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  • Wearable Medical Devices Using Delta Sigma Processing Circuits

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    3.3 Research Objective 3: Wearable Medical Devices using Delta-Sigma Processing Circuits The goal of this research objective is to apply the proposed Delta-Sigma DSP circuits to wearable medical sensors, more specifically to an EEG signal processor. Examples of questions that we wish to address are: How much power can be saved by using Delta-Sigma circuits instead of conventional DSP circuits? What is the trade-off between processing accuracy and power consumption? How can an efficient interface

  • John Adams Speech Analysis

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    John Adams is portrayed in the John Adams miniseries as a man with a strong moral compass, someone who prioritizes rights and trusts national institutions to enforce them. Although overshadowed by the more passionate revolutionaries, such as Thomas Jefferson with “his aura and his glamour,” he is driven by a sense of moral duty and acts as a stable backbone to the revolutionary cause.1 This obligation to the institutions that defend human rights shapes the tone of his closing remarks in John Adams

  • The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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    Beginning in 1245 in France and peaking in the late 1670s, witch trials become one method by which to subdue and control social deviance--beggars, drunkards, outspoken women, and even the mad. Control was placed in the hands of the church, which began to wane the Enlightenment took hold. Yet, twenty years after the “zenith” of these trials, in 1692, witch trials found new life within a small Puritan community of Salem, Massachusetts (Cockerham 2014: 10-11). Scholars have returned again and again

  • The Wild, And Its Effects

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    Inbreeding in the wild, and its effects, has been a largely contested subject over time. Not only has the occurrence of inbreeding depression in nature been questioned, but also the strength of it, that if it did occur if it was even worth noting. This has recently been explored within the literature both through field experiments as well as laboratory observations and model constructions. Not only has it been confirmed to occur in nature, but it has also been deemed of greater strength than previously

  • Comparing the Portrayals of the Villains from Tell-Tale Heart and The Speckled Band

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    Comparing the Portrayals of the Villains from Tell-Tale Heart and The Speckled Band The two villains in “Tell-Tail Heart” and “The Speckled Band” both have similarities and differences in their portrayals of murder, conveyed in the stories. They have disparities between motives and methods of murder, although there is a resemblance in the masterminds of murder. The villain in “The Speckled Band”, Dr. Grimsby Roylott was married to Mrs. Stoner in India who is prosperous

  • The Effects Of Racial Otherness In Gothic Literature

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    In Chinese, all the foreign countries can be called as “Wai Guo” (outside countries); because in Chinese people’s minds, there are only two parts in the world: China, and places which not belong to China. In fact, this kind of racial otherness exists all around the world: people just think only their race is orthodox, and all the others are evil as well as uncultivated. Then, how racial otherness is interpreted in gothic works? By comparing and analyzing several gothic works, this paper will explore

  • Application Of Low Power Integrated Intelligent Sensors

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    The design challenges of the aforementioned intelligent sensors originate from their high-density circuits, especially DSP circuits performing multiply-and-accumulate (MAC), i.e., adders and coefficient multipliers (DSP algorithms usually involve many MAC operations), which require a large circuit area and high power consumption. This is one of the most critical problems in integrated intelligent sensor design. For example, in [34]

  • Low-Voltage Current-Tmode Realization of Digital Logic Gates Using CMOS

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    Current-Mode Realization of Digital Logic Gates using CMOS In this paper a new technique is introduced for implementing the basic logic function by using analog current-mode techniques. By expanding the logic function in power series expression, and using adder and sub-tractor realization of the basic logic function is simplified. To illustrate the proposed technique, a CMOS circuit for simultaneous realization of the logic function NOT, AND, OR, NAND and XOR is considered. PSPICE simulation results, obtained

  • Act 3 scene 2 of A Midsummer Night's Dream

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    Act 3 scene 2 of A Midsummer Night's Dream 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' is a comedy written by Shakespeare in the Elizabethan times, still performed in the present day. At Act 3 scene 2 we are probably at the height of confusion in the play. Each of the four lovers loves someone who does not love them. Demetrius loves Hermia, Hermia loves Lysander, Lysander loves Helena and Helena loves Demetrius. All this chaos is down to Puck, a mischievous fairy whose job is to stir

  • Purpose of the Different Foils in Shakespeare's Hamlet Essay

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    In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses foils to enhance the characters namely to enhance Hamlet. A foil is a minor character who with their similarities and differences reveals character traits, that of another character opposite to them. The character may also be put in place by the author to give the main character a person to talk to, through this conversation useful information can be received about either the main character or the plot in general. This can be shown through Rosencrantz and Guildenstern