Acoustic emission

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  • Acoustic Emission Monitoring Of Propulsion Systems

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    [1] M. S. Nashed, “Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Propulsion Systems: A Laboratory Study of a Small Gas Turbine”, Doctoral Thesis, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, 2010. [2] R. K. Mobley, “An Introduction to Predictive Maintenance”, Elsevier Science, United States, 2nd Edition, 2002. [3] M. P. Appleby, “Wear Debris Detection and Oil Analysis Using Ultrasonic and Capacitance Measurements”, Master Thesis, Graduate Faculty

  • Noise characterisation is a critical research area for varied domains and applications. The domains

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    research area for varied domains and applications. The domains include marine, aviation, transport, civil engineering etc. The applications could include numerous military and non military applications like fatigue failures in material, human comfort, acoustics stealth, marine mammal habitat assessment, condition based monitoring of machineries etc. In many engineering situations, machines are mounted on flexible structures such as the ships deck, aircraft fuselage, car or train chasis, building floors

  • Open Plan Office Spaces Are Rapidly Gaining Popularity

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    absorption panels. This should be implemented by the architect during design (Passero & Zannin 2012). A retro fit of sound absorption panels is possible, however inconvenient. Varjo et al. (2015) carried out extensive acoustic testing in a controlled open-plan office environment. Use of acoustic absorption panels and audio masking techniques demonstrated a reduction in irrelevant noise by up to 36dBA at the 2K position on the frequency spectrum – which is the range of human speech. Focusing on intensive

  • The Effects of Different Coloured Lighting and Ambience on Mood

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    Abstract This study was conducted to determine the combined effects of coloured lighting and ambient sound on mood. 48 psychology undergraduates, comprising of 38 females and ten males, took part in this study. This study is a 2x2 between subjects design. The coloured lightings used in this study are blue and yellow combined with the ambient sound of ‘city’ and ‘nature’ whereas mood was measured with the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS). We discovered that coloured lighting had no significant

  • The Basic Properties of Sound Essay

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    First of all, a sound source radiates power and this results in a sound pressure, where the sound power is the ‘cause’ and sound pressure is the ‘effect’. But still, we always have to keep in mind that sound cannot travel through vacuum, simply, because sound propagates as a wave, which creates ‘compressions’ and ‘rarefactions’, as it interacts with the particles of the medium. If there is no medium, then there are no particles and of course, there is no interaction wave-particles interaction and

  • Ears Have Walls by Steven Connor Essay

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    odour. Unlike music, Sound Art usually does not require silence for its proper presentation. Containers of silence called music rooms resonate with the aesthetics and affects on the body of a gallery space; white walls, floorboards to create optimum acoustics, and an ethereal sense of time and space. When presented in a gallery space, sound art’s

  • Four Dimensionssions Of Film Sound In The 1960's Film Psycho

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    Answer 1: There are four dimensions of film sound that can be found in this clip from the 1960’s film Psycho, these are rhythm, fidelity, space, and time. When directing this scene Alfred Hitchcock had to make a lot of decisions regarding sound in it. Each of these choices has different implications and will affect the audience differently. Let's start with fidelity, I believe Hitchcock purposely implemented a lot of fidelity in this scene. I think he used common and familiar environmental sounds

  • Essay On Music And Music

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    Traditional, culture, and identity- how can music affect human life? I chose this topic because music is a history, a culture and everything. Music is a very important role in our daily life. Maybe most of the people wouldn’t know it or feel it but without music everything would have changed. Music have been a big part of our lives, most of the culture has music. So can music change the world or the world will change music? Not all music are good to the society I am not saying that all music are

  • Advantages Of White Noise Machine

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    Best White Noise Machine: Buyer’s Guide Noise is something that most people would not associate with a good night’s sleep. First of all, we sleep to experience a state of peaceful tranquility that differs greatly from the chaos of our waking day. No one goes to bed thinking, “I wish I could still hear my boss shouting at me or I wish my partner could snore louder.” However, there is the kind of noise that can block of all the ugly noises that we hear on our head. The sound of the crashing waves

  • Ultrasound Technology Essay

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    The probe also has an acoustic lens this helps to focus the emitted sound waves. The transducer probe can come in many different shapes and sizes. The field of view depends on the shape of the probe. Also the frequency of the waves emitted determines how deep the sound waves