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  • Jap An Electronic Wonderland

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    The Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan is an electronic wonderland with endless sights to see and a history that doesn’t seem to fit its light-hearted appearance. Once a post-war black market, Akihabara is now the center of all things relating to anime, manga, and videogames (“Akihabara”). Traveling to this unique location would be an experience that would not be forgotten. Akihabara has always been an important location in Japan, even during the Edo period. It was a crossroad that was often traveled

  • Descriptive Essay About Maid Cafe

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    land of the rising sun? Perhaps you are a fan of manga, anime, or Japanese computer games? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions - then you must visit the mystical and playful maid cafes of the Akihabara district of Tokyo! First and foremost, the maid cafes of the Akihabara district are the epitome of a magical, out of this world experience that will leave you in a much happier state than when you arrived at the establishment. The scenery can be described as a colorful reminder of

  • Kingyo By Edmund Yeo

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    the ability to have a longing effect on the audiences even after it’s finished. The young female protagonist of this film, played by Luchino Fujisaki, is dressed up in a French maid’s costume offering the pedestrian a guided tour of the city of Akihabara for 10,000 ¥.She seems

  • Japanese Culture Shock Stereotypes Essay

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    Culture shock stereotypes I feel that coming to Japan helped break a lot of assumptions about Japanese culture and also confirm knowledge I knew only from textbooks. The trip also made me experience some culture shock but if anything it made the trip more interesting. I appreciated the irony that was ever present. There were many customs both old and new I appreciated on the trip and helped open my eyes to new experiences, observations, and interactions with people I normally would never have

  • Cultural Critique Of Japanese Cafes

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    waitresses usually dress up in a maid costume and talk to the customers as if they were their ‘master’. Patrick Galbraith wrote an article that goes in depth about maid cafés. In his article he mentions, “Maid cafés first appeared in the late 1990s in Akihabara, Japan, an area where dating simulation games were sold and players gathered. Maid cafés extended relations with fictional characters from media to physical reality, allowing players to interact with fictional characters in human form, while at the

  • The Importance Of Japanese Animation

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    Over the years, Japanese animation have gain more attention from the public than before. Japanese animation, also widely known as anime, dominates most of the animation that exists in today’s media. Much of its popularity originates from Studio Ghibli’s movies and classics, such as Astro Boy, One Piece, and Pokémon. These anime movies and series allowed anime to gain attention from the world as it revealed a different level of animation. However, anime was not at first well received by the Japanese

  • The Most Defining Characteristic Of Tokyo Essay

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    When plane tickets to Tokyo went on sale for $562, my best friend and I jumped at the chance to finally put our traveling dreams into action. Our trip was set for mid-December for possibly the greatest two and a half weeks of our lives. We were just two girls who grew up in Los Angeles admiring Japanese culture and had only dreamt of visiting its capital city. Although my time in Japan wasn 't for very long, the marvel I felt there from experiencing the huge differences in culture and landscape has

  • Pop Culture In Japan

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    The throbbing crowd of Japanese business men all dressed in a suit holding a briefcase in a crowded train station is a common image associated with the culture in Japan. Japan’s culture has promoted a lifestyle where work is prioritized over everything else and consumes the time of most adults. In Response to this stressful work culture, Pop Culture has emerged in Japan as a way of providing various mediums for escapism. For many Japanese adults, the time to create new relationships in the form of

  • Japan 's Horse Meat Is A Popular Dish?

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    Did you know that in Japan horse meat is a popular dish? It is often called basashi, sakura, or sakuraniku because of its pink color(sakura means cherry blossom and niku means meat). It is usually served raw as sashimi in thin slices dipped in soy sauce, often with ginger and onions added. This is only one of the fascinating things about Japan that you are going to learn throughout the course of this report. The main thing you are going to learn about Japan in this report is that Japan is an amazing

  • The Video Gaming Culture in Japan

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    (Gibbs) They are currently at a crossroad but are busy exploring their options. (Gibbs) The original arcade games were large machines that required coins to play. (Snow) Even today, arcades are a part of Japanese society. (Snow) Akihabara, Japan is known as the Electric Town for all of its arcades and Sega owns several of the arcade games. (Snow) Rhythm and fighting games are on the top of the list for Japanese arcade games. (Snow) Music is usually loud with these games, along with