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  • Whales and Interference

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    Noise can serve as a distraction as well as interference. Eight out of 10 right whales bear the scars left behind by accidental encounters with fishing rope. These thick lines can wrap so tightly around the whales that they die from lacerations. (Ragen et. Al., 2005) Noise from numerous anthropogenic sources is both extensively and increasingly present within the marine surrounding. Human activities are leaving both deep and profound acoustic footmarks in the oceans of the world, and this is because

  • Whales in Captivity

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    wouldn’t be large enough for a six-ton male killer whale such as Tilikum, an animal capable of swimming 100 miles a day,” states an anonymous whale expert. Whales have been in captivity since 1861 when P.T. Barnum displayed the first live whale that was captured in Canada. However, Barnum had no idea how to care for the mammal and it died after only a week in captivity. (Animal Legal and Historical Center, 2014) Being up close with killer whales could give us some clues about how they interact with

  • Killer Whales : The Killer Whale Essay

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    The largest member of the dolphin family is the killer whale, the killer whale is often referred to as an orca. Killer whales are important to biology because they are essential to the oceanic ecosystem. They keep the food chain intake balanced by regulating certain marine mammals, and that helps other animals to not become overpopulated. Killer whales are also important because they help the economy due to whale watching. Killer whales help science by helping scientist understand echolocation which

  • The Killer Whale And The Whale 's Dolphin Family

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    A killer whale is a toothed whale belonging to the ocean’s dolphin family. The killer whale can also be referred to as the orca whale or an orca. The killer whale belongs with the ocean 's family of dolphins, it 's the largest member of the dolphin family. The whale weighs approximately up to eight thousand eight hundred pounds and it can grow up to twenty eight feet in length. In this essay I will be presenting the many factors that are included in a killer whale such as, stereotypes, intelligence

  • Whale Rider Analysis

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    The Whale Rider- Charlotte T As times are changing, so are people and we are becoming more modern. Some people have a hard time accepting that change. Nikki Caro, the director of Whale Rider drops subtle hints of this. In the film, Pai and her twin were born but childbirth took Pai’s brother and her mother. To emphasize the sadness of losing two family members Caro utilizes dim lighting and mournful music. But Pai being a girl was not an option for her grandfather. He needed a leader, a leader

  • The Dangerous Nature Of Whales

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    Whales in Captivity Killer whales are beautiful creatures that roam the ocean with grace and authority; they are wild animals, meant to be free. As humans it is our job to protect them and revere them. We should be doing this in a way that is conscious of their assertive, wild nature, not in a way that tries to tame them and make them submit to us. Killer whales all over the world have been captured and put into theme parks and training centers for our entertainment, this selfish act is disrespectful

  • Killer Whales

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    Killer Whales: Abused & Mistreated While many people have experienced the majestic showcasing of trained orcas in public displays at recreational parks such as SeaWorld, few have heard of the tragic events that these killer whales go through while in captivity. It is ironic that such family oriented companies like SeaWorld, who pride themselves in giving families experiences that they will never forget, can just tear families of killer whales apart and abuse them while training them. And although

  • Whale Rider Reflection Paper

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    The story of movie Whale Rider points to the sociological and theological values shared by the Whangara people in New Zealand. Historically, New Zealand has been ruled by the British Empire. Other than Christianity, one of the biggest religions practiced by the people is Hinduism. Surprisingly, the movie does not depict either of the religious values, nor shows any characters associating themselves with either of the faiths or faith traditions. Though the movie is entitled as Whale Rider, the movie

  • Whales in Captivity Essay

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    Killer Whales Deserve Freedom Kimberly Hall COM 155 November 27, 2011 Mara Galvez Killer Whales Deserve Freedom Orcas are complex social creatures deserving freedom and respect, not captivity in theme parks under the guise of public education and entertainment. Aquarium staffs say captive whales are priceless educational tools. However, people can educate their children by bringing them to the wild instead of bringing the wild to them at the expense of the Orcas health and well-being. "The

  • Whale Rider Analysis

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    The story of Whale Rider takes place in a Maori village in New Zealand. The main character is a 12 year old girl name Paikea “Pai” Apirana and her ambition to become the next Chief of her village. Along with following on Pai’s story, the movie showed a great number of local Maori religion and culture. Some of the things I will explore is the Maori religion, gender roles, and a personal reflection on what was learned through the movie. Maori Religion focuses on animism. Three aspects of this religion