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  • The Use Of Sea Aircraft Of The United States Winning World War II

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    these planes. The modern aircraft carriers of the Navy that we know now were vastly different from the warships with wooden flight decks like on the USS

  • The Battle Of The Coral Sea

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    The Battle of the Coral Sea has been addressed by several interviews from people who have participated in the Battle of the Coral Sea. This battle included aircraft carriers that engaged each other with the advantage of aviation assets. These aircraft carriers did not have the technology to see each other, so they relied significantly on the use of aviation assets. These aviation assets acted as artillery reconnaissance for the ships to engage the Japanese. This four day battle starting on four

  • Comparison Of The Cavs And Bulls

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    The tiny American defense consisted of three aircraft carriers (Yorktown, Hornet, and Enterprise), fourteen destroyers, eight cruisers, and all the aircraft on Midway itself. The Yorktown aircraft carrier had just taken quite a beating in the Battle of the Coral Sea, received only minor repairs at Pearl Harbor before limping back into battle. With few and damaged troops,

  • The 's Leadership Style During World War II

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    William Frederick Halsey, Jr., was the South Pacific Fleet Admiral during World War II, His passion for naval aviation helped save the community and provide national support from the American people back home. He was the major source of moral during the war for the American people, and always produced results whenever and wherever it was needed. Although Halsey’s leadership style has been disputed more often than not, his decisions and role as Fleet Admiral during World War II served greatly in the

  • The Military Branch That Serves At Sea, The Navy

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    branch that serves at sea, the Navy. Thesis: Due to the the United States’ superiority in the world’s sea, our Naval branch is the most respected and dignified branch of military in the whole world because of it’s submarines, surface ships, and aircraft carriers. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter- " The United States Navy is the envy of every other navy in the world. They don 't want to be like us- they want to be us." Admiral Leighton Smith said this with true admiration for our Naval Military

  • How United States Made The Miracle

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    Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, to defeat America in the Pacific Ocean became the most important strategy. On 7th December 1941, Japan launched a major surprise carrier-based air strike on Pearl Harbor without explicit warning, which crippled the United States Pacific Fleet, leaving eight American battleships out of action, 188 American aircraft destroyed, and 2,403 American citizens dead. In the spring of 1942, a few months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Empire of Japan planned to attack southern

  • How the Battle of Midway was the Turning Point of WW2 for America

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    would provide a base for the Japan troops to attack Hawaii. Unfortunately for Yamamoto, America decrypted Japanese radio transmissions and Admiral Chester Nimitz was able to establish a counter attack against this offensive. Nimitz sent three aircraft carriers, The USS Enterprise, The USS Hornet and The USS Yorktown to destroy the Japanese. This is just a short overview of The Battle of Midway, or as commonly referred to as, the battle that changed the war. People argue that it had no affect on the

  • Theu.s. Navy And Naval Aviation

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    The day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor is “a date which will live in infamy.” It is the day that would change the course of the U.S. Navy and Naval Aviation. Prior to the attack, Japan invaded nearby Southeast Asian countries, like French Indochina, because it needed natural resources to maintain its military, and industry. The United States embargoed and froze Japan’s assets, so Japan did not have the resources that it needed, especially oil. Japan was in dire need of these resources and planned

  • Battle Of Iwo Jima During World War II

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    Mary Kathryn Mclaughlin Mrs. Sehorn and Mr. Hills 1st History and 2nd English 11 March 2015 Battles in the Pacific In World War II, there were numerous Battles in the Pacific ocean. Some were scary and some were bloody and some were quiet and some were loud, but most of all some were deadly, life threatening. The troops that had to go out and fight the battles were brave. Especially to go fight on water in boats and submarines and in the air with planes. You would never know when

  • Origin Of The Tokyo Raid

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    Origin of the Tokyo Raid In the late 1930’s to early 1940’s tension between the United States and Japan was rising. Japan invaded China and by 1931 was at war with China (Scott, 2015). The United States opposed the invasion and ceased to give Japan oil, equipment, and fuel. Dependent on the United States for oil, Japan saw this as an act of aggression. Japan started to invade western countries territories in the Pacific in order to get resource needed for war with China. Japan was certain this would