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  • The Military : The Role Of Women In The Military

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    Some say women cannot accurately shoot a gun or that they are not built for combat because of their low stamina and strength, or that they are not worth investing in because of all the time they spend training and teaching females to be as good as their male companions. The role of women in society are changing. Throughout history women have been helping the military through sending care packages to the front lines or by volunteering to train as nurses. Then when education became available for women

  • Military Women

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    Women have always been an immense asset to the military. According to Martha McSally a professor of National Security Studies and a retiree of the United States Air Force as colonel , “In the Revolutionary War and Civil War, women served not only as cooks, laundresses, and nurses but also as spies and saboteurs. Some, like Deborah Sampson of Massachusetts, also disguised themselves as men and fought in battles” (McSally 153). So, according to Martha women have been secretly integrated in combat since

  • Women in the Military

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    Women have done incredible things within the history of the world. They have proven time and time again that they are equal in just about every way with the opposite gender. However now the question of whether they can or even should fight beside men in combat has come up. Many people think that because almost the whole world has recognized that each individual has all the same basic rights, regardless of their gender or race, that everyone can do the same job equally. This is simply not true and

  • Women in Military

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    Women in the United States have long fought for the right to be included in many facets of society such as the right to vote to breaking into professions like the medical field and getting females elected to major government offices. But one of the most intriguing questions of integration has yet to be fully answered. Apart from all others is the battle to allow women the right, the honor, and the privilege of serving and defending their country as part of the United States Armed Forces. Being in

  • The Military : The Role Of Women In The Military

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    The role of women in military combat positions has been a long-debated issue. And with more countries like the U. S. allowing women to serve in combat positions; it has made the role of women in the military, a very controversial issue. With many people feeling that women should not be allowed to serve in military combat forces because they lack the physical abilities that men have. But in reality, women have long played an important role in the military and have even had to face enemy fire when

  • Oppression Of Women In The Military

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    I agree with women participating in combat. I feel women are sometimes minimized and overlooked to the things that they can and are capable of doing. If I was to serve in the military I would not be affected by someone of a different gender. I believe that can only happened if a female does not have the self-esteem and confidence that they need. When someone has these things, there is nothing that can bring someone down or have a person feeling less than what they are. Years ago, a lot of the jobs

  • Military Combat Women

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    Yes Ma’am! Women fighting in the war since when? Women have been apart of the military war in early years of 1973 small parts such as being a nurse or providing services for the men. For example, in 1991 The Persian Gulf War more than 41,000 women are deployed to combat zone. 1993-Congress authorizes women to fly in combat mission,and serve in combat boat. 2000-Captain Kathleen McGrath first women to be Command U.S. Navy Warship. 2005-The “War on Terror” Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester is awarded Silver

  • Women In The Military History

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    The history behind women in the military, in the late 1700’s women served as battlefield nurses, water bearers, cooks, laundresses and saboteurs. Overtime women were opened to other noncombat jobs. In 1948 the Women's Armed Forces Services Integration Act grants women permanent status in Regular and Rescue Forces in the Military. Executive order ended racial segregation in the arm forces. 1950-1953’s Service women joined the reserves were recalled to active duty during the war. Army nurses served

  • Women in the Military Essay

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    followed. In 1920, the 19th Amendment granted suffrage to women. Since then, women have been gradually stepping up on the ladder of success. Everyday more and more opportunities are opening themselves up for women. Because of these changes, we have had to add unheard of words such as congresswoman, policewoman, etc. to the dictionary to keep up with their advancement. The United States military is even inviting women into their ranks. Military Women rising up in status and prestige is a great thing, but

  • Women and the Military

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    Women and the Military Statistics show that the U.S. armed forces currently employ over 229,000 women in its various branches (Donnelly 8). This figure had been increasing exponentially for over 30 years. It 's no surprise to men that women are becoming an important factor in the U.S. military and now occupy every position expect those on the front lines. With the infiltration of women in the services in 1972, great controversy has arisen and has become a highly argued issue (Donnelly