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  • Working Poor Essay

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    The Struggle of the Working Poor Revised Essay Sociology 113 Yvonne Barney October 19, 2012 The Struggle of the Working Poor Society often describes the impoverished with one word, lazy. Society has taught us that if a person wants to be financially successful, it is a simple process of education and hard work that will equate to a successful income. This is the American dream. If the impoverished simply would get a job instead of being lazy, they would not need to rely on programs like

  • The Working Poor

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    The working poor are those people that work the hardest for their dollar, work the hardest to get their paychecks, work the hardest to survive. Most of the working poor live paycheck to paycheck and like the saying goes, “robbing from Peter to pay Paul.” There is a way out of poverty, and there is a way for these struggling individuals to escape the perils of their life in poverty. It is not an easy road out, but it is possible. It is important for those that are born into this lifestyle to know

  • The Working Poor Analysis

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    The society is in such a way that it falls into categories of people who belong to different social classes and this creates a difference in the way individuals lead their lifestyle, and in the way individuals interact with each other. The working poor refer to a social group which develops as a result of the social inequalities which exist in the society. The population comprises of individuals who put a lot of effort in their activities but still fail to witness growth and development in their

  • Working Poor Book Report

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    companies and their effect on said people, and information on the government and its effect on the “working poor”. He investigates the lives of various women and men living in America who are dealing with poverty, trapped in poverty, and trying to escape poverty. The poverty stricken and finically unstable people of America are the way they are because of others who want to take advantage of them. The poor have a bad understanding of the American tax system, these men and women who have enough financially

  • The Working Poor by D. Shipler Essay

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    The Working Poor The objective of this essay is to illuminate my overall reaction to the reading of “The Working Poor” conveying what I do not like while highlighting a sociological perspective, in addition to explaining if the reading is applicable to my own life experience. Taking notice, the subject at hand was very sobering alluding even if we ourselves have not been partakers of living in the obscurity of prosperity between poverty and wellbeing, certainly we have encountered someone that has

  • Analysis Of David K. Shipler's ' The Working Poor '

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    The novel, “The Working Poor” by David K. Shipler gives us an inside look into the lives of the lower class and he explores exactly what it means to do hard, exhausting but honest work in America. The working poor are working people whose incomes fall below the poverty line. While poverty is often associated with joblessness, a significant proportion of the poor are actually employed. Shipler teaches us that just because you have finally become employed does not mean that most or all of your worries

  • Difference Between Working Class And Poor Mothers

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    For working class and poor mothers, intensive mothering and consumerism are still equally linked to their view of themselves as good mothers. The only difference between working class and poor mothers versus middle and upper class women is that the working class/poor have to work harder to attain the ‘good’ mother status. According to Takseva (2014), “Children can be used as an object of display conferring the desired social status” (p.224) and, “Membership in a group is often defined through the

  • Essay about Not Really The Working Poor in "Nickel and Dimed"

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    Barbara Ehrenreich would make a bad representative of the working poor because she lacks three major things that a woman of that class would actually possess. Ehrenreich doesn't meet the true qualifications of a working class woman: she lacks the background, she lacks respect of the money she earns, and she lacks certain personal or social qualities that ordinarily are possessed by the working poor. Ehrenreich is part of the upper-middle class; she is "privileged" to have a job in which she

  • The Working Poor Deserve Higher Pay And More Recognition

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    The Working Poor Deserve Higher Pay and More Recognition 28 percent of American workers in 2011 earned poverty-level wages. That is, three years ago more than one in four workers in our country were not able to stave off poverty despite their active employment, according to the Economic Policy Institute, and that number has only increased since then. In absolute terms, this translates to millions of employed Americans still falling below the US Census’s poverty level, according to Legal Director

  • Working Poor : The Work Poor

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    Elizabeth McCumber April 24, 2015 Working poor paper Throughout both in-class discussions, and David Shipler’s “The Working Poor: Invisible in America” we learned being poor in America is anything but easy. Even with all of our government assistance programs such as Medicaid and Welfare, many family generation after generation seem to fall below the poverty line and create a life of struggle and long way out for their families. When Shipler is explaining different families and their lac of self