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  • Year-Round School

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    Year-Round School Imagine a school year that never ends. A year without summer, relaxation, and vacations with family. Summer is the time of year that every student cannot wait arrive. But what if the playful time filled with friends, smiles, and laughter did not exist? What if school remained in session year-round? This is happening in 3,181 schools across America and is gradually increasing ( The government calls it: Year-Round School. There are both many pros and cons to this

  • Year-Round Schools

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    Should School Be Year-Round Year-round schools have gained popularity among the United States, being a very communicated topic within middle class communities. These schools are generally argued about by whether they are beneficial or not. While there are many advantages to year-round schools, there are some disadvantages as well. A few of these disadvantages include the expenses of the schools, the schedules the schools provide, the involvement within the schools, and the actual effectiveness of

  • Year Round School: Pros And Cons Of Year Round School

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    Most schools in the United States of America follow the traditional 180-day schooling system. A system that was set in the 19th century, when schooling for children began with a 10-week vacation. During that period of time students would help their families on the farm during the summer. Today everything has changed, today we live in the 21st century, and the question is should schools stay the same or should they be year round. Year round school is a school that goes year-round. Year round school

  • Year Round School Benefits

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    Barack Obama stated, "The challenges of the new century demand more time in the classroom." A three month vacation from school may seam ideal, but in reality it is detrimental to a child's education. Year round schooling is very beneficial not only because it offers educational benefits, but family benefits as well. The family benefits that attending a year-round school provides are financial stability and a much easier time planning family vacations. It can be hard for parents to find childcare

  • The Year-Round School Calendar

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    The Traditional School Calendar is Better Than The Year Round School Calendar Some schools in the United States have been switching to a year round school calendar instead of the traditional school calendar. How would children in the USA feel if their school year became year round? The year round schedule dictates schools use a 45-15 schedule in which every 45 days students get a 15 day break including weekends. Unlike the traditional calendar, which includes 60 days of summer break, holidays and

  • The Benefits Of Year-Round School

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    Year round schooling may sound scary but read this and I might change your mind. Year round school is pretty much what is sounds like, except it is the same amount of school days as a regular year, and it has more spread out breaks. Year round school would be beneficial because it consist of less review due to “summer slide”, more “family time”, and longer more spread out breaks. The “summer slide” is the loss in academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer vacation. “Summer slide” usually

  • School-Year-Round School Benefits

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    Having year round school would be beneficial educationally, but personally as a student I believe it’s not a good idea. Kids love having a big break off school to have the opportunity to go places. I usually travel in the summer and if I only had 3-4 weeks it wouldn’t work out. Last summer I went to Texas and I wouldn’t have been able to do most of the activities I did because they only had them on certain days. Also 5 summers ago my family and I flew out to Germany. We spent two weeks there, but

  • Ready For Year-Round School

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    Year-Round School I hope you are ready for year-round school! This kind of school would be more beneficial for all students because they can choose what career they want to follow. Then, they can pick out those classes associated with that career. Students and their parents would like this school. If I could plan my ideal school, I would make students go all year, take classes that are related to what career the student is interested in, and start school later in the day. There is definitely

  • Benefits Of Year Round School

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    Is the traditional school calendar really the best option for your local school system? Maybe, having a year-round schooling system would be best. Year-round education is when schools operate on a 180 day school calendar with frequent breaks. Year-round calendars also don’t include a long summer vacation(Melissa Kelly, February 21,2017). A traditional school in America has a 10-month school calendar, but, many are switching to the year-round calendar. Some are switching to maintain more consistent

  • Implementing Year-Round School

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    WOHOOO… or is it. Schools and districts around the country have been starting to implement year-round schooling for their students after the idea has been in the air of discussion since the 1970s. Year-round schooling is a system when the usual yearly summer break is switched to a series of smaller breaks throughout the year, usually lasting 2-4 weeks before the students return to school. The most used form of year-round schooling is the 45-15 plan, in which students attend school for 45 days then