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  • Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

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    Many people ask what is the point of Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps., and what does it teach you? Here is some food for thought AFJROTC stands for Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. AFJROTC is a military regulated high school program, that teaches high school students leadership skills and traits and the benefits of being a citizen. It is to motivate students to be better American Citizens. The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) program was founded

  • Case Study: The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

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    The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps I chose the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) as my Discourse Community Ethnography, so I could study my actions and experiences as I grow through the program, as well as uncover the difference between ROTC graduates and non-ROTC graduates of major United States (US) universities. When relating the AFROTC to John Swales’ six characteristics, I was able to uncover a considerable amount of information that intrigued my interests, along with

  • Colonel Edwin Hillandale, An Air Force Officer

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    Another character providing a keen understanding of the SOF Imperatives was Colonel Hillandale. Colonel Edwin Hillandale was an Air Force officer assigned as a liaison in the Philippines. In the course of his duties, he began working with Ramon Magsaysay. Magsaysay was having difficulty with his campaign efforts in a communist held province. This led Hillandale to assist Magsaysay in his efforts. Hillandale refutes the communist messaging of Americans being rich elitists who care who do not

  • Becoming An Air Force Officer Through Rotc

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    This has been a life changing semester. I have grown as an individual mentally in ways I never thought I could. Through this class, my other classes, ROTC, and my job, I feel that I have begun to truly blossom into someone I am proud to be. To put into perspective how much I have grown as an individual this semester, I will explain where I was last semester. Last semester I was a student at Saint Petersburg College, a psychology major with the goal of eventually beginning my own practice after

  • Becoming Quality Officers At The United States Air Force

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    Our daily operations consist of grooming students to become quality officers in the United States Air force, upon graduating from college and commissioning. To be in this position you have to want to lead from the front and be the example because you are molding the future leaders of the military. Being in this position we have a lot of influence over the cadets, who would be considered our followers, we teach them, complete paperwork for them and give them training that is needed to successfully

  • Synthesis Essay : Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy

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    Synthesis Essay – Audie L. Murphy MSgt John C. Latham Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy September 9, 2015 Instructor: StFw Rainer Lichtsinn Audie Murphy “August, 1944. Beach landing south of France. Suddenly the day is ripped apart by the sound of machine gun fire; you and your men are pinned down with no help en route. As you rush forward, sliding in amongst your men, you see the fear in their eyes. If ever there was a now or never moment, now is it. With

  • Command Discretion Recommendation : Law For Air Force Officers Essay

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    MEMORANDUM FOR: 325 OPSS/CC FROM: A/FLT CC 1LT JONAH M URLAUB SUBJECT: COMMAND DISCRETION RECOMMENDATION References: Law for Air Force Officers - Law 220 Textbook. Manual for Courts-Martial. The Military Commander and the Law 1. BLUF: TSgt Savage has not returned to his home in two nights. Leaving his wife and baby at home alone with no money or car. He and his wife have been arguing about their financial problems. MSgt Solice went looking for TSgt Savage and found his car at a lodging facility

  • Billy Mitchell : An American Hero

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    mind. To most, he is an American hero and considered to be one of the most influential figures regarding the creation of the modern Air Force. He was a successful aviator in his own right. What many do not know is that his ideas for the future of air power for the United States military were considered insane. Mitchell was a staunch proponent for an investment in air power as he deemed it was the future of warfare, a vision he would eventually be praised for. During his time, however, his views were

  • Billy Mitchell Analysis

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    Billy Mitchell was an Army Brigadier General and a famed aviator, considered by many to be the father of the United States Air Force, he was one of the loudest proponents of air power after World War I. He is also one of the most polarizing figures in aviation. People argue how helpful he actually was to the development of US aviation. William D. O’Neil, argues that his campaign to promote airpower was handled the wrong way. His use of scare tactics, embellishments of fact and prediction, and his

  • Billy Mitchell Leadership Analysis

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    develop a guiding coalition limited his effectiveness in leading the major organizational change he so desperately desired. General Mitchell was a famous, some would say infamous, airpower thinker who some regard as the father of the United States Air Force.1 Born into a wealthy family and the son of a Wisconsin Senator, Mitchell could have chosen a life of luxury. But Billy sought great adventure and chose the military life instead. He joined the Army at the age of eighteen, six years before the