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  • Personal Narrative : My Alaska Trip

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    Benton Jones Core 3 Memoir Assignment My Alaska Trip Alaska is one of two states not connected to the U.S. mainland. A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to visit Alaska because they believe it is either too far away, too cold, or too undeveloped. People think that is a place where you have to hunt, fish, or catch your food because there are no Walmarts or Targets. My trip destroyed my belief that it was an unexplored land with no opportunity for development, but on the contrary, it has

  • Alaska's Oil Exploration

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    About Alaska Alaska became a State in 1959 (Sold to U.S. in 1866 for $7,200,000) and is the 49th State, plus it is 586,400 square miles (largest state by area). Alaska, in area is equal to about one-fifth the continental United States, and it can be divided into four major provinces: the Pacific Mountain system is the Pacific Border Ranges, The Coastal Trough province, the Alaska Mountains–Aleutian region; Interior Province, Brooks Range, and Arctic Coastal Plain. Alaska contains almost 34’000 miles

  • The Cook Inlet Basin : Location And Extent

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    central part of Alaska, and stretches roughly 180 miles from the Gulf of Alaska to Anchorage. (Figure 1) This basin includes Susitna and Copper River basins in the north and the Shelikov Straight to the southwest. The watershed of this inlet covers around 100,000 km2 in southern Alaska, east of the Aleutian Mountain Range, receiving water from four main tributaries, the Knit, Little Susitna, Susitna, and Matanuska Rivers. The Cook Inlet is extremely important to the economy of Alaska as it provides

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adaptive Histogram Equalization

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    will provide a better pixel distribution of the image channels and thus gives a more accurate average value of the channel which represents the average value of the channel for the whole dynamic range. The equation (6) is used to stretch the histogram of respective color channel to the whole dynamic range. Pin and Pout are the input and output pixels, respectively, and imin, imax, omin, and omax are the minimum and maximum intensity level values for the input and output images,

  • Chris Mccandless Analysis

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    Jon Krakauer is the story of a sojourner, Chris McCandless, and his trek from Atlanta to the Stampede Trail in the Alaskan Bush. During his two year journey, he experienced different obstacles, people, and cities on his way to the Alaskan mountain ranges. After spending months on the Stampede Trail, McCandless’ inevitable failure came when he finally died from ingesting toxic seeds. While Chris’ confidence and intelligence served him well in other parts of the country, the Alaskan Bush ultimately

  • Analysis Of Into The Wild

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    are willing to quit their own lifestyles to live a whole new different life. In the story “Into the Wild” Chris McCandless was running from his family because of all the drama that he had to face growing up. He even left Washington D.C to move to Alaska, he did this because he was very fond of nature. In the book “Into the Wild” the Author Jon Krakauer explains how Chris McCandless was able to sacrifice his life in order to live a life in the wilderness. A lot of people wouldn’t want to do this because

  • Personal Narrative : The Plane Flies Over The Yukon Mountain Ranges

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    the true Melissa. It brings me peace and tranquility like nothing else in my life can. My secret place and home is Palmer, Alaska. Nothing brings me more joy in my life when I look out the airplane window as the plane flies over the Yukon Mountain ranges. At this part knowing that I am getting closer by the second. When I finally look out the window, and see Anchorage, Alaska as we descend I see the surroundings of all the mountains and all the greenery and I start to feel alive again. I feel myself

  • Why Does The Iditarod Exist?

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    terrain Mother Nature has to offer.She throws jagged mountains ranges,frozen river,dense forest,,desolate tundra and miles of windspect coast at the mushers and their dog teams.Add to the tempature far below zero,windswinds that can cause a complete loss of vissibility,the hazards of overflow,long long hours of darkness and treachouse climbs and side hills,and you have the idittrod. A race extaordinaire,a race only possible in Alaska. First the Iditarod is a significant

  • My Employer's Current Performance Evaluation

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    position of an employee’s salary relative to the salary range midpoint. The salary range includes a minimum, a midpoint and a maximum. The midpoint represents a 1.0 (100%). Comp-ratio is calculated using the employee’s salary divided by the midpoint of the salary range. If the CR is .90 (90%), the employee is to be paid 10% below the salary range midpoint. If the CR is 1.00 (100%), the employee is to be paid at the midpoint of the salary range. If the CR is 1.15 (115%), the employee

  • Chris Mccandless Journey Into The Wild

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    Many find nature to be beautiful and captivating, but others take it to the extreme and inhibit themselves to live on its contents. Living off the land can be temperamental while also being critical to one’s survival. Chris McCandless, according to researchers, can easily be comparable to the similar situations of John Waterman, Carl McCunn, and Everett Ruess. All of these men had one goal: To seek out a greater purpose in nature. However, complications and puzzling disappearances brought them to