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  • Virtual Reality Technology : The Dangers Of Virtual Reality

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    Those who are unfamiliar with virtual reality technology may be concerned with possible dangers that may be involved when it comes to safety. As many solely acknowledge its existence in the mainstream to serve entertainment purposes most commonly recognizable in the form of video gaming, they may be unaware that it has also made its appearance in studies in the medical field yielding positive results. Media expert and managing editor for TechNorms Vikram Kinkar shares this cautionary view. According

  • Advantages Of Virtual Reality

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    rise of smartphones and device like Google Glass with high-density displays and 3D graphics capabilities has allows this new technology called virtual reality. What is Virtual Reality? The definition of virtual reality comes naturally as it is a combination of two words ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. It can be anything but mostly refers to a particular type of reality emulation. In scientific

  • Virtual Reality Importance

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    Why is Virtual Reality important? Virtual Reality can positive and negative effect on people. The definition of Virtual Reality is “An artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer and in which one’s actions partially determine what happens in the environment” ( Virtual reality is probably one of the newest and most advanced way to have a good time with friends and family. Virtual Reality can be used

  • Virtual Reality Disadvantages

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    ABSTRACT: Virtual Reality (VR), also called Virtual Environments (VE) has drawn much attention in the last few years. The promise of virtual reality has always been enormous. This paper sets sights on the application of virtual reality in science, work, and entertainment areas. The paper highlights the hardware and software requirements to implement Virtual Environments (VE) and the challenges faced to implement such a technology. It also correlates the existing technologies to the future technologies

  • Virtual Reality In Education

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    artificial intelligence and virtual reality will change education and healthcare. Today we are going to discuss the ways in which artificial intelligence and virtual reality will change education and healthcare globally. But first what do we mean by the word artificial intelligence and virtual reality, both of them have really captured the attention of education sector as well as the health sector. They have realized the great potential artificial intelligence and virtual reality have in their sectors

  • The Future Of Virtual Reality

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    Virtual reality is a virtual environment created by use of technology which has enabled the creation of real experiences into our brains and senses. It fills in the gaps that are presented by other modes of communication by making it possible to use technology to create real experiences in the human life. Virtual reality is experienced in different fields and its future is dictated by its performance. Programmers have developed virtual reality devices based on the materials that conjure dreams in

  • The Importance Of Virtual Reality

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    With the development and evolution of humanity, people need to be prepared for the major technological changes that will take place. Virtual reality or VR, is one of the biggest tech developments we've seen in recent years that is forcing the public to question reality. Consumers from all over the world are flocking to the shelves to buy these newly affordable VR products that take them to new worlds and adventures. It is argued whether or not these products will have a dramatic impact on the world

  • Virtual Reality Essay

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    Virtual Reality Today’s science fiction is often tomorrow’s reality. As the pace of change has quickened, so it appears that we are actually living within a science fiction movie. Programs on TV continue to amaze or frighten us with yet more technological break through and with clever new products and gadgets. Over the last decade and certainly through the rest of this century, the major agent for these changes has been and will continue to be electronic computer and its derivatives. The Digital

  • Virtual Reality ( Vr )

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    these words are the best combination to understand the meaning of Virtual Reality (VR). VR is one of the best asset and aspect of our future. No other technology has seen such a revolution like VR has. It is practically in use in almost every field such as entertainment, gaming, defense, robotics, medical, healthcare, military, education, fashion, heritage, business, engineering and many more fields. VR sometimes called Virtual Environment has drawn much attention in the last two decade. Extensive

  • Virtual Reality ( Vr )

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    shoot countless enemies to defend a kingdom from certain ruin. I was now a part of something that what was once fantasy and now only possible in this alternate world. These digital universes are now possible thanks to the recent introduction of Virtual Reality (VR), a piece of tech that allows the user to enter digitally created realms. The technology consists of a headset (that a user would place on their head), which covers one’s face and sight with a big thick dome. Inside that dome is a screen that