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  • What Is Cirque Du Soleil?

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    Cirque du Soleil is known for gravity-defying, seemingly impossible stunts. When watching the incredible acrobatic performances, the audience usually forgets that the performers risk their lives almost every show. A show apart of Cirque du Soleil is Kà, it goes down as the most expensive theatrical showing ever created. With a budget of $165 million, it has some of the most incredible technical elements one will ever see. Along with these elements come danger. The show has seen a number of accidents

  • Dance Reflection Paper

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    On December 8th, 2017 I viewed the Martial Artists and Acrobats of Tianjin at the Walton Arts Center. I enjoyed several different aspects of the performance. The choreography and the costumes conveyed different ideas to the audience. Sometimes the choreography was slow and sad, other times it was upbeat and happy. This variety provided a gratifying experience to those in the house. Throughout the show, you could recognize a distinctive theme relating back to the title. The dances depicted hobbies

  • Research Paper On Espresso's Circus

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    Meta: Throwing all things bright and bubbly to one side, Pogo’s Circus is a game from Espresso that embraces the horror. Featuring nothing short of a living nightmare, will you survive long enough to scoop the jackpot? Pogo’s Circus Review When it comes to entertainment, there is nothing that quite rivals that of the circus. From the animals to the daredevil performers, there is no denying that the circus has it all and then some. Speaking of the circus, that’s what proves to be the inspiration

  • Hunger In The Hunger Game

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    Katniss, it reminds me that I was an acrobatic school in my 13 years old. Everyone attending the school had extraordinarily strict dietary restriction. Chocolates, chips, breads, cookies are snacks that were prohibited. Rice and noodle were limited to only a small amount for eating, because they are high carb and high starch food. We were only allowed low calorie food to maintain our physiques even though we were extremely active and were required to practice acrobatics on a regular basis. We didn’t eat

  • Great Performances Of Media Do Not Always Have On Involve Theatrical Acrobatics

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    Great performances in media do not always have to involve theatrical acrobatics. An actor’s range or displays of genuine, emotional depth are necessary to build a character that is alive and multi-faceted. But, an actor’s ability to encapsulate a narrative within one’s own character is what is truly a display of an artist. Poetry has a phrase to describe the use of as few words as possible to encompass vast terrain of depth called the economy of language. Actors may not know it, but they operate

  • The Civilians Of Ancient Greece

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    had to deal with huge ocean storms. These storms could destroy a new society with no notice. (Acrobatic, 2014) There were good things about being a seafaring civilization. As the Ancient Greeks migrated to the coast of the Mediterranean, and Black Seas, they were able to put all of their energy into maritime trade, eventually making them dominant of the busiest waterway in the ancient world. (Acrobatic, 2014) Persian people, or “people of Arya”, settled south of Iran in the plains of Pars. These

  • Trampolines

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    classic images of backyard entertainment come to mind. Kids find ways to invent countless different games to play with their friends. The numerous front flips, handstands, and acrobatics are great ways for potential divers and gymnasts to get their start. On the other hand, trampolines have been a source of controversy. Acrobatics can lead to many heinous injuries. The lack of a net will have kids flying off of the sides and breaking bones. The exposed frames have gaps where kids can fall through and

  • Jackie Chan Research Paper

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    has been studying kung fu, acrobatics, and singing his whole life.He has been in a lot of musical films in his lifetime. Jackie Chan has been in more than one hundred films. He began studying martial arts, acrobatics, and singing at the age of seven. His parents moved to Australia to find new jobs, Jackie Chan was left behind to study at the Chinese Opera Research institute, a Hong Kong boarding school. For the next ten years he studied martial arts, drama, acrobatics, and singing. He appeared in

  • Analysis Of Greg Louganis Awareness For Diving

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    Greg Louganis created awareness for diving. Diving is an olympic acrobatic sport performed on 2 grounds, a springboard and a platform “Springboard diving is done from a flexible plank made of aluminum or steel and measuring 16 ft (4.9 m) long by 20 in. (51 cm) wide. It extends horizontally over the water at a height of 1 m (about 3 ft 3 in.) or 3 m (about 9 ft 10 in.). The flexibility of the board allows the diver to jump high into the air to execute various maneuvers before entering the water. Platform

  • The Cause And Causes Of The American Revolution

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    The American Revolution started due to a defiance against Britain. The 13 colonies located in America were getting heavily taxed due to Britain demanding money after the French and Indian War. The British wanted the colonies to pay for their downfall due to the British thoughts that the war was fought for their defense of the colonies. Another cause of the revolution the Tax Act of 1773, and the Stamp Act. This caused the frustration of the 13 colony states as they were constantly being taxed. The