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  • Acid and Base

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    Experiment 4: ACIDS AND BASES: PH Measurements and Macroscale Titration CHM023L – A12 Group no. 6 Members: | Contributions: | | Conclusion | | Recommendation | | Tables and figures with analysis | | Principles, Equation | | Abstract, tables | Date Performed: February 28, 2012 - Tuesday Date Submitted: March 6, 2012 - Tuesday Submitted to: ------------------------------------------------- ABSTRACT: This experiment introduces us the pH measurement and application of macroscale titration

  • Acid Rain : What Is Acid Rain?

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    What Is Acid Rain? In common parlance, acid rain is just what the words man – rainfall that is acidic in nature. However, in scientific terms it has a winder connotation. So, what is acid rain? Any way by which acid falls out of the atmosphere is considered to be acid rain. It can be dry or wet. Acidic gases or particles are referred to as dry deposition, whereas acid rain, snow and fog constitute the wet deposition. Be it particles, snow or gases, they can be termed as acidic if only they have

  • 1. Definition of Acid and Bases: 1.1 Arrhenius definition of acid and base: Arrhenius Acid: The

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    1. Definition of Acid and Bases: 1.1 Arrhenius definition of acid and base: Arrhenius Acid: The substance or a compound which gives H+ ions in aqueous solution Arrhenius base: Base is a substance or compound that produces OH- ions in aqueous solutions. Chemists have known for some time that the H+ ion doesn’t exist in aqueous solutions as an independent species. The modernized Arrhenius definition of acid is that they are substances that produce H3O+ ions in aqueous

  • Malic Acid Vs Inorganic Acid

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    an organic acid. An inorganic acid or mineral acid is an acid derived from one or more inorganic compounds. The reason that organic acids are weaker than mineral acids is that organic acids do not separate completely in water, whereas strong mineral acids do separate completely in water. Organic acids do not react with metals. Harsh mineral acids on the other hand react forcefully with metals. Inorganic acids are derived from inorganic compounds and mineral sources, while organic acids have a biological

  • Notes On Acids And Bases

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    Topic: Acids and Bases. Introduction Acids are chemical agents that, when mixed with water, release hydrogen ions. Acids have a pH of under 7 on the pH scale.(Williams, 2016) An acid produces a sour taste, like Vinegar, and gives off a strong smell, that burns the human nose. Acids are often very sticky, and react strongly with metals, and create a chemical reaction to form H2. (Guch, 2003) A Base is the complete opposite of an Acid, and describes a substance that is above 7 on the pH scale.

  • Essay on Acid in Soda

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    Experiment 5 The Quantitative Determination of an Acid in Carbonated Beverages Thomas Canfield Kelly Caddell Chemistry 144B T.A. Brock Marvin 15 October 2012 Methods: Two sodas containing citric acid were investigated in this experiment. Each soda was titrated using one of the two experimental methods. These methods are the traditional titration and the modern titration. Carbonic acid was already removed from the soda by boiling it. Both of the two different titration methods

  • Acid Rain

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    soft-water aquatic environments, that are exposed to acid precipitation (Neville & Campell, 1988). This acidification of the surface water is caused by acid rain. Acid rain or otherwise known as acid deposition is a term that includes any form of precipitation with acidic components, such as sulfuric or nitric acid that comes down from the atmosphere in wet or dry forms. These forms include rain, snow, fog, hail or even dust that can be acidic. Acid rain is caused by when sulfur dioxide (SO2) and

  • Acid Rain

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    Introduction: Acid Rain, or more specifically, acid precipitation, is an environmental phenomena. It is composed of sulfuric acid and nitric acid, in addition to water, which come to be due to the interactions between the water and atmospheric pollutants, such as sulfur oxide and nitric oxide. This combination of strong acids in water is known to be detrimental to the environment, infrastructure, and the health of people. Due to the water cycle, other water bodies, such as lakes and streams, are

  • Folic Acid Biology Internal And Acid

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    Folic Acid Biology Internal Folate acid is a B vitamin that is essential to humans and can be found in a large variety of foods including leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, wholemeal bread, yeast, and liver. Pteroylmonoglutamic acid or commonly known as folic acid is the man made version of folate. Folic acid is used in dietary supplements as it is easier to absorb into the body and is stable, compared to the naturally produced folate. Unlike natural folate, which is instantly absorbed by the mucosa

  • Acid Rain : The Discovery Of Acid Rain

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    Beginning with this phenomenons name, acid rain, it has always had an distinguishable pull of attraction towards me. Commencing from the first time I heard about it in the years of my elementary, I have always had a keen interest in this oddly named rain. One would think any type of rain is beneficial to all natural living forms, but with my discovery of acid rain it seems not. Along with my envisionment of what acid rain is, it has always been a grey area in my mind and thoughts. Is the rain green