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  • A Career : The Career Of Acting As A Career

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    script in a way that entertains or informs the audience (“Summary”). I chose acting as my career because as a kid I always thought acting was interesting and enjoyable. I tend to be a very verbose person at times so it is the perfect career for me. It is important, however, to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making this decision. The job is like a gypsy. You don’t stay in one place

  • Career Of Acting Research Paper

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    Guide Through the Career of Acting “There are 69,400 acting jobs available in the United States”(Summary). In this paper the selected career is acting. This paper gives an overview of acting. Certain requirements are necessary to become an actor. To unlock the secrets behind acting, a potential education, internship, additional training, and places of employment are all factors to consider when choosing this career. As provided below, this paragraph represents details about acting. “As an actor memorization

  • How To Pursue A Career In The Acting Industry

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    Katrina Kaif, renown actress. Throughout centuries, the career of making plays and movies has influenced many aspects in today’s society. The art of the acting industry has progressed dramatically over time, especially with the involvement of women. However, a process was made to get to the point of where actresses are today. If women did not break through oppression and inequality barriers, the acting industry would not be where it is today. Acting has been around for many

  • Pursuing A Successful Acting Career

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    know the proper skills to become better actors (25 Skills). If actors know the skills they will usually become better actors. To be successful actors actors must learn the skills needed for acting the skills acting demands they learn, and the skills, acting teaches them so they can have a successful acting career. First of all Some skills are very useful, but are not mandatory like learning to working under pressure. “You need to be willing to try new ideas and accept new challenges” (25 skills). A

  • Acting Career Research Paper

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    people that would ask what I was going to go to college for, what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. They saw I was working hard and figured I must be smart, that I must be "practical". Their faces would fall the minute I said I wanted to go into acting. A lot of times I would get laughter, other times I would get a lecture on how the real world works, in one instance when the man left his tip it was followed by "use that to pay for a real degree." It got to the point where I wouldn't tell people

  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Acting

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    For as long as I could remember, I have always had an interest in acting and performing. However, growing up I was constantly overcome with anxiety that I would hold myself back from ever participating in school performances and enrolling in acting workshops. To make up for those missed opportunities, I began teaching myself by imitating scenes when I am alone, picking up on the rules and techniques by observing actors on screen, and watching behind-the-scenes videos so that when I grew older, I

  • Personal Narrative: My Acting Career

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    My life connected in many ways, there was a lot of hints at what career I would be doing in the future, all the way up to the end of my shows. Everything started when I was 15 and continued throughout my life, even when I was told that I wouldn’t make it anywhere. When I was 15 years old, I had gone to New York to study acting at John Murray Anderson/Robert Milton School of Theater and Dance. While I was there I had been told that I had no talent, which was ironic because of how I ended up living

  • Gender Differences Between Work And Life

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    differences in answers. On another note the article by Stewart Friedman, Work + home + community + self, the main focus is on three key principles to focus on to be better at integration between work and life. Each article’s content can be a guide in career planning and to help with one’s professional development. The article Manage your work, manage your life discusses the popular topic of work and life balance. Interviews were conducted and researched with over 4,000 executives worldwide and 82 executives

  • Peter Singer's How To Find Fulfilling Career

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    work. In the past, people did not attach great importance to find a fulfilling career, because they were busy earning money to support their families. In their mind, they worked only because they had to. People did not pay much attention to the meaning of their careers. In chapter 2 “A Short History of Career Confusion“ is from How to Find Fulfilling Work by Roman Krznaric, the author argues that finding the meaningful career is challenging because people have too much choice now. Some people are stuck

  • Use Of Savickas ' Career Construction Theory

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    The following case study will use Savickas ' Career Construction Theory. After finding himself unemployed after 27 years experience working in a local coal mine, the client has decided to go to school for some retraining; however, he does not know where to start. A brief history of the client 's case will be provided, along with an explanation of Savickas ' theory and some reasons why the theory has been chosen for the case. Finally, two interventions will be suggested followed by a description