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  • Benefits And Benefits Of Employee Benefits

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    and reduced absenteeism (Artz, 2010). While health and life insurance are common benefits provided to employees, firms also offer EAP programs, child care, flexible work hours, work-at-home programs, long-term disability insurance, and health and wellness programs including well-baby programs, gym memberships, stress reduction programs, on-site flu vaccines, and weight management programs. Relatively little is known about how corporations make decisions about the benefits they offer their

  • Career Development Plan

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    Career Development Plan Summary In response to a directive by the County Manager this Career Development Plan is intended to provide information for employee development needed to fulfill five new job categories. The plan calls for an analysis of the new positions and to develop strategies to maximize employee diversity, team performance evaluation, health benefits and incentives, and cost savings training alternatives. The new job descriptions are intended to fulfill all technology needs and

  • Evolution Of The Wellness Program

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    The wellness programs that many companies now seem to be interested in is nothing new, as companies have known for many years that a healthy and fit employee is a more productive employee. This company interest in fit employees can be traced back to the time right after World War II. After WWII a few companies decided to construct gyms and staffed them with instructors to help in the promotion of fitness (Sparling 2010), (Chenoweth 2011), (Miller 2014). These gyms were perks typically for upper management

  • Analysis Of The Wellness Program

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    have identified the need for a wellness program to help in this endeavor. Companies also need a means to identify the performance and cost of this wellness program. Just as organizations have used the fundamental concepts of cost measurement and recognition to provide the past, present and future performance and cost (Crosson, and Needles, 2014). Historical programs have proven that without proper performance measurements and being properly budgeted not just a wellness program but all programs are

  • What Is Wellness Assessment

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    4.1 BENEFITS OF WELLNESS ASSESSMENT This concept was taken from module 4 “promotion of health”, sub-topic 1”Assessment of wellness” Wellness is a state of wellbeing. According to Charles B. Corbin of Arizona State University “wellness is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well-being”. Wellness assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s health status in order to maintain

  • Wellness And Physical Fitness

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    Wellness Profile Physical Wellness – I do an extended exercise every Saturday early in the morning running half of mile before I eat my breakfast. Besides that, I participate in physical fitness in the gym a sport when I am on the beach. In addition, I am wanting to take yoga classes as soon as possible. The goals for a for my meal will be on weekly basic and I will figure out what types of food will be good for my body, and my doctor visit will be every year. If I will add new goals to my daily

  • Reflection On Health And Wellness

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    Part A: Health and Wellness What health and wellness mean to me may be different than what the textbook would state health and wellness is. Health means to me the condition in which your body is, which could be poor or good health. The mind,spirit,physicality would pertain all to the state of one's body. Wellness is the consistent goal towards being in wellness meaning that one strives to be in good personal health. The book describes wellness as; “ wellness is the physical-well being , emotional-well

  • Nutrition : Health And Wellness

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    Lark Group topic: Health and Wellness In today’s session, PO learned about how drugs and alcohol can disrupt the normal functioning of the body and how better nutrition can help diminish some of these biochemical and digestive problems. PO had moderately participated in the group activities and discussion by actively asking and answering questions that address “Balanced Nutrition”. PO seemed to gain an understanding about how poor diet choices and nutritional deficiencies plays role in his recovery

  • Health and Wellness in the Workplace

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    Health and Wellness in the Workplace Health and wellness in the workplace is crucial to business success. Healthy employees are more productive and they cost less. The quality of health is intimately connected to the quality of life. Companies that promote healthy lifestyle habits for employees to improve their health, often take the success of the company to heart and are likely to be absent less often for health related reasons. Employers are now offering a wide range of wellness initiatives;

  • Health and Wellness Education

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    *Health And* Wellness Education HWE 100 HUMAN NUTRITION 3 CREDITS Introduces basic principles of nutrition with emphasis on personal nutrition. Satisfies nutrition requirement of students entering healthcare professions. HWE 108 WEIGHT LOSS 1 CREDIT Focuses on combining a healthy diet and exercise to shed unwanted pounds and inches. The course will include online sessions that will focus on personal habits including diet that lead to weight gain and exercise session appropriate