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  • Analysis Of ' The Princess And The Frog '

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    The film released in 2009 “The Princess and The Frog” is no different. Especially when it comes to Mama’s Odie’s musical number half way through the film. Mama’s Odie’s song, “Dig a Little Deeper” is full of metaphors, themes and imagery one can deeply analyze. At the same time we can apply the song, “Dig a Little Deeper,” to various characters we have come to learn and explore through the several novels we have covered over the course of the semester. We can also apply it to the distinct issues pertaining

  • Let Me Begin By Saying

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    Let me begin by saying; “This was an enriching experience that allowed me to delve a little deeper into my memory bank. Engaging in this activity has also permitted plenty of powerful reflection regarding teacher pedagogy in addition to providing an opportunity for this writer to relive some unsettling childhood memories. These memories have caused me to gain fresh insights into the reading process. “I will discuss these insights in the paper. In the Reading Process activity, I was the second reader

  • The Importance Of Symbolism In Literature

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    big meaning for part of the book which was really fascinating once you figured it out. Overall symbolism is very important and hopefully everyone who reads this will realize that. Symbolism is when the author uses an object or reference to add deeper meaning to a story. There are hundreds of different symbols authors and poets use and even more ways for them to use each symbol. If you think about it anything really can be a symbol if the author wants it to be. There are some basic things to know

  • Sidewalk In My Life

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    somewhere. Through my life I have kept the part of me that people see neat, clean, and smooth, but on the inside i’m shattered. This sidewalk is very smooth nicely put together with the grass cut just so on the sides. Although if you were to examine it a little closer you would see that underneath it is shattered if it had to bear any more weight it just might break under all the pressure, even though no one really pays any attention to what they can’t see or hear they don’t really seem to care about it

  • Creative Narrative Writing : Creative Writing

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    Creative, Original Title “I will keep smiling, be positive and never give up! I will give 100 percent each time I play. These are always my goals and my attitude.” This is a quote by Yani Tseng, a female Taiwanese professional golfer playing on the U.S. LPGA Tour, and the youngest person ever to have won five majors. This quote connects with my life because two years ago I learned to stay positive, and never give up. My family and I were in Glacier National Park, Montana. We were driving

  • Is The Best Policy Right?

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    But I’m not afraid of God. No not at all. I’m afraid of man. People labelled me as a “tease”, the woman whom “slept around.” The glares I got were just stabbing me a little deeper each time. You see you can do a push up with a few little cuts in your arm. But if those cuts transpire into full blown wounds you’ve got yourself a little problem there. When I first started my life on the road, I honestly had no idea what I was anticipating or what I wanted to achieve. I was only 16, young and in my prime

  • Essay on Philmont Trek

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    Wiping the sweat from my brow I called a halt to the crew. Phil and I dumped our packs and found a comfy boulder to rest on. I looked back to where the last guys were coming from back down the trail. They had stopped talking a while back and marched slowly along the dirt trail. Phil produced an energy-bar he’d saved from breakfast and began to munch on it as I drained another water bottle. After the refreshing drink I laid back against the rock and stared up at the pine trees. But a moment later

  • Critical Thought And Popular Culture

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    honest, I thought it was going to be a super boring class. But, it taught me a lot about myself and made me examine my calling in life a little deeper than before. In turn, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Critical thought and popular culture taught me a lot about who I am. These realizations came from class discussions, learning my strengths, and even a little bit from reading Unlikely Disciple. For one, I didn’t know my strengths so that was super interesting and eye

  • Volcano Bingo

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    together and not competitive at all. But today, any bingo brand that wants to make it really has to play their cards right and make the game fun and fancy for all. One of the many names out there trying to compete is Volcano Bingo. Its debut was a little tough, but they have been working hard to work out the kinks and make it an enjoyable experience across the board. Volcano Bingo definitely isn’t the biggest bingo name out there, but sometimes gems are hidden. So, let’s see what this bingo brand

  • Dog Told Me Narrative

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    and I could see the grass needed cut and that the dogs had dug up the flowers again. I have two dogs. I got them originally as strictly guard dogs but they became my babies. They were two german shepherds, Zeus is four and Xena is three. Xena is a little smaller than Zeus but she makes up for it with speed and agility. As well trained as they are, the two still love to dig. But if not having flowers is the price I pay for a safe house and two cuddle buddies I’ll take it. “Hi guys, who wants a bath