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  • Negative Effects Of Hip Hop

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    While many rappers were able to make money on the new movement the majority of that money did not go into fixing up and nourishing the black community. This is evident in the music videos and song lyrics that brag about spending money on luxurious items, drugs, alcohol, and women instead of things that actually bolster the community. Yes, it is both unrealistic and unfair to put hip-hop on a pedestal and assume that it would completely reform the economy of a community, but its influence was -and

  • The And Its Influence On The Brotherhood

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    in politics — and its ability to put pressure on politicians to align with their demands. This is clear because it was only the president that courted the maraboutic elites and had a platform that suited rural and maraboutic interests, who was able to be successful. Mouridism and its integration into civil society Mourides have a strong commitment to integrating Islam into the fabric of civil society. Mouride leaders often intervene in civil conflict and regularly put legalism aside, favoring an

  • The Unorthodox Restoration Of A Tarnished Image

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    After the 2009-2010 NBA season, James decided not to resign his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and instead sign a contract with the Miami Heat. This decision led to James joining forces with other NBA superstars such as Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and Ray Allen. Later to become known as “The Decision,” James’ image was tarnished for the way he abandoned his hometown team and became the villain of the NBA.

  • Lebron James's Life And Accomplishments

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    Did you know that LeBron James’s 1st sports team were the South Rangers, a football team? LeBron James, the famous basketball player, born in Akron, Ohio, started off as the stereotypical boy that you would find in a rough neighbourhood. Through determination, skill, practice, etc. LeBron was able to climb out of the stereotypical hole he was born into, and the beginning of that fight sparked the start of a life full of achievements, money, excitement, and has also allowed LeBron to give the kind

  • Argumentative Essay About Kobe Bryant

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    As it stands today, Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player to have ever played the game. Some argue that Michael Jordan was better, but he was not. Some argue that Lebron James is better, but he is not. To compare him to the men who played the center position is a waste of time. Obviously Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar were more dominant. They were freaks of nature. What Kobe had that set him apart from everyone else was a skill set and mentality that is unmatched

  • Colin Kaepernick: Racial Injustices In America

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    Racial Injustices are everywhere in the world today. People been disdgrimminated against, beaten, and killed just because of the color of their skin. One specific athlete Colin Kaepernick decided to “Sit down in order to stand up for his beliefs.”(Graham n.p.) By kneeling during the national anthem, Kaepernick is standing up for the lives of Black people with the support of other athletes. Meanwhile what he is doing is great he needs to do it in another way. The first season game for the

  • Two Basketball Players; Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade Essay

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    Two Basketball Players; Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade There are many basketball players in the world. Throughout the history, some players became more known than other players. Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade are very well known in this world. Although their awards are similar, Kobe Bryant is a better basketball player than Dwyane Wade because of his statistics and records. To begin with, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade have some awards in common. Both of them have been in the NBA All-Defensive First

  • How Sport Is An Equal Opportunity For All Teams

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    In professional sports, where competition is at the highest possible level, one of the most important things that a sport must have to succeed, is an equal opportunity for all teams to win. This is called parity, and every sport tries to create this to have their sport stay competitive and entertaining. Without parity, a small group of teams will dominate their sport, and in the NBA, where first place receives the only prize, the sport will become less competitive and lose its fan base, which represents

  • Transactional Strategies At New York University

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    Key Points The topic of Wade Boykin speech at New York University was academic success for all students, but more specifically students of color. He discussed the documentation and evidence that explains the achievement gap between students of color and their white counterparts. Boykin also believes the evidence for why the gap exists should be the guide for implementing strategies, inventions and programs to raise achievement. The evidence and research suggest that to raise achievement the intervention

  • The Importance Of The NBA

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    The NBA is one of the most entertaining sports known to man. The NBA consists of a lot of highlights, most of the highlights have nothing to do with actually playing basketball. The NBA provides various organizations to help the less fortunate, they also do a lot of camps and gatherings to make better players out of younger kids. Also, the NBA brings so many eye-catching aspects to the game, such as special uniforms for holidays, expensive tennis shoes and amazing in games moves only the best of