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  • Alaska Tribe

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    Alaska has a rich history involving many countries. Before the Europeans reached the Alaskan shores, the early settlers were believed to come from the land bridge connected to Asia. Alaska is in fact named after “Alyeska”, the name the Aleut people called it (meaning “The Great Land”). The Alaskan natives, the Aleuts, Yup'ik and Inupiat tribes were in the west and north. The Athabascan were in the center of Alaska, and the Tlingit and Haida Tribes were in the southeast. In order to survive, the

  • Alaska, Canada, And Canada

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    courier company by which you are sending your shipments. Alaska can be a challenging place to move freight. With a total area of 591,004 square miles, you need a company that knows the ins and outs of Alaska. Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas, the next largest state, and occupies 16% of the total US land area; the e-w extension is 2,261 mi (3,639 km); the maximum n-s extension is 1,420 mi (2,285 km). With the lack of highways in Alaska most shipments go by air or sea. There is no railroad

  • Alaska Team Support

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    Alaska Team Support This year I was involved in numerous activities in support of the Booz Allen in Alaska. My three primary areas of involvement were in the Junior Achievement program, the Air Force Airman Financial Literacy program and in support of the Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson Wounded Warrior rodeo. In addition to this, I also participated in the local Fun Times activities with the rest of the Booz Allen team in Alaska. I volunteered as a mentor and presenter to a local high school with

  • Facts About Alaska

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    an important date for Alaska? Do you know how much the United States bought the Alaskan Territory from Russia? Does it fascinate you to know how much money the United States paid per acre? Well although Alaska has a very short history compared to the rest of the contiguous United States, it has a very interesting history. The reason for that is because it was one of the very last states brought into the Union and recognized as “one of their own”. As most of people know, Alaska can be a really cold

  • Analysis Of The Poem ' Alaska '

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    Alaska. The word conjures images of majestic mountains, deep-blue glaciers, adventure, and quite possibly the most extreme and rugged place on Earth. My family spent one of the greatest weeks of our lives there this past summer. Homer is the last stop along the Alaskan highway system, five hours southwest of Anchorage. It isn’t much, just a couple hundred houses nestled high up on the hillside, and a sandy spit, jutting five miles into the sea. Across the bay from Homer lies Kachemak Bay State Park

  • Places For Alaska Research Paper

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    The great state of Alaska is the forty-ninth state in America. There is an array of climates and an even larger variation of indigenous people groups. The land varies from huge mountains to flat tundras to thick forests. The jobs are largely determined by the environment. I was very fortunate to be born and consider it a privilege to share my story with people. Alaska has so many more wonderful things that many people don’t know. It’s sort of like the state of many secrets because people from the

  • Alaska Is A Great Wealth Of Resources Essay

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    Alaska is home to a great wealth of resources, including but not limited to, various types of valuable minerals, a large and populous variety of wildlife which provide furs, and large deposits of natural gas. The surrounding ocean provides it’s bounty as well. A thriving fishing and crabbing community makes its home along the various cities along the coast of Alaska. Without these natural resources, Alaska would have a failing economy in which the local government would fail to function due to the

  • Race Across Alaska Book Report

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    In the book, Race Across Alaska, by Libby Riddles, Libby is an up and coming musher who has no sponsor and no money. However, she takes her love of adventure and the sport to the Iditarod and ends up winning. The first few years, after moving to Alaska, were hard for Libby. She had moved to Alaska from Wisconsin when she was 16 with her brother and decided to become a professional musher. Due to this she's paid very little and her track record was not great, so she was forced to live in a trailer

  • The Negative Analysis Of Alaska Airline Pilots At Alaska Airlines

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    pilots at Alaska Airlines have been underpaid, and now, after merging with Virgin America, pilots are protesting Alaska’s negligence. In 2005, Alaska pilots had pay cuts of 26% when the airline industry lost an estimated $7.4B (IATA, 2005) due to fuel price surges (James, Andrea, 2007). Since then, fuel prices have fallen significantly; pilots at Alaska have been paid less than those at other legacy airlines, such as Delta or United (Glassdoor, 2017). According to self-reporting surveys, Alaska Airline

  • Alaska Airlines Case Study

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    The Alaska Airlines was established in 1932 by Mac McGee and experienced a few updates up until the point that 1944 when it was ultimately named, Alaska Star Airlines. A couple of years after the fact, the organization was experiencing bumps on the road, however figured out how to remain above water by individuals who trusted change had to happen. Upgrades were made and in 1972, the organization had its first gainful year. However, in 1990, the organization made a stride in reverse when their previous