A Couple More Years

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Georgia

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    1,000 miles. That’s all that’s been in my mind for the past couple of months, making me feel more nervous as July pulled closer and closer. Walking out of my childhood home and into the car that would be my home for the next couple of days, I take a seat to the feeling everything in the back seats squeezing in on me, but I knew that I’d have to survive with little space for the next couple of days. I yell my last goodbyes out to my childhood friends as we slowly exit our driveway. I see tears running

  • A Love Story : Finding My Twin Brother

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    parents always told me they loved me, so, I had no clue why they did not want me to find him. I had a perfect life, had loving parents, loving friends, money, and even a golden retriever called max, who was my best friend. However, it was only a couple of years ago when we became rich, my hard-working dad decided he would invest all his money in a solar energy company which ended up growing, and became into a million-dollar empire. I mean what else could I ask for, I had it all. Well maybe not all, I

  • Informative Essay: Gender Roles In The Medical Field

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    rechecks your vitals the other gets the IV started so that they can draw blood for tests. What tests? All of them, anyone that they can get an answer from in the next couple of hours. Some that will take much longer to get the results for. They prep you for an ultrasound, telling you how it works. I never knew that ultrasounds were for more than just pregnant women. The gel is warm; they keep it in a heater on the cart. After they’ve gotten all the images they want, they send you back to wait. That’s

  • Portrayal Of The Characters Revealed In Levana's '

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    gatekeepers. Despite the fact that he is ten years more seasoned than Levana, she really likes him. She additionally meets his wonderful and extremely pregnant spouse, Solstice. They appear to be exceptionally glad and Levana is instantly desirous. Later when Levana is trying a couple glamours for the royal celebration she makes herself seem like Solstice. Lamentably, Channary barges in with Evret her protect and they see her. Levana is humiliated. A couple of weeks after the fact it is Levana's birthday

  • Reflection On Camp Reflection

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    Reflection “This is not my fault” Trey screamed as we quickly pulled up alongside one of my friends canoe. I then jumped into their canoe and flipped them over. “Camp is so fun” I yelled. This year at camp we focused a lot on who am I, who are we, and who is he. I grew a lot in my faith this year at camp. I have a couple younger siblings and they always tell me how they cannot wait for camp. So if you were to cancel camp they would be very disappointed, Camp was awesome. I am unique in god’s eyes and this

  • What Was The Us Declared War On Germany Essay

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    that his boss had gotten a call from his friend in Washington. He said that the president had gave a speech to congress. I was surprised the US had stayed neutral for a long time. It was a couple months later since the US declared war on Germany. The US had sent 200,000 soldiers to Europe. But the US needed more troops they started to do sign ups for

  • Advantages Of Living In An Apartment

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    apartment and remaining at home: Advantages of living in a school apartment Flexibility. On the off chance that you have strict guardians or just don't prefer to have impediments set on you, at that point living in an apartment will give you a more noteworthy measure of opportunity (clear confinements if there is an expert for the quarters complex). Experience. For whatever remains of your life you can talk about your chance where you were a young person that moved far from home to have a go

  • Creative Writing: The Jfk Attacks

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    automobiles, anything you can imagine, Red Light controlled it. They had started out as a small group of talented hackers that once retrieved deleted e-mails and tax returns from politicians. Once they realized they had such talent, they strived for more. They started hacking government databases. They uncovered many secrets such as the truth behind the JFK assassination and 9/11 attacks. Like anything, their hunger

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    guy’s really good?” “Somebody really good wouldn’t be doing this.” Paul nodded. “I’ll take the chance.” “Okay, then. Give me a couple days.” A couple of days sounded like a couple of years, but what could he do? “Just one more thing, Hector.” “Yeah?” “I need to bring a woman with me.” * Paul drove back to the hotel, thinking about Hector’s “Give me a couple days.” A couple of days. In the meantime, Mr. Cardi’s guys would pounce on them like starving pumas. He pulled alongside a Maricopa County Sheriff

  • Ap Psychology Creative Writing

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    only way I’m going to get over these past couple of days is to recap. So here goes I guess I was at a friend’s barbeque invited only at pity of course, they all feel sorry for me, yet they don’t want to associate with me. Once I entered I was met with a blanket of stillness across the whole room, until I was met with an apparent ‘Hey Hirdy, how’s it going?’ which I replied with a subtle ‘Yeah good thanks’. I know it’s a generic answer and a fairly certain more than the majority of the people at this