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  • Airbags And Seat Belts : What Is An Airbag?

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    Airbags and seat belts: What is an airbag? A typical airbag is a soft pillow to land against during a car crash. Airbags can be the necessity for saving your life in an accident. It is proven to be a major factor in vehicle passenger safety and survival. Airbags protect the passenger’s head from striking the dashboard and are extremely important in side collisions where a person can still be struck by an object entering the car. Statistics, according to, show that airbags reduce

  • Lilly's Airbags: A Narrative Fiction

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    wasn’t ready to let go just yet. Lilly moved her transparent hand forward and slightly touched Raina’s sweat-beaded head. Shattered glass covered Raina, her body smooshed against the top of the vehicle, all four wheels pointed up at the clear sky. The airbags hadn’t deployed and Raina’s seatbelt was the only reason she was still alive. There was a jolt, a small tingle of electricity that surged through Lilly’s fingers and into Raina. “No jack. Fabulous,” Raina said as she closed the trunk on her Apache

  • Are Vehicle Airbags Efficient? Essay example

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    An airbag is a vehicle wellbeing gadget. It is an inhabitant limitation framework comprising of an adaptable fabric envelope or pad intended to blow up quickly throughout a car accident. Its object is to pad inhabitants throughout an accident and give security to their bodies when they strike inner part questions, for example, the directing wheel or a window. Advanced vehicles may hold various airbag modules in different side and frontal areas of the traveler seating positions, and sensors may send

  • Sodium Bicarbonate And Hydrochloric Acid Airbags

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    Scenario: In this experiment, you have been asked by your teacher, to investigate the design of a small-scale airbag system they want to produce as a child safety device to put into baby strollers. Because of sodium azide’s toxicity (which is used in many vehicular airbags), it is suggested you use the reaction of NaHCO₃ (sodium bicarbonate or baking soda) with an aqueous solution of HCL (stomach acid) to produce CO₂ gas to test your engineering design. The reaction of hydrochloric acid and sodium

  • Independent Study Project: The Chemistry Behind The Airbag

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    Project – The Chemistry Behind the Airbag By: Rachel Dorey For: Mr. O’Donnell Date: May 31st, 2016 Course: SCH 4U Introduction The moment a person sets foot in a vehicle it is instinct to take the one safety precaution that is taught since being able to ride in a motorized vehicle; to buckle up. However, it is sometimes forgotten that there is a second safety precaution and an incredible, lifesaving invention that is in every vehicle, and that is the airbag. Each passenger or driver knows

  • Airbags - Pop Em Or Keep Em Essay example

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    Airbags - Pop em' or Keep em'      During the rainstorm, it's hard to see anything-especially when the downpour makes the windshield wipers work constantly. On this cold, dreary September night young two year old Mica is safely buckled in her child safety seat, which is attached to the passenger seat belt. Her older brother, Sean, quietly sleeps in the backseat while his mother drives the exhausted children home. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a tall, 12 point buck is caught

  • Statistics: How Statistics Determined Airbags Reduced Accident Fatalities

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    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), USA estimates more than 28,000 people survived vehicle crashes and are still alive due to the presence of frontal airbags in their vehicles as of 1 January 2009. This data has been accrued over time from crashes and fatalities on America’s highways and side streets. This paper will examine these statistics and compare information with this data. Air bags for drivers made first appearances in certain 1985 models. From 1987-1990, automatic

  • Airbags

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    When an airbag is deployed due to the impact from the object, the airbag will deploy. The airbag absorbs some of the force that is affecting the occupant will be absorbed by the airbag, but the force wants to push back from the airbag bouncing the occupant back against the chair, stopping them from hitting the dashboard or the window in front of them.

  • Impact Of Air Bags On A Car Safety Device

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    Impact Analysis of Air Bags Introduction An airbag is a vehicle safety device. The airbag like seatbelts are occupant restraint system that consists of a flexible fabric bag, also known as an airbag cushion. The airbag module is designed to inflate rapidly then quickly deflate during a collision or impact with another object or a sudden deceleration. The purpose of the airbag is to provide occupant protection and restraint during a crash event. The introduction of the air bags dates back to 11th

  • Noha

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    Airbags are safety features that are designed to save passengers from harm in a head-on collision. Airbags react within milliseconds of a crash, and the folded nylon bag quickly becomes inflated with nitrogen gas. The inflated airbag has the role of being a cushion for passengers and prevents them from hitting into the steering column and dashboard, which can cause painful injuries for passengers. Airbags were invented by John Hetrick in 1953 after Hetrick, his wife and young daughter got