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  • The Article On Love, And Maybe Lose, A Foster Child By Maghan Moravcik Walbert

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    The article “To Love, and Maybe Lose, a Foster Child” by Maghan Moravcik Walbert relates to marriage and family because it is about a child in a foster care system and a family trying to get the child by going through court systems. Their biological son is very attached to the foster child and sees him as his own sibling. The family buys the foster child everything he needs for like his birthday, Christmas, and first day of school clothing. The foster child does not live with them but they would

  • Socialworktoday.Com Conducted A Study On Ways To Repair

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    correctly and are unable to deal with unexpected situations that arise then it could cause a problem that was miniscule to be turned into a huge problem that could have initially been avoided. Debbie B. Riley, the executive director of The Center for Adoption Support and Education Inc. (C.A.S.E), states that unresolved grief and loss that occurs in the foster care system is a primary concern that needs to be addressed (Hasencez). According to Riley, the grief experienced by a child in foster care that

  • Facilitating Developmental Attachment: The Road To Emotional

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    Children by Daniel A Hughes Facilitating Developmental Attachment by Daniel A Hughes is an in depth look at the work of Dr Hughes, a clinical psychologist who specialises in child abuse and neglect, attachment and works with children in foster care or adoption. Hughes discusses every facet of his practice including the theory and research surrounding attachment, the qualities and expectations required by each of the people involved in the therapeutic process as well as including four case studies. Hughes

  • Compare And Contrast The Book Thief And The Blind Side

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    JLZ Literacy Essay Due 5 April 2015 The movies which our group chose to study for the assignment, were, The Book Thief and The Blind Side. We thought that both films were similar in a sense that they both revolved around reading and writing literacies. We decided to watch these films because they were the two films which we had access to and which we had read good reviews about. Both the films show the main characters literacy journeys from being illiterate to literate. The Book Thief

  • Should Parents Leave For Unpaid Leave? Essay

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    First, it is important to emphasize why parental leave needs not only be available but why it also needs to be paid. An unpaid leave can be very expensive for most people. Providing only unpaid leave would defeat the purpose of having it in the first place because most would not even use it. In a survey by the Boston College Centre for Work and Family, they found that 86% of men would take paternity leave if it paid at least 70% of their wages. (Citation, n. pag.) On the other hand, women without

  • DNA Adoption

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    people are adopted each year. Many of these people are aware they are adopted, and desire to personally meet their birth family, like their birth parents or siblings. Many of these families file for adoption, but other parents may not be able to. Parents that are not able to file their child for adoption have the option to leave their children at a hospital or a church anonymously. If parents give up the child this way, the child would have no way to know or contact their birth parents or family later

  • The Orphan Train By Christina Baker Kline

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    Edmond Loga EN-102 Prof. Red-Waldeyer May 7th, 2015 “Orphan Train” “Orphan Train” is a gripping story of second chance and companionships from author Christina Baker Kline. A life of loneliness and hardships bring a distressed seventeen year old girl, Molly Ayer, looking for acceptance in the world she can’t seem to escape and a ninety-one year old woman, Vivian. With a secret past that they have both yet to discover, they have more in common than just organizing the attic. Molly is on probation

  • Pay Parental Leave : Is It A Necessity?

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    101 10/17/16 Paid Parental Leave: Is it a necessity? Are the 6-12 weeks of paid parental leave for both mothers and fathers as well as adoptive parents more beneficial or harmful? Most parents believe that paid parental leave for both the birth or adoption of a baby should be considered a right. However, many also argue that this paid time off should be seen as a privilege, and an unnecessary privilege at that. How crucial are those first 6-12 weeks for both new parents as well as the baby? There are

  • Relationship Between Vivian And Molly

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    In any genuine friendship there are the differences between the people that spark curiosity, yet, it is similarities that draw two together to form a tight bond. This is evident in the friendship that starts between Vivian and Molly. Vivian, from outward show, does not display the slightest similarity with Molly. It is not until one examines the often tragic back stories of both that striking parallels begin to be made clear. By the time all is uncovered, the likenesses shared between Vivian and

  • Brief Description Of Ernesto Rosado Essay

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    Brief description of client Ernesto Rosado is a 7 year old Peruvian-American male who is an only child. He is in second grade and was brought to counseling by his adoptive parents. He appears to be his stated age. He is approximately 4’ tall and weighs 55 lbs., and he appears to be in good health. He is a handsome, bright-eyed, young male with two front teeth missing. He lives with his adoptive parents (John and Grace), which includes the original adoptive father and his new wife from remarrying