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  • Graduation Speech Essay

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    plenty of free time to celebrate not one, not two, but THREE momentous family occasions!! Keep reading for more details. “Settled in” will be a short-lived feeling for us as we’ll be on the move again in Summer 2018. The destination is TBD until the Air Force lets us know early next year where life will take us next. We’ll keep you posted. Spencer, 23, graduated in August from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Geology! He completed his remaining courses at a nearby college

  • Internal And External Environmental Changes

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    Many people today find themselves living their lives within the confines of their comfortable daily routines. Life does not always work out the way a person plans it and instead of finding new ways to expand their experiences, they fall into a boring ritual of tasks to be completed every day. Those individuals see no reason to change their pattern if it works. How many times do we hear someone say, “Why change it if it ain’t broke?” Unlike in a personal home setting, a company that refuses to

  • Colonel Setko

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    552nd Air Control Group. Colonel David M. Gaedecke, 552nd Air Control Wing commander, was the presiding officer for the ceremony. Colonel Setka’s previous assignment was as the Deputy Commander, 608th Air Operations Center, Barksdale Air Force Base, La., where he directed the U.S. Strategic Command’s Joint Air Operations Center responsible for planning, directing and assessing strategic deterrence, assurance and global strike operations in support of USSTRATCOM. He is a Senior Air Battle Manager

  • War Begins When Opinions Differ

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    constant state of hostility towards one another. Although the U.S. and the Soviet Union never directly engaged in military action, there was a lot going on behind both sides of the Iron Curtain. The Cold War was never a battle itself; however, it was made up of both minor and major battles within, to include the Korean War, Vietnam War and the War in Afghanistan. The Cold War presented a revolutionary arms race from which powerful defense organizations with permanent foundations raised sky high on both

  • China 's Long Standing Battle Against Air Pollution

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    Smoggy sky: China’s long standing battle against air pollution Smog has been spreading rapidly in China since 2013 with an increased number of haze days, which seriously affected residents ' daily life. Smog as an environmental problem has become a major social concern and the government has promulgated a number of policies and governance strategies. In June 2013, the State Council carried on the ten air pollution control measures and strived to practice the code of conduct --- "share breath and

  • Military Strategy: US Military Strategies

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    how can I supplement or transfer this into a real-world, business like environment? This chapter talks about What Is Strategy and Why Is It Important, so first things first, what is strategy? The book defines strategy as a set of actions that its managers take to outperform the company’s competitors and achieve superior profitability. How do I view strategy? I simply view strategy as crucial planning to produce an outcome that will eventually lead your team (firm) to victory by any means necessary

  • Southwest Airlines

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    this on from the side of the Southwest Airlines Co. give a competitive advantage to the company among all others. One of the major external factors that helped Southwest Airlines in it 's expansion in during the latest years, is the fact that the managers of the company took advantage on the decrease in fuel costs in 1998. Travel demand increased in 1998 and the Southwest Airlines among most of the other airline companies reported operating profits. The match of those two parameters, low oil prices

  • Is Management More Important Than Leadership in Today's Raaf

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    Managers are appointed. They have legitimate powers, and their ability to influence is founded on the formal authority inherent in their positions.13 9. Writers, speakers and consultants alike have thoroughly analysed the difference between leadership and management. Some think of leadership as being associated with the role of a manager, noting that the leading aspect of management involves possessing and exercising

  • Saudi Arabia Operational Environment

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    The Operational Environment and Air Defense in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, also known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the birthplace of Islam and home to Islam's two holiest shrines in Mecca and Medina (CIA). Saudi Arabia and the United States have different views on many political and social issues, yet the two nations have had full diplomatic relations since 1940 (DOS). This Middle Eastern country is a key partner for the United States due do their regional influence, strategic location, and

  • The Dark Swirling Ocean Water

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    You would also see a bathroom in the back. If you walked closer, you would notice that the manager didn’t really do anything. And if you were me, you would walk up slowly to the manager, and rip his robotic head off casually to reveal a hidden golden key to the black door next to the bathroom. The manager was just a robot android that we designed to shoot bloody lasers any intruders. We all worked inside a secret basement compartment to prevent spying