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  • Adam Prescott: A Short Story

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    but to no avail, as it was firmly sealed in place. Just as it had been five seconds ago, he thought, but then again, he didn’t have any other ideas. Going back out into space was hardly an option, and the supplies and tools he needed to repair the airlock were on the other side of the sealed door in front of him, as were the manual override controls. The situation was not looking hopeful. Prescott composed his scattered thoughts and activated his suit’s radio communication system. “Sam, what’s the

  • Space : Cold Void Between The Stars

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    he looked out into the stars. Suddenly a shrill beep rang across his comm. The airlock status lights turned green, flashing as the airlock slowly opened. When the doors were fully open John began walking forward. He walked past the usual stop, the airlock tether locker, and looked out into space. "Walker Clear" he said into his comm as he readied himself on the edge of the platform. From the vantage point of the airlock he could see his target. The dilapidated wreck of a Telisian freighter. "Right

  • El Filibusterismo Theory

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    crew flooded the airlock with o2 causing the fire to burn out very quickly. This seems very unlike to happen without causing significant damage to the ship and wasting virtually all of the crew’s oxygen supply. In the movie the crew flooded the garden airlock with oxygen which would cause an explosion and put out the fire as shown in the movie. The fire in the airlock would have required a great amount of o2 to put out. Due to it’s large size and it being full of flame, the airlock would need a great

  • Tension, Humor, And Foreshadowing In The Martian By Andy Weir

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    sols, AL102 [a sheet that is in one of the airlocks] continued well past its planned expiration. Sol [a Martian day, 24 hours, 39 minutes] after sol went by, with the lone astronaut traveling in and out of the Hab [the habitat that Mark lived in on Mars] almost daily. Airlock 1 was closest to the rover charging station, so the astronaut preferred it to the other two” (Weir 154 ). Since Mark is left behind. AL102, which is a sheet located in the airlock number 1, is being used more than expected.

  • Brewery Investigation

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    Brewing Equipment and Brewery Profile 1 Pre-investigation #2 – BREWING EQUIPMENT AND BREWERY PROFILE Dennis Metz University of South Florida PRE-INVESTIGATION #2 – Brewing Equipment and Brewery Profile 2 Equipment: Airlock, Boiling Pot, Bottles, Bottle Capper, Bottle Caps, funnel, Bottle Brush, Fermenter, tubing, Siphon/Hose, Racking Cane, Stirring Paddle and a Thermometer. Recipe: • 5 pounds of Hopped Malt Extract syrup. • Water - 5 gallons. • 1-2 ounces of Hops

  • Personal Narrative On Mars

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    He slammed a heftily gloved fist against the control panel on the wall, closing the airlock door and instantly setting the compartment to pressurize. The loud hiss of rushing air was harsh against my eardrums as we removed our helmets and helped each other out of our surface suits. We passed through the inner door to assume positions in

  • Brief Summary: The Ares 3 Mission Crew

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    contact NASA. Mitch Henderson, the Ares 3 flight director, convinces Teddy Sanders, the NASA administrator to tell the rest of the crew about Watney’s survival. The crew feels happy and guilty at the same time. Due to Watney’s repeated use of the airlock, the canvas in the Hab tears. This decompresses the Hab, almost kills Watney, and kills his plants. Luckily, Watney is able to repair the Hab. NASA makes a probe to send Watney supplies but the rocket disintegrates after liftoff. In a second attempt

  • Physical Science

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    Physical Science I have learned from my twenty years of service in the U.S. Air Force, significant background knowledge of the history of the space shuttle. In September 1969, two months after the first manned lunar landing, a Space Task Group appointed by the President of the United States to study the future course of U.S. space research and exploration made the recommendation that "…the United States accept the basic goal of a balanced manned and unmanned space program. To achieve this goal,

  • Summary Of Margaret Atwood's 'Oryx And Crake'

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    Oryx and Crake is a unique novel written by Margaret Atwood. It explores the United States, before and after the entire human race is wiped out by a viral infection, through the eyes of a man named Snowman who, before the outbreak, is known as Jimmy. While in high school, Jimmy meets another boy named Glenn and the two became friends. They bond over weird hobbies including watching an array of things ranging from open heart surgeries to pornography and online games. One day Glenn and Jimmy need codenames

  • How Does Norman Enter The Sphere

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    Sphere Sphere is a science fiction, psychological comedy novel by Michael Crichton about a ship in the bottom of the ocean. When psychologist Norman Johnson is flown to the middle of the ocean,west of Tonga, where he is joined by Captain Barnes, Beth, Ted, Harry, Tina, Jane, Teddy, Arthur and Teeny Fletcher. The group goes underwater to investigate a ship that is 300 years old, but the technology is highly more sophisticated than the fairly new space crafts. The ship has no damage, and the heroes