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  • Air Jordan Research Papers

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    Air Jordan Research Paper Michael Jordan sneakers are one of the most popular shoe brands of all time, a must have item of the 20th and 21st centuries. Almost everyone has a pair, whether it be sneakerheads or average joes. However they do not come without sacrifice. They should be made cheaper and more available to the public because, people sometimes have to stand in line for days just to get the pair that they want, they are priced from $100 to $300 which is incredibly overpriced compared to

  • Nike : The Man Of The Basketball Shoe

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    Before Michael Jordan became the prophet of the basketball shoe, he was the face of the basketball court. It was 1984 and a young, fresh-faced kid from North Carolina astonished the sports world by earning both a collegiate national title and an Olympic Gold Medal (“The History”). At the same time, the fast-rising sports apparel brand, Nike, had experienced something it never had before: a quarterly loss (Rovell). The two seemed to be a perfect match; the rising star of Jordan was just what Nike

  • Nike Case Study

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    behind their shoe trends that Nike shoes are among the most counterfeited product in a $461 billion market according to a report by ABC news. (Add why that is important?) For further analysis on Nike’s design oriented focus, we will be looking at the product line of Nike Jordan Shoes. The Air Jordan shoes are consumer focused shoes that provide trendy designs associated with the growing basketball culture in North America, started by basketball icon Michael Jordan. In 1985, Peter Moore who was working

  • Essay on Promotion of Nike vs. Adidas

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    Nike’s Air Jordan shoe was the best selling and most popular basketball shoe on the market. The Air Jordan shoe reached a point in the mid-nineties. According to Donald R. Katz, when a small picture of Michael Jordan at practice wearing different shoes sparked a booming inquiry all over Chicago. One store alone received over 300 phone calls asking if they had the shoes in stock. From the popularity of the Air Jordan, and innovative styles and colors of Nike,

  • Swot Analysis Of Air Jordan

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    Sales & Marketing CA01 Air Jordan Daryl Koh SIM ID 10172403 Air Jordan Introduction(1) Air Jordan is franchised brand that makes athletic clothing and mainly shoes, it was founded in 1984 when Nike signed an up and coming Basketball rookie named Michael Jordan to a shoe endorsement deal. At that time, Nike was known as a running shoe company and their running shoe phenomenon was slowly dying. Looking for a way to reinvent themselves and appeal to a new

  • Air Jordan Marketing Statement

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    Have you ever seen someone wearing a very rare pair of shoes that you have never seen before? Have you ever wondered how they got these shoes and how much they cost? Believe it or not Nike’s Air Jordan line of shoes has been at the forefront of a decade-long sneaker craze, which has grown so much it has become its own stock market. Jordan’s have been popular for many years and it is shown throughout pop culture, the increase in price and demand, the resale market that has skyrocketed in the last

  • A Proposal For Famous Footwear

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    JORDAN A PRESENTATION FOR: Famous footwear re: Jordan’s Presented to: Balkar Sidhu Presented by: Kardo Ali Date: Oct.16, 2017 OBJECTIVES The purpose of this draft proposal is to demonstrate, to Famous footwear, the advantages of signing a contract with Jordan. Famous footwear will be able to provide their more younger clientele with a more trendy type of sneakers. These exclusive sneakers will be targeted more to men (18-25) whom know that Jordan’s are a combination of the shoe and the

  • Case Study Brand Jordan: Selling a Legend

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    Case Study Brand Jordan: Selling a Legend Introduction March 2006 – Larry Miller, President of The Jordan Brand, finally had a few moments to relax. He sat in his office in the Jerry Rice Building at the Nike World Campus in Beaverton, Oregon, taking in the late afternoon sun. The latest advertising campaign was a success and sales were at an all-time high. But Miller knew that now was the time to plan for tomorrow’s success. He turned to the briefs on his desk, which contained various recommendations

  • Footlocker: A Company Overview Of The Global Shoe Industry

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    companies engaged in the manufacturing of shoes such as dress shoes, sneakers, slippers, boots, galoshes, sandals and athletic and trade related shoes. The industry also includes shoe parts such as shoe laces, buckles, clasps, inner soles, heels and padding. The shoe industry excludes leather stock for shoes, classified in Textiles & Leather Goods. For this paper, I will be explaining the shoe industry statistics, the demographics of who spends the most on shoes, the most popular shoe stores, the most

  • Nike's Sneakerhead World

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    I am studying Nike and they community of followers they have built up around their organization, but first it is important to have a good grasp on what exactly a “sneakerhead” is because they are Nikes specific target audience for limited edition shoes. With the rise of sneaker culture and sneakerheads, there has been a museum exhibit in the Brooklyn Museum to pay tribute the rise of sneaker culture (see Figure 1), there are many different sneaker shows that travel across the United States and globally