topic) a. Attention Getter- How many of you have had a concussion? b. Thesis- I want you to better understand concussions, why they’re a problem in the NFL and what measures are being taken to prevent them.

  • CTE After Death: A Case Study

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    mild depression. Concussions are one of the most severe sports injuries ever. Around 4,500 players in the NFL have had a concussion. Others may think that they are doing much better, the concussions went up 58% from 2014-2015. essay will support your thesis. The NFL needs to help prevent these horrible head injuries. They are causing many damage to the brain and your skill. CTE can be found after death. In 2013 there was over 4,500 NFL athletes that has a had or have a concussion from hits blown

  • Informative Speech NFL Concussions Essay

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    playing a video with some hard helmet-to-helmet hits in the NFL 2. Thesis Statement a. Football is a hard-hitting sport and can cause concussions, head injuries, and even permanent brain damage. 3. Preview of the main points a. Concussions can be defined as “by immediate and transient alteration in brain function, including alteration of mental status and level of consciousness, resulting from mechanical force or trauma.” b. Concussions have been a major problem in many physical sports and policies

  • Informative Speech : Upgrading Football Equipment

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    speech my audience will know the importance of upgrading football equipment and why it is a necessity. Thesis Statement: Upgraded football equipment will be safer and more effective. Organizational Pattern: Problem-Solution Introduction I. Attention Getter: Have you ever watched a football game and seen a player get hit, and you thought you could practically feel the hit yourself? II. Thesis Statement: Upgraded football equipment will be safer and more effective. III. Relevance: Protecting

  • Essay on The Concussion Problem in Professional and Amateur Football

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    Thesis Statement The number of concussions in professional and amateur football has been rising and has sparked much controversy in recent years. These concussions are most likely linked with disease and even the deaths of some pro and semi-pro football players. New research is attempting to solve the problem but the issue is still prevalent in football today. Concussions To understand the issue of concussions in the NFL we must first understand exactly what a concussion is. A concussion is a minor

  • Football Is The Most Popular Sport

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    to a nearby hospital, where he died later that night from internal bleeding. (Kahler, 1) Between 2005 and 2014, alone, 92 high school football players died from injuries from football games. There were also injuries in the National Football League (NFL), players need to realize the damage that football causes. Most people do not understand that with every hit a little hit, life is being taken away from players, with every step on the field lives are being risked. While football is the most popular

  • Informative Speech : Children Football Safety Essay

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    Attention-Arousing Material: (Source) In the article America 's Most Dangerous Football Is in the Pee-Wee Leagues, Not the NFL, by Allen Barra, an american journalist and contributer of the Wall Street Journal and the Alantic, conducts an interview with former NFL player Kyle Turley. Besides a succesful nine year NFL career and post country music career, Kyle Turley has been very outspoken aganist the NFL and it’s player association for dearth aganist CTE effects. In the article, Kyle has some strong words regarding

  • Informative Speech : The Dangers Of Concussions In Sports

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    Attention Getter: U.S. high schools with at least one certified athletic trainer on staff found that concussions accounted for nearly 15% of all sports-related injuries. Discuss that there’s a debate on your topic: Football has long been known as a physically demanding sport, and stories about football players getting concussions flood the media everyday. Summarize what both sides believe: Some people believe that playing football is not worth the risk that it is associated with, while others believe

  • Football Is America 's Past And Present Time Essay

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    research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the NFL must find ways to increase player safety. C.T.E. is a brain disorder caused by long-term, repetitive head trauma that is “now associated with such things as dementia, depression, memory loss, and lack of impulse control.” For decades the long-term affects of contact sports remained unknown and not until retired players began to express the problem has awareness for the issue increased. The NFL has made dramatic changes to the requirements for

  • Football Informative Essay

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    Injury plague in the NFL catalyst for greater innovation The game of football is still in its infancy. The invention of the forward pass and its official adoption in 1906 is proof positive that fundamentally the game has room to advance. “By all accounts, the forward pass was the invention that saved the game of football after a great rugby player from Yale in the 1880s, Walter Camp, pioneered rules changes that slowly transformed rugby into the new game of American Football.” -Birth of Pro Football