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  • Pauley Perrette Speech Examples

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    was one of the main stars of the television series NCIS. Pauley starred as the cast member Abby Sciuto from the beginning of the series in 2003 until 2017 when she announced her final series would be ending this year. After fourteen years as the shows forensic analyst, she is moving on to progress in other aspects of acting and pressuring works for charities and civil rights movements. However, Abby Sciuto or Pauley Perrette, has a very unique way of displaying examples of ethos, pathos, and logos

  • Dramaturgical Perspective Views Our Daily Interaction Like We Are On A Stage Performance All The Time

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    shows so many of the concepts of dramaturgy. This show is the navy version of CSI. NCIS is only called when it involves a Navy officer that was either kidnapped or murdered. The cast on NCIS are Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, forensic specialist Abby Sciuto, chief medical examiner Donald Mallard, Special Agent Timothy McGee, Jimmy Palmer, Director Leon Vance, Agent Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop, Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn. Dramaturgy concepts The primary concepts of dramaturgy

  • Abby Wambach Research Paper

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    what I am called on the basketball court for a quick, one syllable signal. Actually, the name I respond to best is Abby; it has a voice of its own that I have always thought of as bubbly and cute. At this point in my life, the word Abby best fits who I am. Throughout my life, I have become fluent in three languages: English Spanish, and sarcasm. According to, Abby means I am generally good-natured, though at times can be blunt and sarcastic. My friend Kendall purposely sent homework

  • Sojourner Truth And Louisa May Alcott

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    During the eighteenth and nineteenth century, American Literature was considered to be of insignificant quality compared to that of English Literature, and was rarely recognized in the literary world. However, this opinion did eventually change because of the success of some very creative American authors. Sojourner Truth and Louisa May Alcott were two women who not only produced unforgettable works of literature and presented powerful speeches, but also had a monumental impact on American Literature

  • The Discovery Of The Space Station

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    Someday, somehow, Clarke knew that she would witness the beauty of Earth. She would be able to feel the sun warm her skin, and have the wind kiss her cheeks as she walked through a forest. Maybe she would watch a rabbit hop out of a bush, or follow butterflies as she wandered carelessly around the ground—if those creatures were still alive from all the radiation. Her father had always told her stories about Earth, visualizing it as a heaven for the living. It had been nearly ninety-seven years

  • Forensic Ethics Case Study

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    females permanently on the team is forensic specialist Abby Sciuto ( Although she is portrayed as strong independent woman, she is also treated mush like a child needing protection by her male teammates, as well as serving as a “sexual fantasy” for other characters (Bergamn, K.). This paper will look at the similarities and differences between the real work of forensic specialists and NCIS’ portrayal of the job through the charater Abby, and the different ways men and women are treated in

  • Masculinity In Contemporary Western Culture

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    show in particular, NCIS or the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, portrays women as strong and successful. It gives women a chance to show how confident they can be in themselves and that they can also be considered the hero. NCIS shows through Abby and Ziva that women can be successful and the hero, which provides women with a strong and heroic role model to emulate. The main argument in “The Women Of My

  • Forensic Science Camp

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    Respondents have not proven that the means of discrimination used in the female-only Forensic Science Camp is substantially related to their alleged governmental interest. To prove a substantial relationship, a state actor must show that “the classification serves important governmental objectives and that the discriminatory means employed are substantially related to the achievement of those objectives.” United States v. Virginia, 518 U.S. 515, 516 (1996). To show a substantial relation, the justification