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  • A Comparison Of Macbeth And Saddam Hussein

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    In this research essay I will be explaining how Macbeth can be compare to one of the world’s worst dictators, Saddam Hussein. I will be talking about how they were both very bad people by trying to gain control over everyone and everything and ultimately be in power. They can both be compared to each other in many ways. Macbeth and Hussein both ruled by terror, they used violence to solve any problems that they had, no matter what it may have been. Macbeth can be related to a lot of other dictators

  • Saddam Hussein's Operation Desert Storm

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    Arab states. He got shot in the leg during an assassination attempt on the Iraqi President. He then fled to Egypt to attend law school. When Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr came to power and Saddam

  • Saddam Hussein A Brutal Dictator

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    Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator but he brought benefits for the Iraqi people Saddam Hussein came into power formally in 1957 replacing President Ahmed Hassan Al-Bakr. He ruled Iraq from 1957-1991 formally and in hiding from 1991-2003. When Saddam took office Iraq was a recovering country from years of instability and in fighting. His positive benefits in service to the people of Iraq are his nationalising the Iraqi oil industry, Literacy program, Healthcare system and welfare program. The company

  • Geography Of Iraq Essay

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    Iraq is located in the eastern portion of the Fertile Crescent. The Fertile Crescent is the region of the Middle East and North Africa that is considered more fertile than the other arid parts of the region. This area was significant to early civilization’s success. Iraq is the 58th largest country in the world. The geography of Iraq can be divided into four main regions. The regions are the desert in the west and southwest, the upland between the upper Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the highlands

  • The War Of The Gulf War

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    The Gulf War This operation started in August 2 1990 as a response to Iraq’s invasion in Kuwait . This operation is also known as operation Desert Shield .In this mission US forces alongside 34 other nations(Saudi Arabia , United Kingdom , Egypt , France , Syria , Morocco , Kuwait , Oman , Pakistan, Canada , United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Bangladesh , Italy , Australia , Netherlands , Niger , Sweden ,Argentina , Senegal , Spain , Bahrain , Belgian , Poland , South Korea , Czechoslovakia

  • The Corruption Of Saddam Hussein

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    Throughout history corruption has been laid upon many countries changing it in numerous ways. This corruption derives through certain people, creating a havoc for those having to follow orders set by leaders they blindly follow. In Iraq, citizens have been tortured, forced to relocate their families, arrested and murdered. All of this happened under the control of Saddam Hussein and we have neither found, nor did he offer an explanation to these actions. He has been notorious for attacking people

  • Saddam Hussein

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    Saddam Hussein From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (Redirected from Saddam) Saddam Hussein Enlarge Saddam Hussein Saddām Hussein ʻAbd al-Majid al-Tikrītī (Often spelled Husayn or Hussain; Arabic صدام حسين عبدالمجيد التكريتي; born April 28, 1937 1) was President of Iraq from 1979 to 2003. A rising star in the revolutionary Ba'ath

  • Ruling Iraq Problems

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    Ruling Iraq is no other than a great task that many people have attempted to do, but few, if any, have actually succeeded. Of these few, Saddam Hussein was a figure that stood out among the pack of dictators and monarchs, to somehow put Iraq together in a cohesive ¬¬working order. The methods that he used may have not been the most ethical but it is almost impossible to deny that they had some genuine success in putting the pieces of the dysfunctional state together that is Iraq. The consequences

  • The United States And The Soviet Union

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    In the post -World War II era, the competition of global supremacy between the superpowers of the time, United States and the Soviet Union resulted in the Cold War. Many countries in the world were pulled into this rivalry including many of the states of the Middle East. Allies against the Soviet Union received substantial quantities of United States aid and were encouraged to purchase weapons of Western means. Those who were in opposition to the United States’ power received economic and military

  • Operation Iraqi Freedom Essay

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    Iraq. Arab nationalist and other political activists led an uprising against the Regent monarch resulting in a coup d’etat in July 1958 by members of the newly formed Ba’ath Party. (4) A series of power struggles ended 10 years later placing Ahmed Hasan al-Bakr as President, with a young Saddam Hussein as his deputy. After many years of operating as President Bakr’s chief of security and instituting measures of loyalty among various sectors of the Iraqi Ba’ath government, Saddam Hussein demanded the