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  • History In The Waterland

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    Waterland is a form of postmodern fiction, which reflects on story-telling, combining both fictive and historical narration (Atilla, 1). The protagonist, Tom Crick, who is also the narrator of the stories, is a history teacher that spends his life trying to discover the mysteries from his past. In the present, he is dismissed from his job, because the school considers history to have little value in the modern world. In one of his last classes, Tom turned his lessons into story-telling sessions

  • Graham Swift's Waterland Essay

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    Graham Swift's Waterland In Graham Swift’s Waterland, Tom Crick says, “Children, it was one of your number, a curly-haired boy called Price… who once… asserted roundly that history was ‘a fairy-tale’… ‘What matters… is the here and now. Not the past… The only important thing about history, I think, sir, is that it’s got to the point where it’s probably about to end’”(6,7). It is very likely that we all have come to a point in our education, at one time or another, where we have encountered sentiments

  • Example Of Metafiction In Literature

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    demonstrating the mechanisms governing the production and reception of narrative. It has embarked on the significance of its usage in relation to the conditions surrounding literary production. However, when Woolf’s To the Lighthouse and Swift’s Waterland are examined, the difference between the objectives of employing metafiction is illuminated. The research has put forward a tentative explanation of the part metafiction plays in breaking the illusion of reality and exposing the work’s factiousness

  • Literary Analysis Of Mean Time, By Carol Ann Duffy

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    poems Mean Time, and it is explored in a number of interesting ways. One way in which she explores this theme, for instance, is through the use of an adult persona recollecting or reminiscing about childhood experiences. Similarly, in the novel Waterland Graham Swift also presents curiosity as a central theme of the narrative. In his novel, curiosity appears to be the catalyst behind many of the incidents that occur throughout the novel. This essay will therefore look into the different ways in which

  • Research Paper On Victorianism

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    Jehanzeb Siddiqui English September 4th 2014 Victorian England Essay Part 1: Victorianism defined Victorianism is an era which is difficult to understand as it is spread over several periods giving rise to many events. On one hand it is considered as an era of power and paradox while on the other hand this era also describes Victorians as confident, socially responsible people having a vision of the world beyond. The problem of describing Victorianism has also been well addressed by M.H. Abrams in

  • A Brief Look at Genome Editing

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    Genome editing Species with genomes which can be experimentally manipulated makes it possible for researchers to investigate the role played by genes in pathology. In organisms such as yeast and mice, the ability to add or delete specific genetic information leads to an unmatched level of precision in studies of gene function, and due to that more is known about their biological mechanisms than in any other within their respective taxonomic group (Urnov et al., 2010). A technique known as genome

  • Australi A Sensational Place

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    In 2013, British comedian John Oliver stated “Australia turned out to be a sensational place. Albeit, one of the most comfortably racist I’ve ever been in” (Waterland, 2013). Racism is when a certain group of people belief they are superior to another which leads to discrimination. Australia is a multicultural country with its diversity highlighted through the lifestyles, food and traditions of those living there. It is hard to imagine such a culturally diverse country can be considered racist,

  • The Parties Involved : Peter O. Mattei

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    The Parties involved: Peter O. Mattei (Appellant) vs. Amelia F. Hopper (Respondent) Counselors: Jay R. Martin and William F. Sharon (Counselors for Appellant.) Carlson, Collins, Gordon & Bold, George R. Gordon, John L. Garaventa and Dean Ormsby (Counselors for Respondent). Mattei is a real estate developer who was planning to build a shopping center on land that was owned by Hopper. Mattei approached Hopper, the owner of said property with an offer of $57,000, which both parties agreed on. The agreement

  • The Conservation Of Wildlife Conservation

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    Planet Earth is home to millions of species with different forms of life. Due to habitat loss and destruction, hunting, climate change, agriculture, pollution, and deforestation, many animal and plant species have been decreasing significantly. Wildlife conservation, management plans, and acts have been passed in order to help preserve the diverse wildlife habitat An example of wildlife conservation is the Cosumnes River Preserve which is the largest river in central California with natural and unregulated

  • Characters Dealing with Depression in Two Popular Contemporary Novels

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    “3.3% of 13 to 18 year olds have experienced a seriously debilitating depressive disorder” (“Depression” 3). Living in a world of perfection and happiness as a teenager is not part of the status quo. The ordinary teenager lives a life of depression and loneliness. Teenagers spend their years trying to affiliate themselves with society. This process takes self-sacrifice and abandoning those who love them the most. In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, a novel written by Mark Haddon