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  • A Comparison of Three Advertisements Essay

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    recognises. Soft focus might imply romance, olden days and femininity. I will be analysing three adverts.

  • Representation Of Being White, Thin And Perfectly Formed

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    thing is beautiful and tokenism. The adverts that make the user flawless, less wrinkeld and beautiful offer an unrealistic representation. Adverts such as Lancome and Maybelline feauting Christy Turlington and Julia Roberts were deemed to be unacceptable as they didn 't offer realistic representation of how the users would look after using the product. The advertising standards authority said that they were deemed to be unacceptable, generally beauty adverts receive alot of complains. MP Jo Swinson

  • The Hare Advert

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    In 2013 the 2D animated advert ”The Bear and the Hare” was first shown as a teaser during Agatha Christie's Poirot, Wednesday the 6th of November before releasing it on Saturday the same week. The advert was directed by Elliot Dear and Yves Geleyn with the animations created by Aaron Blaise. Blaise who has been a Disney animator (The Lion King, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast) ( created in the advert had a similar look. The advert has been ranked as one of

  • Persuasive Adverts

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    thought she kinda liked me. I mean, she smiled at me, laughed at my jokes, chatted to me all the time. Maybe she was just being nice, after all women want a guy who is confident, good looking, stylish, the ones you see in movies or on aftershave adverts. Not poor, gawky-looking guys like me' He continues to go over the events of last night, trying to work out if she really liked him or whether she was just leading him on, then crushing him for her enjoyment. It wouldn't be the first time he had

  • Smokestack Adverts

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    In the 21st century, people are watching tons of advertising from TV, internet and magazine. All of the advertising have an own means what the creator want to send a message to people. Sometime from the same advertising, all people might think differently. Without explaining about the advertising from creator, there is no answer about the message. That is why the creator must make directly what they are wanted to say. Most of adverting is video from the TV. Into 3minutes video, the company shows

  • Lysol Adverts

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    Keeping a Clean Conscious – How a Lysol Advertisement Promotes Germophobia and the Growth of Disinfectant Resistant Bacteria A thirty second Canadian Lysol commercial that aired in 2010 opens to the sounds of happy xylophone tones and slow, calm guitar chords. It shows a white appearing, early-to-mid 20’s, able bodied and skinny woman. She has a black mid-level ponytail that stretches to her mid back and a modest lavender colored shirt with short, ruffled sleeves. The woman faces the viewers’

  • Diet Adverts

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    Those who watch any amount of television have probably noticed the numerous ads for diet programs that include diet mail-order food shipped directly to the home. Results advertised as not typical are plastered across the screen in print almost too small to read, and scantily clad people proudly exclaim they've achieved success with their diet plan of choice. One commercial in particular shows a less than perfect woman who doesn't appear to be extremely overweight walking through the grocery store

  • Gender representation in advert

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    representation of her gender. Representations of gender in the Joop advert, although fully of sexual imagery and subverting the stereotype of ‘pink is for girls’ still conforms to traditional stereotypical representations of masculinity and femininity. The male is still shown as the aggressor and in charge. He is now a man who is more confident in his masculinity and is more unshaven than the 1950s representation of men. This suggests that the advert is responding to one of Maslow’s needs theory : the need

  • Political Adverts

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    “An Analysis of the Political Advertising in the 2016 Presidential Primaries” by Colleen O’Donnell, examined the correlation between the political sponsor of advertisements (candidates, PACs, or Super PACs), and the type of political advertisement aired. Political advertisements are categorized into three different groups: positive, negative, and contrast ads. In the “Introduction” section of her paper, O’Donnell provided an argument for the pros and cons of each sponsor using the types of ads, largely

  • Vera Wang Advert

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    two platforms this advert is promoted across is TV and print image. The main representations across both platforms is: • High anarchy • Freedom • Fun The TV advert begins by depicting jewellery and a gold crown with gems. This gives connotations of wealth and luxury. Things you'd expect when you're in royalty, particularly a 'princess’. A typical princess would be portrayed as elegant, classy and stylish. A first thought would be a fairy tale typical princess but this advert shows a more modern