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  • Workplace Violence And The Workplace

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    Workplace Violence statics across the United States of America have been on a steady rise each year since the early 1990’s. Reports have consistently shown in recent years that than an average of 500 homicides and 1.5 million assaults occur each year in America, in the workplace. With those types of statics on the rise in America it’s clear that a Workplace Violence Program is essential to the health, welfare, safety, and security of our employees in the workplace. When enacting a Workplace Violence

  • Workplace Bullying In The Workplace

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    The situational conflict that our group chose exemplified workplace bullying among the nursing staff in a Hospice facility. In the intraprofessional conflict scenario by “Wineland_Anette Discussion 5.1 (2017),” a nurse was targeted by a fellow coworker who was overwhelmed with high levels of stress and resorted to bullying as an outlet. Aggressive behavior in the workplace damages professional relationships, impairs patient and employee satisfaction, increases employee injuries and illnesses, and

  • Workplace Bullying And The Workplace

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    Workplace bullying is something that is a big contemporary problem, that I feel is often pushed under the rug and not discussed. Workplace bullying can effect a person’s health, and it can also affect their role as it relates to their workplace performance. I would like to discuss workplace bullying to help those that has been through this or is currently going through this. I want to provide different steps workers can take if they feel they are being bullied in their workplace. According to the

  • Workplace Harassment In The Workplace

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    The workplace has an environment where people having different communication styles, personalities and views come to interact. These differences play a significant role in sourcing these workplace issues. These factors can ultimately lead to tension and stress at workplace for people who are involved. Even though, all colleagues have all the rights for fair treatment and they should feel safe in their workplace, some employees are bullied harassed or discriminated. Specifically, people, who belong

  • Workplace Bullying In The Workplace

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    But hearing the stories about workplace bullying and intimidation can cause a feeling of intimidation. “Bullying involves a real or perceived imbalance of power and repetition of the negative behavior” (Gumbus A., Lyons B. 2012) There are different types of behaviors, such as threating or yelling, it can be more insidious and passive, like refusing to cooperate or perform necessary tasks. Bullying is a serious issue, it’s an ongoing problem in the healthcare workplace. Bullying causes demoralization

  • Workplace Stress In The Workplace

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    Nowadays workplace stress is a major concern for several organisations. According to surveys from the American institute of stress (2017), 80% of the workers experience distress at work and half of them prefer to learn to manage stress. In general, job stress is a common issue, which does not only affect organisations but also workers. Noted by Stranks (2005), stress can arise from various sources, including low ambiguity and personal conflicts which are likely to contribute to the inefficiency of

  • The Effects Of Workplace Stress On The Workplace

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    Introduction “Work stress is one of the oldest issues in organizational psychology and is considered one of the most severe occupational injuries in modern society” (Chou, Chu, Yeh, &Chen, 2014, p. 115). Overcoming this severe issue of workplace stress is an important topic to discuss. It is defined as the events or circumstances that cause strain to an employee, which can result in physical, mental, and emotional consequences (Dextras-Gauthier, Marchand, & Haines, 2012; Nägel, Sonnentag, & Kühnel

  • Importance Of Workplace Democracy In The Workplace

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    of the state institutions but it includes all organizations and enterprises of the society. The concept of workplace democracy was forgotten or actually neglected for so many years that now it is being revived again especially with Theresa May’s speech. If we want to define workplace democracy in a very general way, it is the association of democratic policies and practices in the workplace. It is a way to realize self-actualization, reach individual autonomy and freedom and it is the root of motivation

  • Workplace Bullying in Adulthood and in the Workplace Essay

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    have experienced some type of bullying while in our younger years. Unfortunately, bullying exists in one’s adulthood as well, especially within the work environment. Additionally, workplace bullying is one of the biggest complaints from both employers and

  • Conflict in the Workplace

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    Conflict in the Workplace Introduction The business world is highly competitive from every perspective; competition for office space, virtual space, markets, customers, clients and with colleagues. It is the responsibility of people working together in their day to day business transactions to have finely tuned interpersonal skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that they achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and their employers. In environments such as these, conflicts, arguments