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  • Descriptive Adjectives And Dialogue In The Pigman By Paul Zindel

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    good dialogue is art as well as craft.” Descriptive adjectives really help the readers see what it’s like to be in the story and imagine what the characters look like and feel like at that moment. Dialogue helps the reader see the story from their point of view and shows us what they think of something else. In the story The Pigman by Paul Zindel, the author uses descriptive adjectives and dialogue to develop the story. Without descriptive adjectives, the reader won’t be able to see or imagine how

  • Adjectives

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    Title: Adjectives; describing our classmate Author: Pattie Trebus Level: Upper beginning; elementary school Purpose of the activity: The learner will understand what an adjective is and how to use adjectives in descriptions. Type of activity:  Whole class discussion; individual work  Learners will sit and face front to see teacher and board  Classroom setting Objective: The learner will understand what an adjective is and how to use adjectives in order to describe themselves

  • English Lesson Plan

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    Teaching Adjectives to Grade VI pupils (through poem) A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH FOR GRADE VI PUPILS (FOR 4th GRADING PERIOD) By: ESMAELA DIANN B. MASCARDO I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the discussion, pupils will be able to:  Build vocabulary through pictures presented.  Practice proper way of reciting a poem.  Interpret meaning of a poem through pictures.  Identify adjectives used in the poem.  Use adjectives in describing their hometown. II. SUBJECT MATTER: Pointing out adjectives in

  • Reflection Essay

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    with the functions and activities of living organisms and their parts, including all physical and chemical processes. Ex: Doctors are very familiar with a human’s physiology. Therapeutic (adjective)- relating to the healing of disease. Ex: Many people use therapeutic herbs to combat sickness. Commensal (adjective)- relating to a class of relationships between two organisms where one organism benefits from the other without

  • have been observed during the analysis, and since many of these above mentioned overlap (e.g.

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    have been observed during the analysis, and since many of these above mentioned overlap (e.g. Notable lists embrace also Charisma words etc.) an analytical division of lexical items has been created, inspired on different references, too. The following examples will provide an insight into the occurrence of punch words in cosmetics advertisements: “Did you hear the news? New, lower prices on Pro-X, Olay’s most effective, anti-aging regimen. Check stores today and share this with your friends.” (Picture

  • Lesson 1: How Politically Correct Are You?

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    How Politically Correct are You? Lesson 1: Getting Touchy Noun-Count nouns for abstract ideas; adjectives, verbs and gerunds Grammar Reminder: Concrete versus Abstract Nouns Concrete nouns are perceivable by the senses and name something you can ______, _____, ________, _______ or ________touch. These include people, animals, places and objects. For Example: People: _doctors,___________________________. Places: _______________________________________. Animals: ______________________________________

  • Summary Of Monica Ferrell

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    Monica Ferrell’s, “Of the Irresoubleness of Diamonds," “Harmless, As Recalled by a Fairy Tale," “Gerburt des Monicakinds," and “Beautiful Funeral” each employ four different grammatical issues such as attributive adjectives, finite-verb strings, non-finite verb strings, active voice and the known-new contract throughout her poems. By incorporating these grammatical issues into her work, Ferrell intends to develop a clear and sharp image to ignite the imagination of her readers. The

  • Mystery In Coraline By Neil Gaiman

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    and very slow” by making us want to know what this smell. Also mystery is created in this passage with the adjective “cold” this links to mystery as in most ghost films and books, whenever a ghost (or an undead creature is present) it always get’s a little bit colder. This is mysterious as this makes us think if this scent is coming from the dead. Another interpretation is from the adjective “musty” this word means old or antique, and it is unusual as we

  • Analysis of a Help the Aged Letter Essay

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    Analysis of a Help the Aged Letter In this essay I intend to thoroughly analyse all aspects of the first page of the letter. I am going to work my way through the letter, firstly commenting on the graphology, and then language, although in some places these will obviously overlap. In the top right hand corner, we see the logo. It shows a sun setting and is a bright image. It is eye catching and uses connotations to represent happiness, and the sun itself represents

  • Theme Of Women In The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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    began to beat with immoderate desire.” The premodifier ‘magnificent’ suggests that the necklace is of great value and it’s high class suits Madame Loisel’s nature. It also shows that Madame Loisel is only interested with high-classed jewels. The adjective ‘immoderate’ suggests that Madame Loisel is going beyond reasonable limits and that the reader can easily determine that Madame Loisel is interested in extravagant, fancy, high-classed items. It also suggests that the long waiting to touch