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  • The Importance Of Whaling

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    Aboriginal peoples have been whaling as a tradition for thousands of years with it being a significant part of their culture. They have depended on whales for food, clothing and other handicrafts. Whaling was key to survival and the Natives have honored the sacrifice of each whale through spiritual rituals and ceremonies. It gives them a purpose and discipline which benefits their whole community. This has not been a problem for many centuries, only recently have animal activists been trying to stop

  • Speech On Whaling

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    environment? There are so many questions that what would be the effects without whales. People have been whaling for a long time. The researcher said that whales are food chain, they are important for marine mammal and environment (Boness, 2014). Whales hunting are known as Whaling. Anti-whaling activists were made to protect the whales and stop whaling for commercial. Anti-whaling activists ban whaling because of cruelty, the riskiness of whales’ extinction and an importance of the whales to the environment

  • Whaling Persuasive Essay

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    numbers for their sources in a process known as whaling. Whaling is a dangerous process, but in the short run, it is not as important as people tend to believe, not for humans but for the sake of the whales. To describe my reasoning on why whaling should not be abolished, but simply limited in numbers, I will explain to you why whaling is an outdated source of food and science, as well of how it affects whales: both physically and mentally. Whaling is Not Important While there are positive outcomes

  • Persuasive Speech On Whaling

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    and they can be found throughout many oceans. We hardly shed light on commercial whaling because it doesn’t seem to affect us as humans; however, knowing that we could be the solution to this problem may change many views on this horrid topic. Whales have many different species, but the biggest of them all is the Blue Whale weighing in at about 150 tons and growing up to 110 feet long. “The earliest record of whaling as an organized business is dated about 875”, these aquatic mammals have been hunted

  • Should Whaling Be A Whaling?

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    The topic I’m going to be talking about it whaling, the question you may be asking is what is whaling? Whaling is the process that is mainly done by Japanese ships where they hunt and kill whales for their meat, oil and bones. Here is a little background on why the Japanese killed the whales. The Japanese has been killing whales for hundred and hundreds of years, so much so that it is part of their history. Whaling was a very important part of Japan before and during the WWII, when whale meat made

  • Commercial Whaling

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    Make the case for the resumption of commercial whaling as an international policy. Commercial whaling has an abundant amount of utilizations. The main utilizations include food use, commercial use (whale-watching), animal feed and fertilizer use, cosmetic use, and pharmaceutical use. While not popular in most countries, countries like Alaska, Iceland, Norway, and Japan have whale meat on their menus. There are also other indigenous people and people in Inuit tribes who depend on whale meat as

  • A Look at Today's Whaling Essay

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    A Look at Today's Whaling “ The story of the whale is so remarkable, that were there not so many witnesses, I would not venture to tell it, lest I be accused of exaggeration.” -J.D.B Stillman, aboard the ship Plymouth, November 1850 (Stewart, 1995) There is no doubt that humans have always been intrigued with the majestic beauty of the large giants found in all of the world’s oceans. Whales and people have had a long history together, marked by many turns of events. Long ago, native

  • Commercial Whaling Essay examples

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    Commercial whaling is a serious world issue that has always been difficult for those who are in support and those who are against it. Each group defends their side with convincing arguments. Morally, whaling is wrong, but do the reasons for whaling outweigh the reasons to cease the primitive hunts? By studying the effects of whaling,realizing how culture has changed over time, and taking note of the money that would be saved, it can clearly be seen that there is no longer a current need for whaling

  • Whaling Needs to Stop

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    at least heard of Moby Dick, the whaling industry, a main element of the topic, is not so well known. Since the 12th century, hunting large mammals has been a very active sport. They would fish foe whales, looking for the fat to make oil for lamps, candles, and soap. Hunting whales was not on an industrial scale until the 1890’s, and continued until the International Whaling Commission took effect in 1986. The article refers to the unsustainability of whaling commercially. The number of whales

  • Norwegian Whaling Essay

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    Norwegian Whaling Modern commercial whaling is continuously being over-exploited as whaling companies strive to maximize their profits despite international protest and a ban by the International Commission. Many various species of whales have been extinct, and the relatively few whales that remain are extremely vulnerable, and the factors that led to their over-exploitation in the past have not changed. Norway, one of the several countries involved in illegal whaling, has again refused to accept