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  • How Do Airspeed Indicators And Altimeters Work?

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    Robert M. Carton Principles of Accident Causation March 12, 2017 APT #10 1. How do airspeed indicators and altimeters work? Both airspeed indicators and altimeters are relatively similar to one another. The airspeed indicator utilizes and receives data from the pitot tube and the static port on an aircraft. In short the air pressure is collected by the pitot tube is compared to the static air pressure to give the pilot an accurate indication of how fast the aircraft is moving. The pitot

  • Jimmy Jackson Jr

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    Integrated Project: Here and Back Again and What Occurred After Jimmy Jackson Jr. awoke to the smell of danger. It is a strange smell, yet distinct, a little bit of fear mixed with a little bit of duty. Nonetheless, it awoke him from his 1969 suburbs home, where he groggily got up to reach for his long-range Taser that he left by his bedside. You see, Jimmy Jackson Jr. was brilliant, no one knows where he came from, and all they know is that he was brilliant. Anyways, back to the story, his house

  • Essay on ASCI 310: Aircraft Performance Research Project

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    ASCI 310: Aircraft Performance Research Project Objectives One of the requirements for this course is an Aircraft Performance Research Project that entails planning a flight from Denver International Airport (KDEN) to Chicago O'Hare International Airport (KORD) for a given aircraft, weather conditions, and assumptions. The objective is to apply what has been learned throughout this course. Drawing on aeronautics theory and using the performance charts and equations presented in the course, each

  • New Philadelphia Case Study

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    Exploring New Philadelphia: I grew up in a New Philadelphia which is a small city located in Tuscarawas County Ohio. While exploring the EJ environmental indicators I was not overly surprised by the information that I found. The part of the city where I grew up, the east side, is in the 60-70th percentile for lead paint while the majority of the city is in the 80-90th percentile, the west side of the city which is more impoverished area has sections in the 90-95th percentile and 95-100th percentile

  • U.s. Gross Domestic Product

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    the U.S. Gross Domestic Product. These indicators have a chain reaction because when one changes, it affects the rest. (Ferreira, 2015). As we can see from both the consumer confidence and retail sales

  • Identification And Quantification Of Amino Acids

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    Abstract The topics of these experiments are both important processes known as identification and quantification. They were also used to review and introduce new lab methods such as titration and the Bradford assay. The identification was used to determine the identity of unknown amino acid #11 and the quantification was used to determine the concentration of unknown protein #11. The identity of amino acid #11 was found to be lysine, and the concentration of protein #11 was calculated to be 0.51

  • Acid Rain And Bunker Fuels Investigation

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    This involves reacted a known volume of a known concentration solution (a standard solution), with a measured volume of the volume of unknown concentration. The solutions are mixed until they just react completely. In an acid-base titration, an indicator allows to determine when the reaction has reached an endpoint. The method for titration used was that a burette was rinsed with 10ml of 0.1M NaOH(aq). A stand, clamp and flask were obtained and set up making sure there was about 5cm between the burette

  • The Effect Of Temperature And Reactant Concentration On The Rate Of Reaction

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    the solution of tert-butyl chloride in acetone is added to water in the presence of a base and a universal indicator, its reaction to form tert-butyl alcohol is indicated by dramatic color change. Bromothymol blue is an acid-base indicator which appears blue in an alkaline medium and yellow in an acidic solution (Artxy, 2011). The solvolysis of tert-butyl chloride is revealed by the indicator change from blue to yellow as hydrogen halide is produced during the reaction (Mostafa, 2009). The solution

  • Determining The Ph Of Household Items

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    pools. Whether it’s your own or a public pool, pH indicators come in hand to make sure the pool is sanitary and safe. pH indicators are indicators that contain halochromic synthetic compound which is added to a solution so that it can be

  • The Monetary Value That Represents All Of The Products Made A Country Is Gross Domestic Product

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    increased in this field ("Industrial Production”). In the future, I can use this figure to predict if prices would increase in the field because if there is a limited amount of supply, then prices would increase. To add, Retail Sales is an economic indicator that shows the comparison of sales in the retail industry within a few weeks. It is included in the GDP because the retail sales shows the productivity shows the majority of sales and production in the overall economy. I can use the retail sales