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  • Nancy Drew : A Positive Feminist Role Model

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    Young girls have been reading Nancy Drew for eighty-seven years, she is a staple in most households with elementary age girls. For me, Nancy represented everything I wanted to be at 18, she was intelligent, fearless, beautiful, and she had a car. I never compared myself to Nancy, she was what I aspired to be and what I expected to be when I grew up. She was one of the first feminist role models I had as a child and I believe she was pivotal to my foundation as an independent, outspoken woman. I see

  • What Is The Theme Of Girl By Jamaica Kincaid Essay

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    Olivia Blanda English 101 Professor Grace Hughes 24 October 2017 A “Girl” and her Mother There are several responsibilities a girl should learn about before going off on her own and it is usually the mother’s job to teach their daughter these life lessons. In the prose poem “Girl,” by Jamaica Kincaid, a mother writes out a “guide” her daughter must follow in order to succeed in her adult years. This poem that the mother has written for her daughter is better seen as a “guide” to adulthood due

  • The DSM-5 Diagnosis Of Dyslexia

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    seven-year-old child who has completed an IQ test which regarded her as having an IQ score of 67. This little girl is said to encounter genuine troubles her school work especially in examining and calculating. She is depicted as be insufficient in her social progression and encounters trouble with doing things that different children her age does, for instance, dressing herself. This young girl because of a score of 67 on the IQ test unfortunately has the DSM-5 diagnosis of dyslexia. Dyslexia is a general

  • Importance Of Boys Underachievement In Reading And Writing

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    underachievement in reading and writing in contrast to girls’, it is important to first note that there are sources that identify boys being less committed to school than girls, but why is this? A significant aspect is boys’ attitude to school and examinations. Weis (1990) effectively argues that the majority of boys are not concerned with excelling in school, but only with passing. This evidence strongly suggests that boys’ attitude to education is significantly lower than girls due to only requiring

  • The Magazine Ladies Repository Magazine

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    The magazine Ladies Repository: A Monthly Periodical Devoted to Literature, Arts, and Religion is a magazine that was published in 1800 and was targeted towards young women. The magazine was a way to help teach and encourage women of the time on how to properly fit in and behave according to the rules that society had placed on them. It taught them how to be considered an ideal, cultured woman with high morals and spiritual standards. Although many readers today would argue that the teachings and

  • Middle Eastern Marriage

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    In the readings and films marriage has been a common topic, however, the most concerning aspect of Middle Eastern marriage is the legal age. The young age that Middle Eastern girls marry has come up in multiple movies and readings. The legal age for girls to marry is nine in the Middle East, which is in sharp contrast to the age of eighteen in the United States. The Middle East should not allow girls to wed so young. The young age at which some girls are married is alluded to in some Middle Eastern

  • Essay

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    This assignment was about the earlier reading that we had done this last week talking about the girl that had been treated very wrong and being given out for marriage at a very young age. This is also the same article that talks about the girls going through medical processes which involved them getting their genitals cut and mutilated at a very young age which is very wrong and was talked about in that article very briefly. This article goes into more depth of how the group was able to make all

  • Quinceanera Tradition Essay

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    In many hispanic cultures, it is customary to have a big celebration for a young girls fifteenth birthday. This tradition is known as a Quinceanera, Quince, or Fiesta Rosa. This tradition celebrates a young girls coming of age. Moreover, this celebration “[embraces] religious customs, and the virtues of family and social responsibility” (Quinceanera-Boutique). In addition to celebrating the quinceanera, the big event allows family to come together and just enjoy themselves. The celebration begins

  • The Plight Of Young Males

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    As discussed in a recent essay by Saul Kaplan “The Plight of Young Males”, there is a serious academic gender achievement gap in the United States and as I will discuss, around the world. Young women are doing significantly better than young men, and the results are shocking. In the latest census, males make up 51 percent of the total U.S. population between the ages of 18-24. Yet only 40 percent of today’s college students are men. Since 1982, more American women than men have received bachelor’s

  • Summary Of Margaret Mead's Coming Of Age In Samoa

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    In Coming of Age in Samoa, by Margaret Mead, she exemplifies and puts emphasis on the idea of socialization through the view of the Samoan girl, and we also see what her sexuality is as she becomes an adult and has to deal with marriage. Before reading the book I never knew that different cultures like the Samoan culture viewed everything in their daily lives different than how we view it in ours. After learning about the Samoan culture in the book, it gave me a new perspective and how to view the