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  • Architectures for Scalable Quantum Computation Essay

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    1. Introduction A classical computer represents an implementation of a (sub-) Turing machine that is limited by the laws of classical physics. As such, certain computational problems are either extremely difficult to solve or are intractable (w.r.t. resources). In order to tackle these problems, a super-Turing computational model has been devised and named as the quantum computer [1]. Quantum computation is based on the laws of quantum mechanics and can outperform classical computation in terms

  • Disadvantages Of FFT Implementation

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    We use a digital complex multiplier to carry out multiplication with the generated twiddle factors. The complex adders then perform addition or substation of opposite arms. As the arm A has no latency as compared to latency created by twiddle factor multiplier on arm B so a delay block is needed on the block A so that the outputs on both the arms appear simultaneously

  • FPGA Essay

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    blocking or non blocking. In this paper, blocking MIN- Omega network is used. Consider implementing the following computation : y= c*d; x =a+b; w= x+x and z=x*y; The x and y are first computed and the results are placed in the Functional unit FU0 (adder) and FU1(multiplier). The x is routed two times to produce w and one time for z. The connection to 0->0 and 0->1 are requested and done dynamically and each configuration provides different routing connections. Mapping Module scheduling is generally

  • Paradise Lost Book 9 Analysis

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    In the epic poem Paradise Lost, Book 9, Milton poetically tells the story of the fall in the Garden of Eden. In a critical analysis of the Christian epic poem we see the rhetoric of the serpent as he tempts Eve and the use of alliteration, metaphor, and repetition of phrases such as “good and evil” to show the deceptive nature of the serpent. We also see Milton’s Christian and mythological references as he describes the fall. Milton describes how the serpent tempts Eve to seek a separate, self-sustaining

  • E-Commerce Is Bad for People and the Economy

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    Have you wasted your money in online shopping? Online shopping, or e-commerce, is buying or selling goods and services on the internet. Electronic commerce is a complex process and it doesn’t provide jobs, quality of products and communication. Electronic commerce is bad for people and the economy. Buying from internet is complex process, because you need experience or knowledge on shopping online. It also need to know what are the security websites that you can shop from them. It is not

  • CMOS Technology Lab Analysis

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    simulation. The op-amp uses a 1.8v Vdd and a 1.8v Vss and consumes power of around 0.9mw. The analog output of each comparator is encoded using cascading full adder designed by transistor logic that makes the circuit more faster. This paper introduces a low power op-amp modified from the traditional one and an encoder employing cascaded full adders with pass

  • Digital Filters And The Digital Filter

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    multiplier, adder and delay element. The function of the digital filter is to carry out the operation of the digital code of the input discrete signal in order to achieve the purpose of changing the spectrum of the signal. Digital filter has a lot of practical forms, can be roughly divided into two kinds of type: finite impulse response (FIR) and infinite impulse response (IIR). It can be used in both hardware and software platform. In the hardware implementation method, it is composed of an adder, a multiplier

  • Analysis Of Coal By Audre Lorde 's Poem, Coal

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    Marlee Sue Bradley Dr. Jaime Cantrell ENG 307 29 September 2016 “My Words are Powerful”: Deconstructive Analysis of Coal Audre Lorde’s poem, Coal, explores the idea of repression and the freedom of speech. On first reading of the text, the poem seems to be built around an idea of anger towards repressing one’s individual thoughts and not voicing personal opinion. However, through a deconstructive reading, there are inconsistencies within the text’s language that question whether the speaker

  • Multiplication Of Urdhva Tiryabhyam Sutra

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    Urdhva Tiryakbhyam Sutra is a general multiplication formula applicable to all cases of multiplication. It literally means “Vertically and crosswise”. It is based on a novel concept through which the generation of all partial products can be done with the concurrent addition of these partial products. Power dissipation which results in higher device operating temperatures. Therefore it is time, space and power efficient. It is demonstrated that this architecture is quite efficient in terms of silicon

  • An Efficient Distributed Arithmetic Architecture For Discrete Wavelet Transform

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    An Efficient Distributed Arithmetic Architecture for Discrete Wavelet Transform in JPEG2000 encoder R.Karthik1, K.Jaikumar2 1, 2 Asst. Professor, Department of ECE, P. A. College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi. 1 2 Abstract -- The JPEG 2000 image compression standard is designed for a broad range of data compression applications. The Discrete Wavelet Transformation (DWT) is central to the signal analysis and is important in JPEG 2000 and