Acacia koa

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  • The Story Of The Koa Tree

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    lifting weights for the preceding four months we were still winded by the moderate size hill. We took a break half way up but this was no wasted break. I found an opening off the path and noticed a Koa tree about three feet high. Then I turned to Mikey and said, “this is the reason we came up here.” “Is that a Koa tree?” I remember him asking before I explained to him how it most definitely was, however, as they reach maturity they take on a different form. We were there in search for the great elders

  • The Negative Effects Of Alien And Invasive Species

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    certain areas detrimentally affect biodiversity especially faunal and floral Species of Conservational Concern (SCC), water sources, land use and productivity (Mugido et al., 2014). Some of the woody species include but not limit to Acacia mearnsii (Black Wattle), Acacia saligna, Eucalyptus sp. These species have a total evaporation (TE) of 895 mm in the Western Cape. The native and indigenous vegetation, in contrast, have an TE of 520 mm (fynbos) and TE of 575 mm (thickets), this indicates that AIPs

  • Major Component Of Sustainability And Its Effects On The Environment

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    Biodiversity is major component of sustainability, and it is defined as the “variety of genes, organisms, species, and ecosystems” in a given area or on the planet as a whole (Miller and Spoolman 2015, 5). Urban spaces typically lack biodiversity due to a variety of factors that cause the destruction of ecosystems, such as replacing established ecosystems with large lawns, parking lots, buildings, and highways. When these well-established, high-functioning ecosystems are disturbed, we eliminate the

  • Human Distribution Patterns Of Acacia Saligna

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    Abstract Distribution patterns of Acacia saligna are quite diverse in South Africa especially taking under consideration that they do not have immediate threats that inhibit their spread. However, this species occurs in very different environmental gradients, as it can occur from a wet habitat/area to a bare rock surface that is a very dry habitat. Due to such observations for the distribution of this species a question is imposed in this paper as to how do traits vary along environmental gradients

  • Speech On Herbal Medicine

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    Over the past few decades, herbal drugs have become more popular among the people in the world. A regular and widespread use of herbs throughout the world has increased serious concerns over their quality, safety and efficacy. Further about 80% of world population depends on herbal preparations for primary healthcare needs. In many developed countries, 70 to 80 per cent of the populations have used some form of complementary or alternative medicines composed primarily of herbal medicines (Firenzuoli