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  • What Makes A Moment Special?

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    What makes a moment special is not the moment itself but how one interprets the moment. A single moment can have a significant impact on one’s life.     Prom is regarded as a festivity amongst teenagers across America. It appeals to them because it’s a fun night out with friends. However, I was one of the selective individuals whom prom did not appeal to. As prom was nearing in junior year most of my friends had boyfriends and other people to go with. Knowing that I’d be alone throughout prom

  • My Special Moment In Life

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    positive way, if you let it.” It is amazing how one day can change everything, and thinking about that one day can still make you smiles months or even years after. I have a day like that, one that never fails to squash the fear or misery I feel. My special day was this past fall at the first tennis tournament of the season; it is funny how it all started with a twelve-year-old girl, a tennis racquet, and a last minute change that I would describe as the best mistake. I was twelve years old when I

  • My Special Moment with Evan Essay

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    Untitled My heart beats hard in my chest. I stand in the long line of students, waiting for my name to be called. Today is graduation, I’m going to get my diploma, finally free to go to college. I look around, trying to find my family in the crowd in front of the stage. I find them in the third row, my mother smiles and waves to me before she snaps the hundredth picture of me today. I roll my eyes at her, how many does she need to remember this day? I look at the people she is sitting with, Ciara’s

  • Memories Are Special Moments That Tell Your Story

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    “Memories are special moments that tell our story” My mom never knew what gender I was going to be because I would never show myself during the ultrasounds. So, I became a surprise baby. However, my parents didn’t really struggle because I was able to use my older sister’s handy downs. I was born on May 16, 1995, in Laguna Hills, California as Anjelica Montesdeoca, 20 minutes after my twin brother. While birth, the doctors noticed that I was also a breech baby, so the surgeon had to rotate me to

  • Memories Are Special Moments That Tell Our Story Essay

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    “Memories are special moments that tell our story”-Unknow, the person that said that meant that Memory plays a big role in our life, it allows us to remember skills that we’ve learned, or important information that we have stored in our brain or its moments that are great or changed our life. Memory gives us a portal to something gone something we can’t get back, something that made a big change in our life. I will never forget when i came to canada, That day changed my whole life it's a memory

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Extra Gum

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    between two people and their connection between Extra Gum. The company is relating to the audience with ethos, pathos, and logos within the film. The film uses three rhetorical appeals to catch the audience’s attention to the special moments between the gum and important moments with Sarah and Juan. Within the small film, Extra Gum uses Haley Reinhart’s song “Can't Help Falling in Love”. The company uses this song to draw the audience towards the story. Extra wants to pull towards pathos by using the

  • Essay on a Particular Moment in My Life

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    This week I have to finish my rough draft that I had wrote in week two and turn it in to a final essay. In week two I wrote a rough draft about a particular moment that had a special moaning on my life. A special meaning on my life has been becoming a mother. I was young when I had become a mother for the first time, but even thaw I was young I would not chance it for the world. I was eighteen years old when I become a mother to a healthy, smart and beautiful little girl, her name is Hayley Danielle

  • Why Do We Remember Some Of The Events, But Not All?

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    to save or share every moment activities daily in their life. The author also states about people are being fear of death since everybody wants to live for eternity. The most fascinating context the author argues about people can lose the ability to forget everything that is captured, but people are not able to not treasure the moments like nothing. To selective forgetting, I think there is memory storage of space we should selectively try retrieve a specific memorable moment particular as possible

  • Comparing the Dance of Life in My Papa’s Waltz and Saturday Night Fever

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    Saturday Night Fever. Through his depiction of this character, John Travolta shows the monumental effects of dancing. Literature can also artfully explore the effect of dance on people. Theodore Roethke's "My Papa's Waltz" dramatizes a special and positive moment in a boy's life. The author's word choice reflects the significance of this

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring A Wedding Photographer

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    in Nagercoil The wedding is the most important event where two people get into a relationship. For the very special day, the couple wants to have everything arranged in the perfect manner along with the grand celebration. But apart from this one of the most crucial thing that one needs to consider for the day is to hire a wedding photographer who can record and capture each and every moment of the day. In the Indian marriage, there are several different types of ceremonies and rituals are performed