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  • Metropolitan Community Theatre : The Comedy / Thriller / Musical Sweeney Todd

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    Midland Community Theatre presented the comedy/thriller/musical Sweeney Todd September 2 – 24, 2016, shown in Mabee Theatre II. This production was scripted by Hugh Wheeler and was co-produced by CONCHO and directed by Tim Jebsen. The production was filled with cruel humor and was seamlessly brought to life by the actors’ flawless performances. The plot of Sweeney Todd, follows the life of a barber after he has been kicked out of his country and sent to jail. He has escaped prison and gone back to

  • Pirelli Company Report

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    1. Introduction. The main purpose of this business report is to illustrate the current condition of Pirelli Company. This report contains parts namely introduction, general description of the company with its history, profile in the market, current value and future plans, SWOT analysis on the global market where strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are provided, market analysis on the home market and companies performance in the last five years where the company is analyzed by porter’s

  • Current Profitability Of Pirelli & Co

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    evaluation of the current profitability, liquidity and financial stability of Pirelli & C and it main competitors Michelin and Bridgestone. Methods of analysis include horizontal and vertical analyses as well as different types of ratios. All observations can be found in the appendixes. Analysis of the consolidated statement and research in Internet show as that activity, solvency, and profitability ratios of Pirelli are slightly below competitor’s averages. Despite this the company is profitable

  • Case Study Of Kal Tire

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    Part 1: About Us i. About Kal Tire Store Kal Tire is a tire production company that was established in 1953 by Thomas J. Foord and Jim Lochhead. Its headquarters are located in Vernon, British Columbia and it was named after a prominent lake in the region– the Kalamalka Lake. It has grown over time and now boasts of 165 branches in several regions. They have a wide market reaching many parts of the world including Ghana and Argentina. The products offered by Kal tire include tires and wheels for

  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    The day was beautiful and warm, and nothing seemed wrong, except that I was running late to school, leaving me no choice but to push gas pedal a bit stronger. That’s when I look behind me and see a car patrol flashing its lights behind me. My mind told me to keep going, but the end, I bailed out and decided to pull my nice Mercedes Benz to the side. The worst was yet to come as the cop opened his door and made his way towards me. I turned my head around quickly to see that the cop had already walked

  • How I Went from Aching Loneliness to Blissful Solitude

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    It was an aching solitude. I sat in silence, ensnared within my chaotic mind while everyone’s elated voices stretched across the classroom like a contagious disease but my immunity was too study to catch a speck of it. I was never a big fan of change, especially ones that strike you without any warning. The transition from elementary to junior high wasn’t the challenging part for me, it was the fact that I felt alone. It never occurred to me that everything was temporary, even friendships.

  • Reflected Best Self

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    Reflected Best Self Common Theme Examples Given Possible Interpretation Hard Working I am restless until I complete my pending task. I used to complete all my assignments projects within deadlines during engineering. I also adhere to my study/work schedule. I am ready to stretch to the limits of my capabilities for completing the job. I usually want to complete all my assignments before time. I am not a person who works well with deadlines. I am really focussed and like to plan my thing. I don't

  • Personal Narrative-Tale House

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    As our family watches the T.V. screen we sit hoping that our ticket may be the ticket, but we well know that the chance of us winning this lottery is like a one in a million chances. Our small one story house lies on the west side of my school in Opal Street California. We have a three bedroom, two bath house. Our house is pretty small, but I still love it since this is the house I grew up in. Even though I am not one of the popular kids in school, and don’t have all the new high fashioned things;

  • Persuasive Essay

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    I've gotten into trouble before, there's no arguing that. I can name many times I've gotten myself into scenarios that got me into trouble. Some on purpose, some accidental. Lots of the time, for fun. My friends and I have gotten ourselves into many things, no one usually gets hurt, well except for the time we skied under the ropes at Crested Butte and my friends and I hit a cliff and I ended up having to get brought down on a stretcher from the ski patrol, definitely got hurt then, but it all ends

  • Descriptive Essay About Valentine

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    It was Valentine’s Day at my school. It was so much fun even though I just broke up with my boyfriend. We were still friends I guess, but he kept acting weird. He always said it was my friends fault for our brake up but it wasn’t. Today I just wanted to have fun with my friends. We had no homework and I got to have a bunch of enjoyable moments with my friends, but I don’t know. Something felt off. It felt like there was someone watching us. Someone following our every move. I just left that idea