Aerith Gainsborough

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    Tifa and Aerith hadn 't thought they 'd seen the last of Don Corneo. Oh the brawler had hoped that she might not see the lecherous eyes gleam in that face ever again after the first time, and again after the second, but as soon as they 'd realized they were going to be sneaking into the place again she knew it was a possibility that she might end up coming face to face with him once more. She just hadn 't expected to be doing so like this. They were alone in the room, and any one of them could

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    the history he wants to tell, and how much he wants to portray in his works . He photographs his subjects, and have them pose in the poses of the artists he draws inspiration from; Baroque Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens, British artist Thomas Gainsborough, and Napoleon’s court painter Jacques-Louis David. There’s a reason he draws inspiration from these artists, “there is a reason for that” Says Wiley “ and that has to do with power” These poses are meant to evoke a conversation around art history

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    Thomas Gainsborough presents a fabulous portrait of Grace Dalrymple Elliott. This is a full-length painting believed to be commissioned by her lover, Earl of Cholomondeley in 1777 (Major, 2016). This portrait goes beyond a simple painting of a mistress. Rather, Gainsborough’s portrait of Grace is a study of striking and noble beauty versus a celebration of female sexuality as a commodity. Gainsborough accomplished this art piece by using several uncommon practices in his portrait making techniques

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