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  • The Underground Railroad Is Not Like The Railroad

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    The Underground Railroad is not like the railroads that we see today, they were not made of box cars and rails. They were routes that the slaves took to get to freedom, these railways were built or used in late 1786 to 1865. They went from as far west as Kansas, and Texas and as far south as Florida, they all were made to go north to Canada, or to Mexico, or the Caribbean Islands where slavery is illegal. This was an impossible task for the slaves to do on their own. There were many factors on how

  • Abolition Of The Underground Railroad

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    The Underground Railroad was a network of people who assisted fugitive slaves. Slaves that escaped from the south to the North and then to Canada. Run away slaves received assistance along the way from individuals who were involved in this network. The organization became successful the estimated 1810 and 1850, 100,000 slaves escaped from the South through the Underground Railroad. The abolition of slavery had been a concern for anti-slavery advocates since the inception of slavery. The first abolitionist

  • Harriet Tubman And The Underground Railroad

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    Harriet Tubman did much to ameliorate, and later, abolish slavery. Harriet was a strong and courageous woman and a well-known conductor of the Underground Railroads, around the 1850s. Harriet Tubman personal experiences throughout her life have shaped her to become the stout-hearted woman who helped many slaves escape to freedom, by using the Underground Railroad—a network of secret routes. As described in the novel “In their own words: Harriet Tubman,” Sullivan introduces varies hard-ships that Harriet

  • The Underground Railroad: Way To Freedom

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    The Underground Railroad: Way to Freedom 3rd Draft Hope Conners The Underground Railroad is a very helpful and dangerous way slaves used to find freedom (TSI). This was a network of secret routes and safe houses to free African Americans (Underground Railroad 21). It started in the 1800s and ended by the time of the civil war (Crew). The Underground Railroad is an act that was shown to stop slavery (Underground Railroad 21). The Underground Railroad still acts as a representation for America that

  • Harriet Tubman And The Underground Railroad

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    Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman was like a conductor on a train. Running the underground railroad to free innocent slaves from certain neglect. What do people think when they hear the name Harriet Tubman. some might think of her as a dirty black others might call her a hero, or moses. Harriet Tubman was a very brave, and courageous woman. In this paper we will explore the childhood, life of slavery, and how she came to be known as the women called moses. Araminta was

  • Underground Railroad - Original Writing

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    Underground Railroad Junior Year in College Prep English they play this game called Underground Railroad. It is supposed to put you back when slaves had to go to safe houses and not be caught by the bounty hunters. I don 't remember who all was on my team but each team had about 10 people, only 3 of us made it. It first started off with a puzzle that you have to put together in order to get an address. It said 108 S. Main St. We get to the house and ring the doorbell, no answer. The house looks vacant

  • The Truth Behind The Underground Railroad

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    The Truth behind the Underground Railroad Ronald Payne Central High School November 9, 2015 2nd Period   Abstract Many people know of the famous slave system called The Underground Railroad. Throughout this generations time in school this topic have came up numerous times in our history classes. They mostly talk about the surface of the system and how, the most famous conductor, Harriett Tubman freed the slaves. This essay is important because it will provide you with in depth knowledge and background

  • Reaction Paper On The Underground Railroad

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    American slaves got their freedom? In the video, The Underground Railroad, we see the struggles they experienced to get freedom. I feel like this video was very good and it made me realize how grateful I should be living in the 21st century and appreciate history because without history I wouldn’t know how people got their freedom, how people came into places, and in general how the world is what it is. The underground railroad is not a literal railroad, but a name for a 200-year long struggle of breaking

  • The Underground Railroad Movement Of The South

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    before they where stoped by the militia forces. the 1780 a movement had started called the underground railroad. The purpose of the underground railroad was to free slaves from the south. There were blacks and whits apart of the underground railroad. In the 1830 the underground railroad was moving, somewhere between 40,000- 100,000 slaves were set free. Harriet tubman was one of the leaders of the underground rail road. She would travel to the south to get the slaves and help led them to freedom.

  • The Underground Railroad: Escaping Slavery Essays

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    The Underground Railroad was what many slaves used to escape slavery. It was not an actual railroad, although it could easily be compared to one. It was a route, with safe houses and many other hiding spots for the slaves to use. The paths had conductors telling you where to go and people who would drive you to the next safe house. You had to be quick, you had to be strong, and you had to be very courageous. The Underground Railroad led all the way to Canada. There were many people helping the slaves