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  • Whales and Interference

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    Noise can serve as a distraction as well as interference. Eight out of 10 right whales bear the scars left behind by accidental encounters with fishing rope. These thick lines can wrap so tightly around the whales that they die from lacerations. (Ragen et. Al., 2005) Noise from numerous anthropogenic sources is both extensively and increasingly present within the marine surrounding. Human activities are leaving both deep and profound acoustic footmarks in the oceans of the world, and this is because

  • Whaling: Humpback Whale and Whales

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    Whales have been swimming in the Earth’s oceans for 20 million years; their haunting songs can travel underwater for thousands of miles, they are the largest animals to exist on Earth yet they survive on some of the smallest organisms. A whale’s heart can weigh up to 1,300 pounds, and a baby whale can drink up to 130 gallons of its mother’s milk each day (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, 2010). Currently whale hunters claim that they are killing whales for scientific purposes; however, whale

  • Killer Whales : The Killer Whale Essay

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    The largest member of the dolphin family is the killer whale, the killer whale is often referred to as an orca. Killer whales are important to biology because they are essential to the oceanic ecosystem. They keep the food chain intake balanced by regulating certain marine mammals, and that helps other animals to not become overpopulated. Killer whales are also important because they help the economy due to whale watching. Killer whales help science by helping scientist understand echolocation which

  • Whales in Captivity

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    wouldn’t be large enough for a six-ton male killer whale such as Tilikum, an animal capable of swimming 100 miles a day,” states an anonymous whale expert. Whales have been in captivity since 1861 when P.T. Barnum displayed the first live whale that was captured in Canada. However, Barnum had no idea how to care for the mammal and it died after only a week in captivity. (Animal Legal and Historical Center, 2014) Being up close with killer whales could give us some clues about how they interact with

  • Whales Evolution

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    Did you even know whales ever lived on land? The whales are the biggest animals. They are larger than the largest dinosaurs. They live in the ocean like other sea creatures, but they almost look like the land-living animals more than the fishes. Furthermore, some scientists believed that around fifty millions of years ago, the whales probably lived upon the land. There are two significant exhibits from the two different periods why the scientists astonish about whale's living is familiar to land-living

  • Whales Loss Essay

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    As the oceans rise in temperatures, the number of whales are significantly dropping. Researchers have found that in the in the past summer the number of humpback whales being identified from the rocks were lamentable, instead of seeing the usual dozens of whales, they only spotted eight. In the past nineteen months, fifty-three humpback whales have died, either colliding with boats or fishing gear. Scientists have also found that the humpbacks have been forced to move elsewhere in search of food

  • Analysis Of Whale Rider

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    In the film “Whale Rider”, we explore the traditions of the Maori tribe located in New Zealand. This tribe holds their traditions very high and only direct descendants of the Whale Rider himself can become the chief of the tribe. The main character in the film is a twelve-year-old girl named Paikea. Her twin brother died during childbirth, leaving Paikea as the only child. Because Paikea is a girl, she cannot be the leader of the tribe. Since there is no one in his family to become the next leader

  • The Killer Whale And The Whale 's Dolphin Family

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    A killer whale is a toothed whale belonging to the ocean’s dolphin family. The killer whale can also be referred to as the orca whale or an orca. The killer whale belongs with the ocean 's family of dolphins, it 's the largest member of the dolphin family. The whale weighs approximately up to eight thousand eight hundred pounds and it can grow up to twenty eight feet in length. In this essay I will be presenting the many factors that are included in a killer whale such as, stereotypes, intelligence

  • Killer Whales

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    Killer Whales: Abused & Mistreated While many people have experienced the majestic showcasing of trained orcas in public displays at recreational parks such as SeaWorld, few have heard of the tragic events that these killer whales go through while in captivity. It is ironic that such family oriented companies like SeaWorld, who pride themselves in giving families experiences that they will never forget, can just tear families of killer whales apart and abuse them while training them. And although

  • Symbolism In The Whale Rider

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    Identify an important character in the film. Explain why the character is important and discuss what techniques the director uses to portray the character and the effect on the audience? By Tishya Kapoor In the film, The Whale Rider, by Nicki Caro, is about a young girl named Paikea Apirana (Pai) who is destined to become a leader and lead the community. However Koro, Pai’s grandfather expects a male leader to lead the community as he expects Maori tradition and culture to carry on. Koro refuses