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  • The Car Is Miles Away

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    forward I would have passed the checkout aisles. Instead, I turned left through the drugstore section of the supermarket. At the edge of the drugstore are racks of small stuffed animals and other cheap gifts. The drugstore area itself is laid out in orderly rows. The shelves are lower than in the main part of the store; my guess is that they were created to ease the look-out for shoplifters. Ads featuring smiling, multiracial, families adorn the ends of the aisles. Each of which contains a carefully

  • Being Filipino

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    Being Filipino and growing up in America, my trip to the Philippines was an experience I will never forget. This was the first time I would be traveling to the place of my heritage. I was gladly going to live there for 2 years to finish my studies. I did not know too much of the Philippines, only the stuff my mother has been telling me about. She explained to me, that the weather was different in the Philippines. She told me it was very humid. That it was so humid, it was like walking in a sauna

  • Norm Break

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    privilege is not acceptable or common throughout the world while performing rare unusual behavior. My interest was to skip through aisles while whistling in a variety of grocery stores. I was interested in seeing reactions and confusion on this act. Many people were shocked to witness what was happening and were curious why this action was performed. Skipping through the aisles was scary and made me nervous. After I performed my social breach 23 times, I accomplished a successful act and had strange but

  • Michael's Observation

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    seventeen and fifty. These customers were mixed in ethnicity and about twenty-five percent of them shopped in a group or had kids with them. Michael’s was aware of these customer characteristics and appeared to be targeting these specific customers. Their aisles were wide enough to fit groups of people and strollers. The music they had playing overhead was 2000’s modern pop, which is a genre that most of the customers have listened to when they were younger. This music helps bring a happy tone to the store

  • Christmas Shopping Descriptive Essay

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    I slipped on my red sneakers and scurried with excitement to get my jacket. My mother and I got in the car and headed for the city to do some Christmas shopping for my little sister and my father. We held hands while walking along the sidewalks, snaking our way through the crowds, and shopping in the stores that lined the city streets. I came to a sudden stop, jerking her back to a stop as well. I turned my head slowly to the right, then slowly tilted it up. Realizing what was in front of me, a rush

  • Analysis Of John Updike 's ' Araby '

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    it would seem. While in Joyce 's boy we readily believe such confusion between the gallant and profane, I think we needn 't assume that Sammy is likewise unable to distinguish between the two quite normal impulses. His attraction to the girl in the aisle is certainly far more anatomically and less ambiguously expressed than that of Joyce 's boy to Mangan 's sister. But it is Beauty that confounds the issue. When human aesthetics come into play, when the object of a young man 's carnal desire also gratifies

  • From Childhood to Adulthood in Updike's A&P Essay

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    [would] peek around and make their shoulders round" (27). Sammy is shallow and sexist in the way he has named these young women according to his first impression of their bodies and behaviors. Patrick W. Shaw notes that "Sammy knows what is on each aisle in the store and constantly thinks of what is inside bottles, cans, and jars; but he has no idea what is inside the girls, no sensitivity to their psychology or sexual subtlety. His awareness stops with their sweet cans and ice-cream breasts" (322)

  • Personal Narrative: Siblings

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    and Peeps, Kevin had the important job of smuggling the giant chocolate Easter bunny. To this day, Jojo and I don’t know why we gave Kevin that job, but what is done is done. We were casually walking through one of the checkout aisle without a cashier, but a cashier two aisles down spotted us and asked us if we payed for all of the candy. My genius brother brother exclaimed, “Our parents are outside and we are bringing them the candy, we will return with the money.” The lady clearly saw through Kevin’s

  • Descriptive Essay About Personal Experience

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    walked to the candy aisle that was in between the tobacco and cigarette aisles. My eyes couldn 't locate the KitKat wafers, my all-time favorite chocolate bar. As a result, I dragged myself back to the comfort of my chair empty handed. I felt like a sportsperson who just came home defeated from a championship game. My eyes ogled at the rack, from a great distance, while my heart wept and yearned for the treat. My mind, the biggest asset of my body, told my muscles to reevaluate the aisle. With a small

  • Winter Descriptive Writing

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    a gala, with only the finest and most stunning decorations on display, but with every piece of pristine decor in is precise spot. We browsed the aisles, with each aisle as colorful and exciting as the rest. We were nearing the end of the isles when I saw it, a display of candles that drew my eyes in like no other. My mom had turned her cart down the aisle filled with all the eyeful winter floral pieces, and at this moment I knew it was my time to do what I had been told not to, I needed to reach out