A Little Time

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  • Little Time Essay

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    ....when you have no time to spare. Sound familiar? Do you sometimes feel as though you're stretched too thin? It seems like you've got so much going on from child care, work stress, half-finished projects, household duties and the list goes on and on. Remember those days when you could lie on the sofa and eat chocolate bon-bons all day while watching soap operas? Yeah...me either (haha). How many times have you wished that you could have an entire day just to yourself to do whatever you wanted

  • Changing A Little At A Time

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    Chapter 3: Changing a Little at a Time (Make a Difference) If you won a million dollars what would you do? This is a common question people often ask. The common response is going on vacation, buy a nice car, etc. But we often hear the response of giving to charity and making a difference in the world. I am the same way. If I had a million dollars I would want to make a difference in the world and give a lot of it to charity. The reality of me winning a million dollars is extremely slim. However

  • A Short Story : The Story OfThe Stranger?

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    “Well, I seen you’d drove down from the city, up North.” “Why do you care about where I’m from?” The Stranger rattled the words out, clearly affronted. “Well, I didn’t mean no offence,” Earl shrank back a little from The Stranger, confused as to what he’d done wrong, “just trying to pass a little time. If you can’t take that, then I don’t know what else I can do for you.” The Stranger said nothing, but continued to stare at Earl, a quiet fire in his eyes. Earl noticed a few crimson drops scattered over

  • Reflection Project Reflection Paper

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    When faced with a challenge, typically I believe there is no mountain that cannot be faced with the power of Christ and a touch of determination. This project was so different. I went into this so motivated and found many struggles along the way. The comfortability of explaining to others around me did not phase me, and I looked forward to a new experience, to a point. I also felt overwhelmed, annoyed and more negative towards the project than motivation, but I knew it would soon be over. I relied

  • Negative Speech : The Effects Of Violent Entertainment Presentation

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    wanted to discuss their own media example since each presenter talked about a different entertainment median.   However, given that the time constraint for this project was only eight minutes, multiple media examples can certainly be costly.  Thus, I'd suggest perhaps cutting down on the description of these media examples, or even eliminating one in order to meet the time limit.  As I recall, the presentation was over by around four minutes.  Another thing worth noting would be to cut down on the information

  • A Little Bit Of The Old Times

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    A little bit of the Old Times That’s an interesting question, since I’m old, and I’ve lived in a world not just without Internet, but without personal computers! Well, I´ve lived in a world without computers, period! J My first contact with computers was around 1972. I worked in the accounting department of a large chain of stores in Brazil, and we in the Pelotas (a city near the State´s capital) branch received some reports – inventory position, sales summaries, etc. – from the headquarters in

  • Little Rock And The Documentary Film The Burning Times

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    There are many things that can be said about Civil Rights in the 1950s – Little Rock and the documentary film The Burning Times, probably in ways that would be better than I can put. Reading and watching these experiences made me feel so much and take a look at the history that I really don’t know much about. There are a lot of questions that you ask yourself about why people acted like that to Elizabeth Eckford or Mr.William’s experiences, one of a young girl being integrated into a white school

  • Desperate Times In Jokiah's Have A Little Faith

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    different perspective. A person could be happy, amazed, shocked, overwhelmed, angry, sad, or alone. Nobody can alter and change how they might feel at certain times since emotions are a part of us as well. It is all in the matter of what is accomplished during and after those emotional phases we as humans experience that define us. Desperate times lead to desperate measures such as drugs, faith, belief, and

  • I Apologize For Taking A Little Extra Time

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    Jeanie, I apologize for taking a little extra time to respond to your email. I felt it was important to pause and think the situation through and be clear on how things transpired. I feel that Cathy made a bold attempt to use her conversation with Carol as leverage to promote herself. Unfortunately, her choice of words raised concerns that were unjustified. Sherri Distifano, the nominator from St. Jude’s Hospice, and I had several conversations about Carol and her ability to participate in a

  • Next Time Be A Little Smarter Short Story

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    Next Time Be a Little Smarter The master ensuite, the giant play area that every kid loves. In my eyes, the bed was a huge lake that I could swim laps in. It was big enough for all imaginative adventures to come to life. The plush comforter covering the egyptian silk sheets topped with feather filled pillows was like diving in a pot of cotton candy. I knew it as the central headquarters. It was the bed I run to when I had nightmares, the bed I sleep in when I got sick, the bed I go to when I want