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  • The Positive Effects Of Music Education On Academic Performance

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    The Effects of Music Education on Academic Performance Many students who perform well on exams and are in the top of their class are involved in extracurricular activities. While some participate in sports and academic clubs, there is a significantly large number of stellar scholars who are actively involved in music programs, whether those programs be band, choir, orchestra, or private lessons. The positive effects of music education on academic performance are present, even at local levels

  • Impact Of Technology On Academic Performance

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    CHAPTER ONE THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Introduction The classroom setting in the old times consisted of teachers writing down their lessons on the board while the students copy them in their notebooks. While this method is still practiced today, most schools now use technology in learning. New methods of teachings are being introduced and applied in various schools in the country. One of the improvements is the use of Powerpoint presentations for visual aids instead of the traditional style of writing

  • Improving Academic Performance : Students Athletes

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    Improve Academic Performance In order to implement strategies to help student-athletes maintain academic success throughout an academic school year, I think it is important to understand how student-athletes view academics. Therefore, the following literature review will highlight student viewpoints on academics. Researchers Joshua Levin, Sara Etchison, and Daniel Oppenheimer, conducted a study to test whether student-athletes accurately perceive how much their teammates value academics (Levine

  • Graduation Speech On Students ' Academic Performance

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    Introduction Although many peoples’ most significant memories of college are those outside of the classroom, a degree is not conferred based upon such things. Rather, students’ academic performance is what determines whether students earn a degree or certificate. Academic issues were a point of concern at many institutions as incoming students often struggled with basic skills. Furthermore, international students who needed remedial English were less likely to persist (Mamiseishvili, 2012). There

  • Academic Performance

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    devastating student‟s academic performance. Family is the primary socializing agent which moulds the child in society. Therefore, the study was conducted to know the effects of family structure on academic performance of the students at elementary level in district Karak. The main Journal of Sociological Research ISSN 1948-5468 2012, Vol. 3, No.2 235 objectives of the study were: (a) to explore the effects of family structure on the academic performance of the students at elementary

  • Poor Academic Performance

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    POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE  IN SCHOOL Guidelines for Parents and Teachers The initial step in intervention for children not doing well in school is to determine the cause. The school psychologist may be the best source of information, and the either the school or the parents can request an evaluation to determine the causes of a child’s learning problems. The  following general causes and suggested interventions are based on the gross distinctions suggested by Rabinovitch:  1. deficits in specific

  • The Research On Academic Performance

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    this paper were: uncertainty about academic performance is negatively related to the overall metacognitive awareness inventory (MAI) score and that the MAI factor Knowledge about cognition is more highly related to uncertainty about academic performance when compared to the MAI factor Regulation of cognition. Students in a first year undergraduate psychology class filled out surveys to determine their MAI scores and rated their uncertainty of academic performance on a scale from 0-100. The results

  • Academic Performance And Its Factors

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    Academic Performance and It’s Factors There are many ways in which external factors like the people around someone and the environment they live in can affect their academic performances. That person can also affect their own academic performance through internal factors like their mindset and need for a positive self image. The term “mindset” that Carol S. Dweck used in her book “Mindset” refers to how an individual views a situation and how they handle that situation as well. Students’

  • Academic Performance Report

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    Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR). According to the school’s Texas Academic Performance Report, AA students make up approximately 57% of the student population at Mitchell Boulevard. This data signifies that more than half of the students in this school are in need of quality instruction and intervention programs to foster their academic and social needs. As the principal of Mitchell Boulevard, I would focus on the following goals to achieve optimal student performance on the STAAR test

  • The Importance Of Student Performance And Academic Performance

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    Does a student’s living arrangement affect his or her success or engagement in academics? Is there a correlation between living arrangement and a grade point average? The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) found that commuter students overall earned higher grade point averages than residential students did. However, students of both living environments benefited from participating in high levels of academic challenge. This study is contrary to the perception that commuters as a group achieve